CyanogenMod 9 Alpha for Xperia arc released

by XB on 24th December 2011

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CM9 ICS for Xperia arcThe FreeXperia development team has delivered an early Christmas present by releasing Alpha 001 of CyanogenMod 9. As many of you know, CM9 is based on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, so this will appeal to those who want a close to stock experience of ICS versus Sony Ericsson’s skinned ICS alpha ROM that released recently.

As with any alpha release the ROM is not entirely functional and in this case the camera, USB Mass Storage and MTP is not working. However, it does have working GSM, touchscreen, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, wireless tethering and partial 3D graphics. This is a super effort by the developers, if you want to give this a try, you can find all of the details here.

Thanks Jose and ZyxeLa!

  • Tiborh

    camera is needed. and I do not understand why the camere is not working. Se has releazed the source for that too.
    but that is nice to know, CM will giv us ICS4 before SE….

  • Lancereid

    Hmmm does it work on arc s ?

  • Alexandru Ghetaru

    The thing I will never understand is why release this shitty crappy half made pieces of firmware that do mostly nothing. It would be much better to wait until the firmware is complete and usable.

  • ZyxeLa

    Yes, it works on Arc S ;)

  • Anonymous

    cause some people can’t wait

  • Rune Christiansen

    They probably just haven’t gotten to that part yet, patience :p
    Do anyone know if the quicker camera responds from which were advertised with ICS will happen to SE’s phones?

  • Anonymous

    @e9d6cb0500c83f0bf0fca73d6d60c006:disqus What part of “alpha release” do you not understand?

  • Anonymous

    because they want to get feedback, just in case there is something they might have overlooked or something they can improve on. :P I’m tired of seeing shitty crappy comments. :)

  • The Original firmware will be skinned with Sony’s own UI and the end user experience will be different from the original ICS experience on the Nexus!
    So, the people who want the original Ice Cream Sandwich richness may opt for this!
    One of them is ME

  • Tiborh

    I was not complaining!!!!! Just If u can remember, from the X10 era, always the camera has left. and Now, this is not a good omen, to start with this lack . I hope it will not remain. 

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  • Anderson Stuart Carredias

     BECAUSE…some people want to make sure progress happens..and when people see progress they donate to devs!

  • Ppainginkar

    Please mind your words pal…We should be thankful to such developers who give us updates even before sony releases it. We don’t pay them still we use their updates. If you can’t develop the code, atleast don’t criticize their hard work…

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