Xperia arc Review Roundup

by XB on 4th April 2011

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Xperia arcThe Sony Ericsson Xperia arc has been out a few days now and we’ve seen a number of reviews published. For those contemplating on buying the Xperia arc, we’ve consolidated the main reviews we have come across below.

Overall, a similar thread runs through most of the reviews. Sony Ericsson is commended for producing one of the most attractive handsets on the market at the moment. It also wins points for its 4.2-inch display, 8MP camera and launching with the latest Android OS. On the downside, some reviewers question the construction materials, battery life, internal speaker and some software issues. Click through for a quick summary of the reviews published so far.

Xperia arc Review Roundup

3G:It’s not built as well as the iPhone 4, Timescape is a tad disappointing and there are a few software issues that need sorting out, but on the whole Sony Ericsson has come up with another great Android handset that can handle all kinds of tasks with style.

Cnet: “The Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc offers a stunning wide-screen display and an excellent camera. It’s the ideal Android smart phone for media lovers.

Engadget:If you just fancy an uncomplicated, big-screened phone to enjoy movies on during your daily commute, the Xperia Arc might just be your perfect candidate. It doesn’t really lack anything on the feature front, but it’s Sony Ericsson’s execution and occasionally odd design choices that hold it back from being a triumph.

GSM Arena:In the end though, is the Arc worth it and did Sony Ericsson make a difference? The answer is yes, though not without reserves. The XPERIA Arc more than any other recent phone puts Sony Ericsson back on the map as a premium device manufacturer. And the Arc does command a premium.

Mobile Choice:The build quality isn’t as high as, say, an iPhone 4, Timescape doesn’t match its promise and there are a few software niggles that need ironing out, but overall this is another fine Android phone that tackles a multitude of tasks with aplomb.

Pocket-Lint:Relationships are built on compromise and there is plenty you can do to make this model better – a dab of the Android Market here and there and it’s a more positive experience overall. And we still love the looks. It might be plastic, but it is sexy, and that goes a long way.”

Recombu: “The Xperia Arc feels very much like the go to handset for Sony Ericsson fans. It also makes a nice change from the usual HTC/Samsung-orama that Android has become. The Arc benefits from Sony’s imaging and display pedigree and boasts one of the best handsets screens currently available.

TechRadar:The hardware is also extremely impressive, both in terms of looks and performance. Forget the fashionable dual-core phones – when done right a single-core 1GHz processor can do it all – although busy, dynamic web sites will cause the phone to chug a little.

VR-Zone:While the Xperia Arc may have many good features and performance, it is not without flaws. The overall build of the phone feels plasticky, the touchscreen prone to fingerprint smudges, and if you are running intensive apps, the rear does feel fairly hot (which you have to be careful of) after some time.

What Mobile (Part 1 and Part 2):Despite the fiddly camera button, and the terrible internal speaker, there’s really nothing you could consider a deal breaker. Future updates will hopefully tweak the camera and improve HD video recording, but as it stands today you’ll be more than happy to own this phone.

  • Dominic

    can a company’s marketing make this much of a difference (apple) ? i held iphone 4 and theres nothing ergonomic about it. amazing how reviewers rate arc lower than it.

    never seen a sexier phone than arc yet!

  • Lots of iDiots out there loving a phone with a smaller screen, a shape less comfortable in the hand and most of all that loses signal when held a certain way – like in the hand trying to have a call with somebody.

  • Gabriel

    I think it’s wrong to say that the Arc is less comfortable than the Iphone 4. The Iphone has too sharp edges front and back -wise, don’t mistake me on the regular sides(those are round and good), but not comfortable at all! The reviewers should reconsider their thinking.

  • Dominic

    its all about the marketing!! no company can touch apple’s marketing strategy. no matter how “okay” their phones are, theyll always be rated above the rest.

  • Asad

    The Xperia arc feel incredible in your hand. the slim light feeling. The galaxy S feels empty when you hold it but the arc feels right even though they weight about the same. when you hold the arc, your index finger behind the phone and your thumb on the screen it feels like all there is in between is a slim, light, bright, smooth screen. Amazing.

  • Asad

    You know people got put of with SE’s hickups with the X10. But I am a life long SE fan and I have seen big changes. The way they are responding to there mistakes and giving us what we asked for and more. I told a friend the X10 is getting 2.3, he said I will believe it when I see it.

  • it looks like a good phone, se seems like they are learning from there mistakes! and i am looking forward to put my hands on one! small changes lead to stability! and onverhaul of a phone is too risky. but what got my confidence back into the company is that the X10 is getting a 2.3 in a timely matter! now that is looking up!

  • There is a big software bug on the Arc. I received mines this morning and this problem is persistent.
    I installed adobe flash player 10.2. I went on to youtube, bbc Iplyer etc, after the video plays a few seconds, the phone freezes. Then when I quit browser and open up any other application that uses the internet, the app wont load stating no network connection. I am unable to use the net after this until i restart my Arc or Disconnect the Wifi and turn it back on. I thought it might be a problem with flash 10.2 so installed 10.1 instead but the problem is still there. Will go to get my mobile exchanged tmrw and hope it is just a problem with my phone but it is a reaaly annoying one!

  • Ashok

    I’m unable to send text message from Xeperia Arc, can someone please help.
    I did check with my service provider, no issue from their end.

  • Untitled No4

    The 3G and Mobile Choice reviews are suspiciously similar (only using different wording)

  • depends where you are iphone isnt top everywhere maybe america but not europe

  • Dominic

    USA, Canada too and now middle east…

  • Nitin

    @ Xperia Blog.

    The reviews sum it up mostly, buy you missed the bit about the bad rating most sites have given this phone’s video recording capabilitits. For a phone that touts camera as one of its main draws, I think that should have been included.

    A while ago you posted a vid comparing the N8 to this and people refused to believe that the Arc’s recording could be worse than the N8s. Exemor R, * megs, SE, OMG it’s got to be Magic. Not.

    The sensor, software setup works for stills, but as of now, the video recording is dsappointing. N8 haters, find another reason to hate, because that comparison was accurate, the Arc’s camcorder is indeed pathetic, and the video was not skewed in favour of the N8 or against the Arc.

  • Kalle

    The bad, “smudgy”, video look could be due to the fact that imagestabilization is active. If you turn that off, the result is sharper. And it isnt really that bad anyway.

  • Kalle

    Goddamn, meant as a reply to Nitin below… Sry.

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  • Badr Ulaiw


    I am facing the same problem with my ARC. would you please let me know how did you solve this problem?

  • Cksheng74

    I am sorry to say that my experience with Xperic arc is an extremely disappointing one. I bought a new unit from Maxis HQ in Kota Bharu in May 2011 at full retail price of RM 2099 because I do not want to be bound any contract at the moment.

    The first problem I notice with the phone is the quick battery drain which usually last between 6 – 8 hours the most.

    A month after use, I had three bad experiences. In the first one, the phone started vibrating strangely continuously. The next day, the screen froze and hanged. No way to re-start unless I dismantled the battery and reassembled it. However, once I dismantled and reassembled, I could not start at all even by pressing the powerkey repeatedly. I have to wait for about 2 hours before the start up screen reappears. 

    The next day, similar experience occurred. The screen suddenly hanged and I have to wait for about 2 hours before the screen can be started up.

    The third is when I power off myself. When I did that, and tried to restart — again total blank, no start up, no even the charging LED light.

    I have given up on SE. Yes, I still have my warranty and I will send for service. And though I might have lost RM 2099 or (considered lost) but I vow I will not get another SE. Xperia arc may look stylish on the outside, the camera and video may be superb, great graphics, but what I need is a reliable phone. Not a phone that makes me wait for 2 hours before i can use again.

    I am sorry. I am switching to Apple Iphone.  

  • Aimee Mccullough

    my xperia wont let me send txts to one of my contacts but lets me every other how do i fix this ?

  • Laurab2909

    i had the exact same problem, so i deleted the contact and made it again and it worked!

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