Sony Ericsson makes Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream sandwich ‘alpha ROM’ available [Video]

by XB on 15th December 2011

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Xperia ICSThis is amazing. Sony Ericsson is making available its own alpha ROM of the Xperia Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update to the public. This is the first time that we know that a manufacturer has openly given access to a pre-release ROM.

The alpha ROM will only work on three Xperia phones: arc S, neo V and ray. For those Xperia arc and Xperia neo users wondering whether they should try this, you are warned not to as the phones have different partition layouts compared to the arc S and neo V.

As you would expect from an alpha ROM, it is not intended for daily use. There are many bugs, one major one includes the inability to make calls. Other features turned off include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Google apps. However, new features include the new Roboto font, a new “Holo” theme, music player control from the lock screen, swipe to dismiss notifications and new user interface touches in the settings menu and browser.

You will obviously need to have your bootloader unlocked if you want to try this out. You will also need to be running the latest firmware update (4.0.2.A.0.42). Full download and installation instructions can be found here. See a demo of it in action below.

More information at xda-developers.

  • Asad Mulla

    one major one includes the inability to make calls, Definatley not for every day use. But nice of them to do this.

  • Anonymous

    Colour me impressed! A pretty quick turnaround and with the relatively light skin as compared to other manufacturers! Perhaps they’ll get this out after CES in January instead?

  • even though they are saying it as android 4.0.1 ROM, its kernel version is old 2.6.32

  • Wow, this is amazing, how a company can start to do the right thing in so little time.. Loving Arc, but the lack of front camera is a big fault..

  • Alexandru Ghetaru

    So if it does not make any calls, it does not have WiFi and it does not have apps… WTF is it actually doing?!

  • Mido Fedo Dedo

    what about xperia neo??

  • Anonymous

    Where is the ICS Launcher? :(

  • now that’s an awesome news! SE is doing right has learned lot after the X10 :)

  • Wael Faddah

    wow i loved the last 4 seconds 

  • Wael Faddah

    in a way, x10 was the best thing that could have ever happened for this company to turn things around.  aside from giving me a high blood pressure 

  • wow this is really cool can’t wait to see this on my Xperia Arc :D great job SE !!!

  • Marc Ti

    looks cool , SE always flashy on animations and design

  • What about the Xperia Pro?

  • Tughangenc

    X10 a yukleyebilecekmiyiz????

  • Any screenshots of the Holo theme?

  • Guest

    Like gingerbread. GB is based on 2.6.35 but SE used 2.6.32. Any explanation?

  • Guest


  • They need to add go to camera from lock screen.

  • Anonymous

    Still they didn’t pass certification and approval phase,  they are not allowed to have the radio module turned on yet.

    This is not for consumers, mainly for custom rom developers.

    For further info

  • Felipe Pimenta

    Unlike Samsung, their ICS Visual is awesome!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m assuming it’s because this is an Alpha… I mean, did you see how rough the touch screen music controls were? I’d hope that they’d clean that up!

  • Mario

    They better pull something big out for the beta version.. for now everything is the same apart from when pressing the home button… people expect a lot from the ICS software.. so by keeping everything almost the same as it was.. i think a lot of people will be disappointed .. including me.

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  • Matt56k

    Oh my god , Sony had understood android rules !! respect .

  • Anonymous

    change for change’s sake isn’t a good thing. When you have something that looked good already, there is no need to mess it up. ICS is overhyped too.

  • Anonymous

    I hope they keep this SE look, and don’t try and make it look too much like Google’s ugly stock ICS.

    I was not a fan of the look on the Nozomi’s leaked screenshots either.

  • Anonymous

    Having seen some screenshots, Roboto font is so ugly! Google have no taste  come on SE you have better taste than Google – give us a better font than Roboto!

  • Mario

    no their UI is to sophisticated for a mass of people to like it.. in my opinion they have to get sophisticated of the UI and keep it as much as it looks right now. and a new software is just the time to do it

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  • Miniman200999

    I am starting to get sick of their Timescape UI. 

  • Anonymous

    i like it. As I said below, no point in change for the sake of change…

  • Mario

    get rid off the sophisticated element of the UI*

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  • Miniman200999

    Change is the one of the key aspects that has revolutionised the Smartphone industry today and the technology through which it is produced. If there is no change, then there is no development. So, for the sake of development, change is necessary.

  • Anonymous

    Change to add useful features and logical improvements is very different from change for the sake of the latest fashion fad. The change you are talking about is very much in the latter category.

  • Jamie

    They have just released there 2.3.4 software, and as soon as they released it, ICS sources came out. So Sony Ericsson should want to keep there home launcher, just as touchwiz and sense will also do. 

  • I’d like Sony Ericsson to include AVRCP 1.3 in their build of Android 4.x . Oficially current ICS comes only with AVRCP 1.0 support making SE accesories like the Bluetooth Headset MW600 almost useless. Sony Ericsson have already included several ICS’s features in their Gingerbread phones like screen image capture, usb host and others, so why not to put AVRCP 1.3 support and make all SE BT accesories fully functional?

  • If any SE developer read this blog, Pleeeease add AVRCP 1.3 or 1.4 support to your ICS build. It’s very frustrating to have a SE headset with a lot of features that a expensive smartphone just don’t support.

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  • Miniman200999

    Your last sentence has a mistake there. The change I am talking about is very much in the former category. A change in the user interface has to mean the addition of useful features and improvements, or else there is no obvious point in change, which is hence the primary reason why a change is recommended. The changes they have put in this video are the ICS features, but what about THEIR change in the UI? With the next generation of android os, they also need to look further with their own UI.

    By the way, it also seems to me that you are a hypocrite with your below comment on how much you hate the ‘Roboto’ font. You want a better font than ‘Roboto’ simply because YOU think it’s ugly. Now who’s talking about the latter category of change? You.

  • sad_onion


  • kasim damar

    How do I make it to 10 friends xperia does not have any information

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  • Affan Khan

    x10 ?? where is update for x10 ?

  • need video tutorials ^_^

  • MarkoSRB

    User inetrface  will be the same as on 2.3.3?No changes? I cant believe!

  • MarkoSRB

    Do anyone know what will be the main improvements in ICS for xperia arc S ?

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