Xperia S 1080p HD concert video sample (Update)

by XB on 20th February 2012

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25 hours XperiaShooting video at a concert must be one of the most demanding tests of any camcorder, let alone smartphone. Typically you will be faced with a very loud, low-light environment that means trying to capture decent footage can be very challenging. If you want to see how the Sony Xperia S fares in one such live concert check out the video below.

The 5-minute 1080p footage was taken from two Xperia S handsets in the crowd and seems to do a good job under the low light conditions. The sound quality is also very good, especially given the close proximity to the stage. If you’re interested the band in question is a popular Thai indie band called 25 hours. Click the YouTube button on the video below to be taken to the YouTube site to watch it in 1080p.

Update: It looks like SonyEricssonThai has made the video private for some reason. Frustrating.

Update 2: We’ve posted another version that seems to be working. Thanks Somphol!

If you’re interested, here’s one of 25 hours official music videos. It has close to 10 million views.

  • That is very good for a cellphone camera. Very good video quality. On the down side the pictures taken with the phone have very good color but are very grainy. 

  • eda

    Gorgeous quality! Very crisp and clear. Thank you for sharing this with us. I’m watching the video in 720p and it looks absolutely stunning. The colors are so vibrant and the sound is nice and loud, too. I can’t wait for the Xperia ion to hit the States. Simply an amazing smartphone, the Xperia gets better everyday. :D

  • Video is gone Private and I Can’t watch it :(

  • Mustafa Farooq

    It says , video is private….whats going on….

  • DAMN

    Damn private videos~!!

  • the video is Private

  • the Video is Private.

  • Xperialover

    that thingy is not working. as least i cannot watch

  • Guesthousecat

    Crap band, decent phone. I wish they could have made it private before I saw it.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks we updated the link!

  • Anonymous

    Impressive indeed~

    Think they’ll have that true zome thing the N8 has? Or has nokia patent that tech?

  • Rune Christiansen

    What’s that?

  • Rec

    The sound is distorted , everytime the drum is smacked. Vidquality looks good but Nokia has definitely better mic.r

  • very nice

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    ???????????????????????? Xperia S ???????? Full HD
    ???????????? 25 Hours Live!!! ?? Concert Very Live

  • ????????????????????????????? “?????????????????” 

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