Xperia sola trademark filed in Europe and the US

by XB on 4th February 2012

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OHIMOne of the upcoming smartphones from Sony will be called the ‘Xperia sola’ according to a recent trademark filing. Xperia sola has been trademarked with both the OHIM and USPTO, the respective trademark offices for the European Union and the United States. Therefore unlike the Xperia ion, which was only trademarked with the USPTO and then saw a US-only release, it looks like the Xperia sola will see a global release.

We’re not sure what the name means, it could be the literal latin meaning (alone) or a cool slant on the word ‘solar’ or something else entirely. We’re also not sure which phone this turns out to be, but maybe we’ll find out in a few weeks at MWC in Barcelona.





Via Fusible.

Thanks Dacha!

  • wow, in italian sola stands for something that’s awfully bad or even worse, some sort of a scam…

  • Felipe Pimenta

    Don’t liked the name… The one letter (S, P, U, etc) or small words (Arc, Ray, Ion, Neo, etc) are way more sexier.

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  • Raydemort

    In norwegian it means “the sun”, so maybe it’ll have a really bright screen. :P

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  • Guesthousy

    I think Xperia Chicken would be a good name for a phone

  • mountain

    Rumor suggest that it is LT28i

  • cocky

    maybe sola aoi? ROFL

  • Guesthousy

    Ok, maybe not chicken. I must have been hungry when when I wrote that. :p

  • Guesthousy

    If I was being a harsh critic of Sony, I would say sola was obviously an acronym standing for ‘Soon obsolete lacklustre always’

  • Alvin

    I think it’s LT29i, cause my friend have it!!

  • Anonymous

    I translated it to other languages and I found that it means the sun, to the left, only & one :D

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  • Edajimaj

    sola in japanese is the sky.
    aoba is blue leaf
    so, i assume the phone has to be something very broad and give out the feel of blue sky
    at least i hope

  • Samuel Serafim

    I dont know… mystery, mystery and more mystery…
    Ow wait… Sony Windows Phone?

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