Xperia P and Xperia U European pricing revealed

by XB on 27th February 2012

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Xperia UBy now we’re sure most of you have had a chance to absorb the details of the two newest additions to the Xperia family – the Xperia P and Xperia U. These are part of the Xperia NXT series, following the same ‘Iconic Identity’ design cues as the Xperia S. Both handsets have their own USPs, the Xperia P sports an aluminium unibody design, whilst the Xperia U has the illuminating notification strip. However, you can’t get a true idea on the value of the overall package until you’ve seen the price.

We can reveal that the European suggested retail price of the Xperia P will be €449, whilst the Xperia U will come in at €259. The Xperia P sits very close to the Xperia S price point (€499), so it seems that you really are paying for the metal chassis design. The Xperia U looks very reasonable, especially considering it runs the same 1GHz dual-core ST-E U8500 NovaThor chipset. However, you are sacrificing storage and a smaller screen over the Xperia P. With many manufacturers announcing quad-core phones at MWC, we think Sony Mobile may need to price the Xperia P more keenly to be a true success.

  • Vandenbornejeffrey

    Well that settles it! Xperia S it is

  • jeson kamalnath

    Xperia P should be a bit cheaper I guess.

  • adriduan zolkarnain

    xperia P using 
    metal chassis, i hope it not like my SE c902 which is it also using stainless steel but the paint eroded when you want to open the battery cover.

  • Cholek3

    There is some misleading informations, because according to this sony website

    Xperia U uses Qualcomm dual core processor.

  • Anonymous

    That’s a typo. It is using the ST-Ericsson NovaThor chipset. It is confirmed in the white paper and here:

  • Cholek3

     Ok then, thanks for that.

  • Carlod879

    The handsets maybe be nice, but looking at the competition one would need to give it a second thought. Wht does Sony feel it is selling, gold? There weren’t even No.1 at anytime to justify this. Rethink your pricing, or you’ll will lose a major share. Look at the experiences the users had with the previous Xperia. 

  • Lovesony

    but according to the end of this video (he’s the Marketing Manager of Sony Mobile Italy), Xperia U willl cost 249 euro, and Xperia P will be 399 euro

    great prices anyway! :D

  • Anonymous

    Fcking expensive, especially since Sony gave gimped the phones from last year with no SD, non-removable battery, a less battery capacity, and microSIM.

  • Anonymous

    The prices we have are the RRP- the ‘real’ price when it hits retail is likely to be lower.

  • badpricingsony

    To expensive. Sorry, but 499€ for the S and 450€ for the P? Seriously? Sure its not the “real” price, but its still to expensive and if its not drop under 400€ at release, I will wait a few weeks and buy a quadcore phone from another company for the same price and hopefully with sd card slot and removable battery.

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  • Faalhaas

    I knew the price i just need to know when the S will be released :P

  • Anonymous

     I dunno, I’d wait for the benchmarks. The s has a great camera no doubt.. but the P has the Mali 400 GPU. I would not be surprised if the P and S has similar benchmarks to the Nexus. That extra .5GHz is not going to be all that useful unless playing the absolute newest games.

    With both using the Sony R sensor I would like to see actual quality differences between the 8 and 12mp camera. We all know that its not about pixel count its about the lens and sensor. They both have the same sensor tech.. but not much more details then that so I would wait for camera samples.

  • Anonymous

     Sony thinks more like Apple. They see it about the experience, not the specs. Apple dual core is only 800Mhz  yet no lag. The nexus has 1.2gHz and mali 400 gpu. no lag at all in the 2 months I have had it. plays the newest games and is amazing. cracked the screen so using my upgrade to get a new phone (340$ to replace nexus screen = too much $).

    I think the race right now is all about quality, size, style and battery life. The P with a smaller battery isnt ideal but it also mean it charges faster. the processor and screen are optimized for power saving so we will wait and see and the tech is very similar to the nexus which has the best benchmarks on the market right now.

    I’m more excited about the new S4 qualcomm processors then the quad cores. its just a headline.. the next greatest phone will be the one that lasts 2 days on 1 charge.

  • Anonymous

    i dont know, but when i went from arc S to arc for couple of days i felt the difference.  Xperia S it is for me. 

  • Vandenbornejeffrey

    Thing is that the S beats the P in pretty much every regard except for the WhiteMagic, aluminium and the docking capability. I think these are just some fancy extras, I have no problem connecting my phone to a usb cable, the whitemagic won’t help me that much as the sun never really shines in my country and the aluminium looks cool but I only dig the shiny silver look about it. That’s just me though, all my SE phones so far were made of plastic, every one of them felt very solid 

  • SRM

    At least Xperia U will be cheap,I guess.

  • Vvdbd

    Altought I im a Sony lover, and I love the idea of conecting my phone with my notebook, TV, blue ray player i dont belive that I am going to buy any of this phones. P is extremly expensive, U is just stupid with 4GB memory, and not to think about S who is even more expensive. Another problem is subvenced prices. While HTC phones are subvenced with 25 to 30% of the retail price, Sony are just 10-15% witch makes them even more expensive.

  • Bryan

    I agree with all that but i use it in the car and motorcyle as a gps or hands free a lot and i make sure i always integrate my wires so they are hidden. Nithing more annoying then wires running all over the place after you have gotten used to docks. If the p never came out i doubt i qould mind as much, but it just ahows qhat it could have been. Everytime docking would want the p and every lag would want the s.

  • Guest

    HTC can really learn the art of pricing reasonably from Sony(esp. Xperia U). Their One V is just a single core 1GHz processor and HD recording upto 720p only and still it costs a lot more than the Xperia U.

  • Vandenbornejeffrey

    I see your point, it’s indeed the P’s major selling point, if it was made out of plastic with sealed ports just like the S, the P’s price would have to drop dramatically. Pretty sure Sony realizes that a lot of people are considering the P regardless of it’s high price

    if you’re really optimistic … custom roms are able to do landscape mode at 270 degrees so that ports being on the other side won’t matter and breaking off the plastic flaps can’t be too hard either right and then we only need someone that takes the opportunity making a custom dock!

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  • Pl21821

    Sony Ericsson used to be the only manufacturer with stylish devices, but now that Panasonic has debuted its Eluga line up I will keep an eye on that, especially given that Eluga is said to cost only about 400 euro.

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  • What about the availability of Xperia U? Thanks a lot :)

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  • Almost 200€ between the U and P series! Will the P really worth the difference,  with it’s price tag nearing the S series? I just hope Xperia SOLA will be sold in the 300/350€ price range, because I can’t understand the P series price tag…

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