Sony Ericsson LiveDock – use your mouse and keyboard to control your phone [Video]

by XB on 23rd August 2011

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Sony Ericsson LiveDockThe Sony Ericsson LiveDock is due to launch imminently. As you would expect the dock includes the ability to charge your phone or perhaps use it as a stand to watch videos. It also allows you to launch a specific app automatically from the LiveWare manager application such as a desk clock or photo slideshow.

However, another cool feature is the ability to control your handset via a mouse and keyboard. Rog from SE-First aptly demonstrates this in the video below, where he connects a keyboard and mouse to the dock to control an Xperia ray. This allows you to write text very fast. It’s probably a gimmick more than anything but it’s still cool to watch nonetheless.

Via SE-First.

  • That fucking makes NO sense :P definately wouldn’t buy it (still stuck on x10 – with 2.3 that is :))

  • That fucking makes NO sense :P definately wouldn’t buy it (still stuck on x10 – with 2.3 that is :))

  • Asgasga

    Awesome, I can finally ditch my laptop and just carry around a mouse, keyboard and LiveDock.

  • u need to buy an updated phone dude ur like those stubborn nokia owners who moan about no updates for old phones :P

  • Asad Mulla

    here’s a better idea. You can buy bluetooth mice and keyboard so why no make it that you simple pair the mouse and keyboard with your phone and and thats it. Why would you need a dock and a wireless mouse receiver? much simpler.

  • Alberto

    Does it have an HDMI port to use the xperia phone as a mobile PC? I’m thinking about getting the xperia ray (which has no HDMI output)

  • recursive

    You forgot to add your phone to that list.

  • Anders

    Yes, there’s a HDMI port on the arc.

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  • Anonymous

    Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc coming with Following Camera Features Camera :8 MP, 3264×2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash

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  • Grklomp

    How ’bout the Mozilla Seabird (google).

    This livedock makes no sense to me. I’m curious about the business case…

  • Wow, you’re an idiot.

  • why is he an idiot? you just have HDMI on some of the phones (Arc, ray, neo, neo pro) and with this you can use the phone as a full Living room PC… i will buy 2 docks… one as a desktop stand and one at my TV to use my Arc for surfing, playing games, watching videos and all this stuff on my Home TV….. this is GREAT!!! and i already have the Logitech DiNovo mini and this is perfect for that!

  • point?

    as far as i know, there an app that allow us to type on our Android device from computer’s keyboard via bluetooth or wi-fi connection… much simpler i think… so whats the point of this livedock?

  • Dacujo

    So what if i connect my ARC with this and connects the micro HDMI to a 24″ lcd screen, would i have a nice setup?

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  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t nessarily need an hdmi port infact this was primarily meant for the mini, mini pro and ray since they do. Not have an hdmi port.. It still hasn’t been confirmed if the play is compatible with it though ;/

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  • Shiozawa La

    Every mouse or keyboard would work? Have you done this yourself?

  • Suniljain

    can Xperia mini pro be attached with the livedock. will it work as tv output

  • chunkybeats

    Hey can someone tell me does this come with a Micro HDMI cable or do I need to get my own cable? 

  • Tomvl1995

    Is it compitable with the X10? I only need it to charge my iPhone.

  • Tomvl1995

    I meant my phone, instead of iPhone -_-

  • Sophos

    I’ve just tried an Apple USB keyboard. It didn’t work.

  • Poo

    and monitor…

  • Well, interesting post, thanks!

  • Engr_larion

    is that livedock has an external power source? thanks

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