MWC Sony invites already arriving; more new Xperia handsets hinted [Update]

by XB on 11th January 2012

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MWC Sony XperiaThe dust has barely settled from the newly announced Xperia ion and Xperia S smartphones at CES 2012, yet this industry never sits still. PhoneArena reports that it has already received a Sony invite for the Mobile World Congress (MWC) tradeshow in Barcelona next month.

It looks like new Sony Xperia phones are on the agenda. Our guess would be that we may see the appearance of the LT22i Nypon and MT27i Pepper phones running the ST-Ericsson chipset. Here’s what the invite says: “Find out what’s new and what’s next! Join us at our Press Conference at Mobile World Congress for the latest news on our Xperia smartphone portfolio and strategy.” Mark Sunday 26th February 2012 at 18.00 (CET) in your diary now.

Update: We’ve just received our invite – all of the above timing details are correct.

MWC Sony Xperia

  • Wael Faddah

    few, Xperia S lost me at no LTE and ION is kinda big… i hope there are more appealing phones to me.   

  • Anonymous

    SONY is ready for 2012! Bring it on Samsung bitches!!!!!

  • Wael Faddah

    well it looks like the competition is not Samsung this year, it’s actually NOKIA.  i was amazed by how many comments on Engadget people left for their pretty blue windows phone.  it was like 500 comments in less than 20 minutes.  

    Also, i would have said it would be Xperia S vs Nokia but the no LTE is just a party pooper 

  • Anonymous

    The Nokia LTE device is only in the U.S right? Then it face a tough competition from the Ion. 

  • Please announce Xperia ION for global market! T-T Lots of loves from Malaysia here!

  • Anonymous


  • Add1hunter

    Hopefully no more top end smartphones (except maybe for a non US ion), one of the things that Sony needs to avoid is having too many models available like HTC does, focus on 1 or 2 flagship phones, I don’t want my S to be replaced by June, at least wait until September!

  • Wael Faddah

    the nokia is way prettier, have you seen the dimensions of the ION?  

  • Wael Faddah

    if only they get rid of this us based or asian based and make one that can work anywhere.  ALTHOUGH i must say Xperia S has all the frequincies without the LTE so thats a step forward 

  • Adam Wong

    x O
    x T mm

  • Anonymous

    Play 2? Play S? Play HD? Please Sony haha

  • Starlight1746

    I feel the same.. and I have second thoughts weather to invest in xperia s or not.. it’s a wait and see for me..

  • ZyxeLa

    Where are my Xperia™ arc S and LiveDock™ multimedia station? :D

  • Anonymous

    Lol! please explain what you mean by dimensions coz I don’t really understand it… :)

  • nokia’s phone is the nearest competition? the sony have nothing to worry about, nokia’s phone is nowhere near as good as the Xperia S

  • Anonymous

    Am i the only one here that’s still waiting for the LT29i Hayabusa? Or was it just a hoax all along?

  • Anonymous

    I only liked the N9. Now THAT’s a beauty. Still not use to seeing WP7 in that design profile.. =.= …probably never will.

  • Albert Octavianus

    I would like to see Xperia ION for global market also! I will definitely buy ION!

  • yan jiang


  • Anonymous

    Same here… but not because of LTE. Rather the lack of micro sim and microSD..

  • tymodmyt

    I’m waiting for a smartphone with 3,7-4 inches display and the same specs as Nozomi, as I don’t want that huge phone.

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  • Anonymous

    Very true

  • sam

    I wondered what happened to the other leaked phones. Wish I could go to MWC, or even just invited lol. You guys going?

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