Xperia S anti-stain shell once again put to the test [Video]

by XB on 2nd March 2012

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Xperia S Anti-StainThe Sony Xperia S comes with an anti-stain shell. We have already seen one video demonstrating how effective this really is, but we came across another one that we had to share. The owner has written all over his white Xperia S with red and black marker pen. He then uses an eraser to literally rub all of the ink off the shell. An extreme example of how easy it is to clean the phone perhaps, but effective nonetheless. See the video below.

Thanks Woottipong Tanuntranon!

  • Portable notepad :D

  • Youknowwho

    This video come from the bad website in thailand

  • Cool. Get any dirt on it, just erase it off!

  • I was just wondering whether the Xperia U is also equipped with an anti stain shell?

  • Anonymous

    What are you talking about? It’s the most popular Sony club site in Thailand.

  • Anonymous

    It would have been more useful to show stains that might actually occur, what kind of tool is going to write all over their phone with marker pen !! I want to see everyday stains, maybe some semen or spittle or a crusty bogey, i’m not arsed if you can write on it with marker and then rub it off, anybody who’d do this doesn’t deserve a phone.

  • Anonymous

    OR you can just get a black version of the phone and care less)))

  • Vandenbornejeffrey

    Exactly, who would even write on their phone with a marker. I’d also love to see them wipe off some everyday stuff like semen, it’s been a problem with every single phone i’ve owned so far

  • Varunrocks107

    hey guys just read the full review of this phone on
    its awesome…………

  • Anonymous

    The semen of anyone in particular or anybody’s? 

  • Anonymous

    that wouldn’t help Vandenbornejeffrey  

  • Anonymous

    I know right !! .. I was being sarcastic though incase you weren’t sure lol 

  • Anonymous

    Not really but women always say it’s a persistant stain and as outrageous as it is i’m sure there’s more chance of somebody randomly jizzing on your phone than there is it being written on in marker pen, or maybe not lol

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure if there’s some idiota out there that would scribble in marker pen on their white phone i’m sure that same person would have some tippex handy for a black 1 lol

  • M Usman

    This is why I chose to opt for the white one! Its nice to know I can write a different message on the back of my phone everyday and then just rub it off. This will never get old! :)

  • Antonio Kukas

    I’m pretty sure you can simply download an app that does that.

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