Xperia NX’s microSD card reader pictured

by XB on 3rd February 2012

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microSD readerAs we all know by now, the upcoming Sony Xperia S will not come with removable storage of any kind. It will have 32GB of internal memory, which truth be told, should be enough for most people. However, the Japanese equivalent (the Xperia NX) will be bundled with a special microSD card reader that will allow you to access additional storage. Given that both phones are essentially identical, it’s a shame that we’ve not heard of anything similar being bundled for the western market.

We’ve come across the first pictures of what this reader/USB host entails. The first part is a microSD card to USB adaptor and the second part is an USB A 2.0 female to micro USB B male cable adapter. These two parts together should enable you to have USB OTG access on your new Xperia S. Even if it isn’t bundled with the Xperia S, you can buy both pieces for around £6 on Amazon UK, so it’s not expensive. At least it provides some kind of work around for those of you with large microSD memory cards lying around.

Xperia NX’s microSD card reader pictured

Xperia NX’s microSD card reader pictured

Xperia NX’s microSD card reader pictured

Xperia NX’s microSD card reader pictured

Via NikkeiBP, ITMedia and AScii.

  • Does that mean we’ll be getting a proper file manager, perhaps one built by Sony (Ericsson)? One that allows copying and everything? That’d be awesome, Sony (Ericsson) makes awesome Android software!

  • Asad Mulla

    thats just USB to go. most phone can do that now. I am sure xperia S will have it also. My Tablet S had it out the box

  • Antonio Kukas

    I’m already doing that on my Arc…

  • Anonymous

    They probably don’t want to release something like that over here, because it would undercut the Livedock, as it allows you to also plug in mouse/keyboard

  • i’m using it to attach mouse n keyboard sometimes

  • Georgem1

    Just how hard is it to make a 64Gb ram Xperia S? Built in battery. Is it me or dose this sound like a laptop mobile is to be mobile not to plug things in to it, the reason why i buy a Xperia is to be free do what you want to do, this is sounding more like the big I, Tell you what to do I want you, aka iphone

  • Felipe Pimenta

    Waiting for it’s release on USA. Going to buy it together with the Xperia S, and maybe a keyboard.

  • Anonymous

    If it comes seperately, good thing i’ve got my N8’s USB OTG cable XD

    Anyone knows if their USB OTG is limited to just FAT32 file systems? Rather, can it read NTFS HDDs?

  • Anonymous

    will that also work on Xperia S?

  • i remember , i get 
     microSD card to USB adaptor  when i bought X10 , it was in the box ..

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  • Submuta

    Why would you need a MicroSD card Reader when you have a MicroSD slot on your phone? Nevertheless usb otg is a wonderful addition to your android phone and with it you can transform your smartphone to a miniature pc!

  • karrynmac

    Why can I not use my passport (500gb) Hard drive with an otg cable?

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