Sony Ericsson sees €400m of lost Xperia sales in Q2 due to Japan earthquake

by XB on 15th July 2011

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Sony EricssonSony Ericsson estimated that supply constraints as a result of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami meant it had lost around 1.5 million unit sales in Q2, equivalent to sales of €400m. Most of these sales were in the high-margin Xperia category according to the company. Sony Ericsson reported Q2 sales of €1.193bn and an operating loss of €37m.

In terms of its Android handsets, volumes were up by 150 percent over last year, with smartphones now accounting for over 70 percent of total sales. So far this year, the company has shipped 16 million Xperia smartphones. Sony Ericsson estimates that its share in the global Android-based smartphone market during the quarter was approximately 11% in volume and 11% in value.

Sony Ericsson

  • Hthimsson

    I wonder how many lost sales they have due to their slow time-to-market in the US. seriously Arc just released and Neo still not available with no announcements? If you go to their site it just says “Coming soon” it’s been saying that for 6 months now. Imagine if I used that excuse for Christmas presents: Oh kids don’t worry they’re coming soon, courtesy of Santa Sony. You’ll get them next year when ur toys are outdated, aren’t you used to this by now?

  • instead of blaming a natural disaster which we all know played a key part in lost sales. they should also blame the lack of support they gave last year to their “valued” customers. how many of the 16million devices do you think were sold? surely not even near that amount! 

  • I want that S007 !

  • Anonymous

    Why are you all hating on SE? We should feel sorry for them, though they make “mistakes” at times and again “We all make mistakes”.

  • betatesterz

    Release the Duo and solve all problems =)

  • Yaha112

    “they make mistakes at times”? There’s a difference between making a mistake every now and then and making mistakes ALL THE TIME!!! I agree with hthimsson, SE is the only company that announces a phone and takes months to release it. Samsung, HTC, even Motorola, when they announce a phone, they announce a release date soon after and then it’s released. They don’t announce a phone in January and wait until July to release it (not just the Neo, it took them 6 months to release the Arc in the US, with no partner at that). It’s just bad management, plain and simple.

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