Xperia S and Xperia ION to be announced at CES?

by XB on 7th January 2012

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Xperia IONSEMC Blog has just revealed that the two Sony Ericsson handsets to be announced at CES 2012 will be the Xperia S (LT26i Nozomi) and the Xperia ION. We already know all about Nozomi, but we don’t know which specs correlate with Xperia ION. SEMC Blog says that the Xperia ION will have a 4.6-inch display.

By deduction, it may be easy to think that the Xperia ION is the Sony Ericsson LT28at Aoba. After all this is the only handset we have heard of that has a 4.55-inch display. However, one of our sources recently got in contact to say that the Sony Ericsson LT28 Aoba codename has now been assigned to a different handset. Aoba will in fact have a 5-inch display and will be available for NTT DoCoMo (Japan) and AT&T (US) only.

The 4.55-inch Xperia ION is instead expected to be the LT29i Hayabusa. It is meant to look very similar to the Xperia arc but will have specifications similar to that of the Xperia S (Nozomi). As always, this is all speculation for now. All will be formally revealed on Monday 9 January at CES 2012.

  • Anonymous


  • tymodmyt

    Waiting for Xperia Ray successor, that is, Xperia Nypon. Don’t need those huge devices.

  • No, there will be 3 ore more things by SE/Sony. gs by SE/Sony.

  • ahomad hosin

    4.6 inch, quad-core will make it just perfect

  • Malysz

    Nypon can’t be Xperia ray successor. Nypon has 4″ display so it is much bigger.

  • Adrian

    Looking forward to the Xperia S with faster CPU, Xperia SS.

  • Anonymous

    So there is no chance of an Xperia Play successor.

  • tymodmyt

    Anyway, from the rumored smartphones, Xperia Nypon is the closest to Xperia Ray.

  • Wael Faddah

    i still have a feeling the ION is windows based

  • Johnylim

    Wewill not get Play2 too soon, Play marketing strategi is different than phone, more like console game marketing, and there is no other brand compete with Play right now, so Sony doent have to worry

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  • Anonymous

    Agreed, phones 4″+ display just get too big. The codename pepper one looks good, hopefully it has a better battery.

  • Francesco72

    Two new xperia at the CES , Nozomi 4.3″ cam 12 mpx and Ion 4.6″ cam 13 mpx, new big size for xperia family, over 4.2 of arc!

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  • Asad Mulla

    so when sony ericsson showed us picture of some parts of a phone and we all thought its an arc it was infact a ION

  • Anonymous

    they better give us a surprise at CES!!!

  • hugo

    xperia Ion reminds me the xperia duo… 4.55 inchs, design similar to arc…

  • tymodmyt

    Who knows how much time is the Consumer Electronics Show (Sony Ericsson announcements)going to take? An hour or two or more? How long did it last last year?

  • IsBliss

    And you’re the only one

  • Anonymous

    ION is a cool name – pity all the 2012 phones seem brute ugly and have been castrated at birth with sealed battery / no SD / MicroSIM / non-tactile buttons.

    I wish they’d just keep the 2011 names and tweak the 2010 designs.

  • Jan

    dont worry they have to act fast. so winter 2012 maybe.. ;)

  • In response to Adrian and the Xperia SS:
    LOL. No matter how good that phone would be, with that name it will surely be banned in many parts of Europe, Germany being the first one. :)

  • Felipe Pimenta


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  • Scar

    Design is a subjective thing.
    IMO, the 2012 range (that we’ve actually seen thus far) look pretty nice. That an the ION is basically supposed to be a suped up Arc S anyway.

    I’d prefer companies to actually explore different designs rather than lazily reworking the same set.

  • HitlerSS

    Heil Hitler!

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  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    And here we are, 2014. When 6″ is the new norm.

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