White Xperia arc on the horizon?

by XB on 16th April 2011

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White Xperia arc on the horizonHaving seen some of the different colours available for the Sony Ericsson Xperia acro, we were feeling a bit envious that they weren’t seen on the Xperia arc. Black and white should be standard colours and whilst the Midnight Blue arc is close enough to black, there’s no white alternative.

Luckily it looks like Sony Ericsson may have a white Xperia arc round the corner. The images below were snapped by an insider who says it is an original white Xperia arc rather than just a change in casing. This looks like it would be a nice addition to the Xperia arc family, especially for those who treasured their white X10’s.

White Xperia arc on the horizon

White Xperia arc on the horizon

White Xperia arc on the horizon

Via IT168.

  • Anonymous

    Damn you S/E! Stop playing with our feeling :)

    I’m sure a lot of fans will be very happy to know that a white version in on it’s way though.

  • sorry it looks fat and ugly! The misty silver looks awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Just to note, the dark one is not Mid night blue, but an All Black one…

    Yes these colors are All Black and All White…

    I prefer the Misty Silver over the White Arc, but I prefer the Mid Night blue over Misty Silver also

  • Anonymous

    good news! We were actually wondering the same thing ourselves, but couldn’t tell for sure whether it was all black or not given the low light nature of the pictures.

  • Wfaddah

    here in the us, i would buy it even if its pink all i care, lol, just please tell me when the american version of any color is coming out!

  • jean

    can i say something?
    i really want an orange phone… i think i’ve been waiting a long time for SE to come up with a new orange CP with features as great as this.. i have owned SE W800i and it was a great phone in its time aside from the fact that it was the most beautiful phone i have ever owned! too beautiful that someone has stole it from me. :(
    nokia has an orange N8 but was not really thrilled about it since it did not come from SE(that’s how loyal i am) and the orange really did not come out right.. too dark..
    well, i was just hoping that i would be heard! someday… somehow… :)

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