Xperia S emerges victorious in another camera showdown

by XB on 24th February 2012

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The bods over at Recombu have come up with another comprehensive camera shootout. This time, the Sony Xperia S is pitted against the Samsung Galaxy S II, Nokia N8, HTC Sensation XL as well as a Fujifilm Finepix T200 camera. As the headline says, the 12MP Xperia S managed to come on top again pushing the Nokia N8 and Fujifilm Finepix T200 into joint-second. This was even more impressive considering the Xperia S was not using final build software.

Recombu were impressed with the Xperia S’ “incredibly fast” pictures along with the “most intuitive UI with a great focusing system”. They tested the cameras across different environments including outdoor shots, macro shots and indoor pictures with and without the use of flash. We’ve attached a summary picture grid of the sample shots from each camera below, but head over to Recombu for plenty of more analysis and camera samples.

Thanks Basil!

  • M Usman


  • Anonymous

    what is the point of all these.. a new phone has a better camera than last years phones.. who would have expected that

  • Reiterated

     Not necessarily – just check out the N8!

  • XperiaX10lover

    the colour in xs are more saturated than in the normal camera .  Are are the closest to the normal camera replacement and the lower light problem  tunnel  compare the glaxy s have the exposure problem  to light  and HTC    

    I defiantly like like xperia S but i also like HTC  especially the macro in HTC are good  then the other nokia  and galaxy

  • Anonymous

    Here’s a another comparisom among Xperia S,Xperia Arc S and Iphone 4…IMHO Arcs S and Xperia S have the same quality,maybe a little better arc S for colour and Xperia S for detail

  • adriduan zolkarnain

    how about SE Satio camera? smartphone it not just about camera..

  • Homerjay

    I prefer gs2 most realistic color and the images remember me fujifilm shots.

  • MindyzZz

    Well  if u think so, buy Fuji, a nokia 3310 and get the fuck out of this site ;) 

    This is future, who needs to carry a massive camera, phone, and a laptop, when u get all in 1 – Xperia S! 
    Ive got Xperia Arc already a year, just amazing phone,camera, internet, latest games, jezus im even playing COUNTER STRIKE on it, who would of thought 3 years about that? Really, just get out, and live in a barn with a candle and bunch of pigs.

  • Anonymous

    Is there a way to change the Notification Centre without rooting?  I say this because my Xperia Ray is currently on a software version that isn’t rootable and I really detest the grey colour of the NC and coming from the iPhone and knowing everything about customising it without apps or themes it’s quite annoying that I don’t know how to do hardly anything on Android.  Thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous

    True, the supposed Xperia U has a 5mp camera, considering that I was rocking that about 4 years ago on my C901 and cameras today, for the norm, are 8mp then that doesn’t exactly fit with what pngface said.

  • Manjunathba
  • Raul_Reis

    I’ma big fan of Sony, its products and its services are simply the best on the market, but I’m realistic!However long the cameraphone Sony does not manufacture any respect from the C901 all bordering on mediocrity!And this test done borders on ridularização, after all say the Xperia S in this test was the best of appliances tested, is simply ridiculous!He was not even the second best qualified, the more the better test!NSeries N8 is arguably the best of all devices tested, because in terms of detail, dynamic range and color fidelity it is the most complete, excluding the macro mode that noticeably test winner was the galaxy s II, in all other situations the N8 was over and only being a sony maniac stupid to say otherwise, who really understand photography, decrees the N8 “yet” as the king of cameraphones!

    P.S: Best Set Optical, Image Sensor Staff, Post Processing and Quality Single Flash More and Very Well Qualified Make a Difference For That So the N8 Shows Significant Results!

  • Anonymous

    gs2 most realistic?? You’re kidding me.. If anything It’s the most saturated!

  • SkShahid

    Yeah i am using this gadget and really it is so impressive. I am not the fan of sony the as they have collaboration with the android then they are really offers a great phones and camera quality from Sony was always good and better than other.

  • 23bogarka

     Looks like you are a Nokia fan,not SE, get a mirror..

  • Raul_Reis

    The question that is not a citizen! The real question is great and I understand about photography and unlike you and this forum just biased and connoisseur of photography, see the clear and notorious victory NSeries N8!In the test shown, even the Galaxy S II was better!The Xperia S is notoriously an excellent device, but the picture certainly is not your strong point and accept it as simple as that, it is undeniable and unquestionable!PS: I repeat N8 is the king of cameraphones for having the best optical assembly, the largest image sensor and the best built-in flash!

  • Raul_Reis

    But here I am thinking … If you are crying and making up a win on the N8, I wonder what they will try to come up against the “New King”?? Kkkk!What these forums biased against the 808 PureView invent??That will have an image sensor 10 times larger than the Xperia integrated with S, will have a lens of better quality and greater openness focus and a flash of truth as opposed to a simple LED!

  • Faalhaas

    Doesn’t look very victorious to me

  • Stanis?aw

    Maybe Satio is older, but it still has better camera than XS.

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