Sony Ericsson says “something big is coming” next week

by XB on 3rd January 2012

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Unknown MobileSony Ericsson is putting out some teasers ahead of CES, which starts in Las Vegas next week. The company’s Google+ page says “Something big is coming! Stay tuned for some exciting news next week“. Whilst Sony Ericsson’s Facebook page says “We’re gearing up for some interesting news next week… what do you think it could be?” There is an image associated with the post, but we believe this is the Xperia X10 rather than any new handset (the top of the phone certainly looks identical).

Sony Ericsson is expected to announce at least a couple of new handsets at CES next week. You can watch the live presentation here, beginning at 5pm PST in the United States on 9th January. This relates to 01.00 in the UK on the morning of 10th January and 02.00 Central European Time.

  • Yunus_1520


  • Anonymous

    I’m hoping for a PLAY 2. If they do release one I think it’ll have HD display, 2.0 processor, ICS(obviously), 1080p video and 8mp camera. 

  • ahomad hosin

    it might not be so big, which was the case with iphone 4s and galaxy nexus

  • I think it might be Nozomi or Arc HD :) 

  • Xperia Ion.

  • Robert Caldecott

    The Google+ link in your article is for the Xperia Blog page not the official SE one…

  • Yasser

    10th January 6.30am  INDIAN TIME .. Cant Wait

  • Anonymous

    Xperia with Quad-Core with 2GB ram. Neh just joking. 

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks – the right link should be embedded now!

  • Kamalxsng

    it must be nozomi or arc hd, i am waiting eagerly for that.

  • Angel

    its going to be cookie monster under that sheet!

  • Mehdi Moha

    i hope it could be a good news about xperia play
    we all in the world (( gamers )) are waiting for good exclusive games from SE , like god of war , little big planet , resistance , uncharted , … but still nothing , nothing happened :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

    we just playing android global games , very bad

    hope that will be good news about xperia play :(

    i’m in love with my beautiful xperia play :)

  • Xrayfugu

    Might be the news that they have decided not to update their 2011 phones to ics :-P

  • Wael Faddah

    well they did not lie when they said something BIG literary ….  :(  the phone seems huge

  • Wael Faddah

    nice to dream, its only a dual processor when every single other than SE phone already is. so it won’t stir anything.

    Its like me telling and now we will make a car that runs on electric… when there lots in the market already nothing new there

  • Wael Faddah

    and is only $100 to buy

    Even tweeted it!
    CES 2012’s gonna be awesome :D, hoping for a Neo 2 with:
    Dual Core
    512 usable RAM (at least)
    AMD Radeon HD 7970!

    Wait wut ? O.o

  • Anonymous

    “something big is coming”

    That’s what I tell my girlfriend every night LOL ROFL XD OMG.
    Uhm yes, I’m very excited what it could be.

  • ahomad hosin

    exactly my point, we almost sure it won’t be that big, nothing major except in the camera department. but I still have hope that SE might have something hidden. even if it has dual-core, it might has powerful GPU which is more important than quad-core.

  • SeeyouTUBEGALORE Com


  • M Usman

    Sony Ericsson says “something big is coming” next week…

    Let’s hope Bert Nortberg’s pants aren’t coming down… 

    Lol sorry just had to say that

    (if its inappropriate then surely feel free to remove ;))

  • Anonymous

    I was checking the windows phone blogs and they seem to suggest that sony ericsson may show a windows phone. 

    The colours the people are wearing are shades of the windows phone logo, the tiled themed objects around the room… 
    I’m sure most people on this blog would be disappointed with this news, but obviously they would release new androids too.

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  • Anonymous

    I kind of hope that Sony Ericsson/ Sony can be back into action.

  • Can’t wait :)

  • Size Matters

    Shouldn’t It be something small? …Yet powerful? The Z1 MINI!!

    …Though personally i don’t mind something BIG and NEW ;P

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