Sony ships 8.8 million Xperia’s in last quarter; forecasts 50m units for FY14

by XB on 14th May 2014

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Sony-LogoSony Corporation has announced its FY13 results (year to 31 March 2014), which includes the figures for the last quarter. Sony reported Sales of $75.4 billion and operating income of $257 million, helped by strong smartphone and PlayStation 4 sales.

Looking at the last quarter in isolation, however, shows that Sony missed its smartphone forecast by just under a million handsets. Sony was forecasting 9.7 million units during Q4 FY13, but ended up shipping 8.8 million handsets during the period. If you remember back, Sony had already lowered the smartphone forecast by 2 million units in February 2014, so the final number came below even this recent revision.

Sony Mobile does expect to see growth during FY14, with a forecast of 50 million unit sales during the year. This would represent year-on-year growth of 28%, which should be achievable if Sony is being serious about its mobile business. Inroads into the US and Chinese markets should help in this regard, that is of course if Sony can get traction.

Sony Xperia smartphone units shipped by calendar quarter

Xperia units shipped Q1 2014

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