Xperia arc to be rebranded with Sony logo?

by XB on 21st January 2012

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Sony Xperia arcSony Pictures released a trailer for the next movie in its Resident Evil series starring Milla Jovovich. The first 35 seconds of the Resident Evil: Retribution trailer could be straight out of a Sony ad showcasing a PlayStation Vita, Sony Tablet S and MP3 player. Interestingly, it also shows an Xperia arc with one fundamental difference. The arc has what looks like an over-sized Sony logo on the handset rather than the Sony Ericsson logo on existing handsets.

We may be reading too much into this, but could Sony be looking to rebrand some of its older handsets now that it has total control over Sony Ericsson? Could we end up seeing a ‘Sony’ Xperia arc hit shops? Probably not, given that the company is looking to move onto newer handsets. The question then becomes is Sony re-releasing a handset that looks like the Xperia arc with updated specs? Possibly. There is some speculation that a handset with a similar design to the Xperia arc will be released with updated specs.

Or could this simply be the Sony marketing team wanting to remind people that it now has its own wholly-owned smartphone business. What better way to do that than to Photoshop a Sony logo on an existing phone. Although, why they didn’t choose a recently announced handset like the Xperia S is a bit strange. What do you think this could mean, let us know in the comments below? See the trailer below.

Xperia arc

  • Anonymous

    Ha! Saw it too and was laughing and wondering.

  • bogar

    I think it is about the upcoming Xperia Arc HD,with bigger screen,and 1.5 dual core processor,it has on facebook already posted a picture about this phone,why should give up a design,and changed when is still one of the best looking phone in the market..probably it will be the Hayabusa or Mint..

  • Anonymous

    I saw a video last week where I saw the Xperia play with the ‘Sony’ logo branded on the handset. It could possibly¬† be that they will release this handset with improved specs, but they might want to show current fans of Sony Ericsson that they are the same company even with the rebrand so that they don’t loose that clientele who would be confused about the lack of ericsson and to make the transition smoother.

  • looking forward the movie :D

  • the Arc HD is already announced for Japanese market only ;)

  • Xyu


    Arc’s cracking casing is one reason to dump the design.

  • Anonymous

    It’s clearly photoshopped – the logo isn’t even centred and you can see where the Sony Ericsson logo has been blacked out.

    Having said that, Sony would be absolute fools not to reuse the timeless Arc design (along with some better materials, tighter fitting back cover, and a spec bump). The curvaceous Neo and Pro designs should be reused (and tweaked) too – much better than the blocky 2012 designs that they are announcing.

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  • Xyu

    They will not re-use the design. Hardware buttons are things of the past. They don’t want to look outdated and besides – the lest they want is to make new sets that would remind people of SE…

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  • Anonymous

    Hardware buttons are pragmatically superior to capacitive – can find them without looking and don’t accidentally press them during games etc.

    The Arc’s basic design will never look outdated, even in 20 years.

    … and what is wrong with reminding people of SE? SE rock, and I have a much greater respect for the SE brand than the Sony one.

  • Xyu

    1. Hardware buttons fail twice as fast, their chrome finish scratches and gets off easily and overall considered by ordinary consumers as a sign of “cheap tech”. They have their own benefits, you named a few but we will see less and less of hardware buttons in high-end products.

    2. Its design was revolutionary. But in 2011….

    3. Sony payed over 1billion dollars to get rid of the Ericsson part in its branding (and yes it’s as much about branding as it is about patents). Do you really think they want people to be reminded of it now? They have not even finalized the deal yet but most of the sets announced have just Sony branding and of a completely different design than the 2011 lineup. You might like the design because you own one, and I like it too (X10 owner here), but Sony will not re-use it, sad, but true.

  • Anonymous

    1. I have some phones from over 10 years ago and all their hardware buttons work fine. A hardware button can simply be made of better materials (e.g. Actual metal; or I thought the transparent strip on the S was going to contain hardware buttons but SE failed here). I have also had no problems with them on my Xperia Pro. Your argument is based on fickle fashion, and little on practical substance. Now that all other manufacturers have followed this stupid capacitive fashion trend, keeping hardware buttons will actually make your device stand out from the crowd.

    2. Its design is still unique and universally appraised. No other manufacturer has anything like it or as distinct. I didn’t say they had to keep the EXACT same design, but sleek curves >> blocky hard edges which dig into your hands.

    3. The SE heritage is nothing to be ashamed of (quite the contrary). I see no reason to not have some continuitiy, as well as having some new design traits. I don’t own an Arc (own a Pro) but they could combine the already distinct curvaceous elements with the transparent strip and better materials. All they are doing is a cynical way to make their phones look like their equally blocky and ugly Vaio laptops (Vaio laptops from 2010 looked much better – blocky is just never original or practical, and rarely pleasing to the eye).

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  • ???

    Is it just me or does the SE logo look nicer than the Sony logo in the pic? Maybe I’m just not used to it…

  • I think Ericsson brought more to the table (so to speak) in the early days than Sony, which was struggling. Sure, Ericsson had its own issues but that was changing as it produced things like the T68 and P800 (which were designed before Sony came into the picture, and showed where Ericsson was going even without the JV). Building its own chipsets probably helped – and we all know that Ericsson was one of the major companies involved in creating Bluetooth etc. I’m not sure exactly what Sony did that was revolutionary in mobile back in the late 1990s.

    As time went on, it became quite clear that Sony saw SE as a threat to Sony itself. The strong sales of Walkman handsets, and then Cyber-shot cameraphones, pretty much saw Sony forcing SE to drop the brand names from its high end devices – to ensure Sony could still sell its respective cameras and music players. (While a dedicated camera may still be far ahead of a cameraphone, who really needs a Walkman music player – with or without video – when you can use your smartphone?).

    Sony Ericsson would have had far more success if their top-end handsets had shown Cyber-shot when firing up the camera, or Walkman for the player (who cares that the software and functionality could be identical – the brands were important). It was if Sony was trying to protect its own products at the expense of SE.

    I think we can all see how the Play ended up being a bit of a mess. Playstation Certified? Playing old PS1 games – but not anything else. Great as the phone is, and with some great games, I can’t imagine Sony wanted it to be a threat to the PlayStation brand!

    As soon as Sony started to work towards buying Ericsson out, they clearly felt it was time to start using its brands to sell the handsets – like BRAVIA and Exmor R. In the end, even though I think Ericsson probably did more work in the joint venture, the company would have never progressed as well as it probably will now it’s just Sony.

    But, we’ll never know how things could have worked out if Ericsson had bought Sony out…

  • Anonymous

    They should change the housing material and use Aluminium or some other leightweight metal – the design itself is timeless…

  • wtf i prefer the original one…

  • adriduan zolkarnain

    rebranded with Sony logo but i think the problem still same..crack issue, xperia arc/arc s very lack of body quality and design..but i like SONY logo..

  • Antarrr

    I want that updated & named Xperia Arc Z xD wont mind at all if it loses the back cover and get a water-resistant fitting :3 I love this phone so much. Sexiest looks and perfect size for a smartphone

  • rersret4

    but ericsson does not have the multimedia advantage that sony has to market products. while sony has the hardware and technology, sony has a music and film outfit, gaming console, TV, and camera line.

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