Xperia arc housing suffering from cracks – widespread issue?

by XB on 1st July 2011

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Xperia arc housing suffering from cracksOver the last few days, reports are popping up on a number of boards that the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc may be suffering from a problem with the body of the handset. People are complaining of cracks or tiny hairline fractures most commonly found near the light sensor on the front of the phone.

We checked out our own Xperia arc and lo-and-behold we also had a very small fracture in the same place. We should say that we had not noticed this issue before it was flagged to us and it was tricky to even capture a photo of it. However, others have had more prominent cracks manifesting. We should also add that our handset has been in a protective case since day one and has never been dropped.

[Click photo to enlarge]

We do wonder whether this small line could be part of the moulding process i.e. a knit line. What this means is that this line may just be a weld line for when the plastic meets together around the sensor. If not, SE may have a serious problem on its hands. We wanted to get a sense of how widespread this issue is, so please vote in our poll below if you own an Xperia arc and let us know if you’re seeing the same issue. Judging by the response in various threads, the Misty Silver Xperia arc seems to be suffering from this issue much less than the Midnight Blue version. We have created options below depending on which colour of handset you have.

Does your Xperia arc suffer from any cracks in the housing?

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More photo examples taken from xda-developers

Xperia arc housing suffering from cracks

Xperia arc housing suffering from cracks

Xperia arc housing suffering from cracks

  • i saw the crack after like a week

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  • BlackXinu

    This could be a catastrophic failure on SE. I do not no what else to say about this

  • Asad

    look like more people have Midnight Blue like me

  • Maxx Hsu228
  • I saw the cracks just now when you pointed this out for me….This is quite disappointing! What to do about it? If I contact my carrier they’re sure to say I’ve caused it and I have to pay for any kind of repairs….

  • This has something about how you treat your phone more or less… I have had the ARC blue for 3 weeks now and I can’t even feel or see a crack or a fracture! I use a case to protect it and I am not using force on this phone.

  • Jex_828

    i oso nv drop~ why same place was crack … use alr 90day~

  • betatesterz

    Wow.. SE’s in some deep shit here.

  • Hisham-001

    My arc doesn’t has it, but my cousin’s does

  • dont be so stupid, the level of reports these reports have come over sony ericsson forums, the level of reports probably do not get more than hundreds which is tiny

  • I wish that some manufacturer in China could produce aluminum version of this case. That is the front faceplate and its really hard process to replace it. Almost you have take everything apart…have done it once.

  • Dawes686

    Noticed my crack about 2 weeks ago the phone is 2 months old ,has been kept in a hard leather case and has never been dropped .im also very light handed with the handset as I always thought it felt slightly fragile.really not impressed im definatly gonna think twice before I buy another Sony phone!

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  • Snehal Thx

    midnight blue!! no crack.

  • Snehal Thx

    it does have a crack below back key, on the steel frame. i ve never dropped my phone

  • andycb

    i have the black arc exclusive to orange in the uk and have the crack in the same place got to say though its hardly effecting performance and looks as i really had to catch the light to see it oh well im happy as long as it doesn’t self destruct now 

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  • I have the same problem. You can check the picture that i took.

  • I have the same prob. you can check the picture that i took.

  • VeKz

    Yes, I have a small crack as well. And dozens of bigger cracks covering the body of the phone. It’s because I drop it regulary. Considering how many times it fell, I’m totally satisfied with how it holds up!

  • Sneakingimperator
  • Anonymous

    Midnight blue. Very small, tiny bit of crack here. Barely visible unless you properly look for it ingood light

  • Anonymous

    But I think they’re smart, when everyone is.using dual cores, they use single cores which is still fast enough and cheaper than dual cores. And technology takes a while to catch up on

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  • even my old se w850i had cracks around the direction keys wikthin months of use 

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  • On my misty silver, there are no visible cracks – I feel happy about it. 

    You must call your mobile company for a replacement unit right away. When I had squeeky back cover on my Mini-Pro,  the company gave me a new right away. It took only a few days and it was (3) here in Sweden.

  • Mikemarks68

    well I had a small one but wait it will get bigger! 

  • Mikemarks68

    give it time I had my arc for about 3 months and got my wife one at the same time I had a crack about 2 months ago she didnt now she has one im thinking its due to heat

  • Mikemarks68

    small but it will get bigger

  • Mikemarks68

    never drop my phone and I have 2

  • Mikemarks68

    give it time my wife didnt have one but now she doze

  • Mikemarks68

    agree with you 100%

  • kseim

    I noticed 3 cracks on my Arc after reading this :(
    All on the same places.

  • kseim

    I noticed 3 cracks on my Arc after reading this :(
    All on the same places.

  • Misty Blue and there is a CRACK! :-(

  • Sneakingimperator

    This morning I brought my SONY ARC with cracks in the housing to S.E. service in Naples, Italy. They told me that I will have to wait 15-20 days, but it will probably not under warranty, because of cracks’ housing !!! -.-I hope SONY ERICSSON GLOBAL will solve it my problem :(

  • Sneakingimperator

    here’s a link to the sony ericcson facebook discussion forum and a post user
    made about the cracks , might be worth it if more people complained in
    the linked thread as sony have replied there

  • Sneakingimperator

    heres a link to the sony ericcson facebook discussion forum and a post user
    made about the cracks , might be worth it if more people complained in
    the linked thread as sony have replied there.

    this is Italian S.E. page..
    please post in each other

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  • Mefis66

    ??????? ?????? ? ??????? 09.04.2011?…??????? ????????? ???? ?? ???? ????? ????? ????? ???????

  • Sneakingimperator

    Hey, same problem for me. Contact SE official on this facebook page:

  • I too have a crack starting (above only, no crack below), however the main mechanical issue that I have with the Arc is with the menu/option (right-hand) button.  This button intermittently sticks.  The sticking issue is worse when I am in a hot environment.  I was in Raleigh NC just over a month ago when the temperature was in the mid -30s (Celsius) and the button was nearly non-functional.  Same issue when I was in Singapore recently.  Now that I’m back in the UK, and given the tepid UK summer, the button isn’t sticking as much / at all.

    Does anyone else with an Arc suffer from a sticking button?

  • Just noticed two other cracks (this article got me looking!)…

    I have two cracks in the plastic casing on both sides at the bottom (just above the bottom of the screen).  Each is a full length crack and is approx 1mm above the bottom line of the screen.

    Anyone else suffering cracks in this area?

    This may explain why my menu/option button has been sticky (if there has been some movement in that area due to a mechanical failure).

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  • 30s (Celsius)? here in the Philippines its the normal temp lol and i dont experience the button sticking even on hot afternoons!

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  • Radheck

    And what about the housing crack , any official answer ???

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  • Varun Soni

    I did not dropped the phone not even on bed or any soft surface. It is inside the case when I am not using it from day 1. I do not know why it is cracked near sensor light and in bottom left corner near return key.


  • Suzannelowth

    i had my arc in june this year and in august noticed a crack in exact the same place abovethe sensor,thought one of my kids had dropped it,again in protective case and just appeared for no reason,and yes i have a midnight blue handset also

  • Princechristian_nyek

    can i change the housing of my xperia arc in midnight blue?

  • this my second Xperia arc !!!


  • same here , dropped it a lot , but now gently taking care of it , and I only have this small crack that I could only see after putting the phone under light and concentrating a lot , not a problem for me

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  • Redhotiron2004

    These Guys are producing phones that disintegrate & decompose in our hands in not more than 1.5 to 2yrs max. I believe that they are taking the ‘Green-heart’ thing a bit too seriously. And the phones that are not from the green-heart series are even worse!!!

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  • ?? ?

    SE customer service in china mainland told me need pay RMB280 to replace The CRACK

  • Musor

    you are stupid. level is very high!

  • Goelvaibhav243

    i have a  
    crack above the sensor on its front xperia arc
    have i any remedy 

  • Tinyturts

    Hi all !!
    I have 3 cracks on my phone and now the screen is coming loose !!! The phone shop where i bought it will not help as they are saying i have dropped it !!!!!! I am now stuck as what to do does anyone no where i can puchase a new casing ?????? Ps phone is great shame its case is c*%p

  • Umerarshad3

    i got same problem.i got arc s and i never dropped it its in a case which is hard.and my phone is cracked on 5 different  parts >:(

  • I have the same problem on midnight blue below and above the proximity sensor, on the XPERIA logo on the front (XPE(crack)-I-(crack)RIA ) and on the left side anlost to the bottom on the front!

  • Josh

    I own the Xperia Arc S and 11 months, the crack started to appear and the sides are already peeling a bit. It’s ugly… I really wish there was a third party high quality aluminum case made for this. I wish to give my phone to my daughter after I upgrade.

  • Usama

    I need new body of my xperia arc s becuz it has cracked :( Someone please help???????

  • Tobias Axner

    Ass crack! Happened on my phone ass well ;)

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