Xperia NXT specifications compared – Xperia P vs. Xperia S vs. Xperia U

by XB on 7th March 2012

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Xperia NXTJudging from the number of messages in our inbox and comments on the site about the new Sony Xperia NXT series, there seem to be a lot of confused people out there. Many questions revolve around exactly which phones will carry what features. We therefore thought it would be useful to publish a summary specification table showing the differences between each handset.

Most of the data is already included in our larger Comparison table, but we have included some extra points that are only relevant to the Xperia NXT line-up. The table should be pretty self-explanatory, but it’s quite clear that the Xperia S flagship carries the most features (barring the WhiteMagic display, aluminium unibody and SmartDock of the Xperia P). If you are currently debating which of these new phones to go for the comparison table will hopefully give you a steer.

Xperia NXT specifications compared

 Xperia PXperia SXperia U
Display (inches)
Resolution540 x 960720 x 1280480 x 854
Processor1Ghz dual-core NovaThor U85001.5GHz dual-core MSM82601Ghz dual-core NovaThor U8500
Storage16GB eMMC32GB eMMC8GB eMMC
Expandable memoryNoNoNo
Rear camera8MP Exmor R12MP Exmor R5MP
Front cameraVGA1.3MPVGA
Video recording1080p1080p720p
Illuminating light on barWhiteWhiteColour
Battery (mAh)130517501320
Embedded batteryYesYesNo
PlayStation CertifiedNoYesNo
GLONASS supportNoYesNo
Dimensions122 x 59.5 x 10.5128 x 64 x 10.6112 x 54 x 12
Weight (g)120144110
ConstructionAluminium UnibodyPlasticPlastic
Colours availableBlack, Red, SilverBlack, WhiteBlack, White

  • Love Xperia P, but I wish it had microSD slot or 32GB memory
    Waiting for august, maybe Sony shows something I would like to replace my ray with :)

  • Yardglass

    I think you’ve got the colours available wrong.  I believe the U should have more colours than just black and white (maybe you’ve swapped the P and U around?).

  • Anonymous

    So the S is basically better at everything except for the whitemagic display and the housing. That settles it i’m getting the S :D

  • Anonymous

    No, it is correct. The only difference is that the Xperia U will come with different coloured interchangeable caps. The main body colours are just black and white. See our recent hands on for more information:

  • R Pedroso

    Great Intel

  • I like the fact that Sony understands that SD-cards are slow, which makes the entire phone slow

    32Gb internal would be great, but the S has that :)

  • Guest

    It makes little sense to me that the P has only 1305mAh battery, even less than the U.  I wish it were a mistake.

  • Rune Christiansen

    It’s because it has got the Whitemagic tech, which should make the screen much more power efficient, and therefore shouldn’t need as much battery capacity.

  • Rickrishav

    A good Internet Connection should solve the issue. With Google Play out at the corner, and CloudSevers like Box and Dropbox, we will soon stop worrying about memory cards. 
    And yes. The internal memories are very fast

  • Julius Buma-at

    These new models from Sony is fantastic, however, there is no hot swappable  microSD card.  What’s with the designers mind? It’s trying to be like the iPhone.  Personally I don’t like Sony trying to copy like Apple iPhone/s.  They should provide a hot swappable microSD card slots for all their models just like Sony Ericsson’s smartphones. Also I really don’t like the embedded batteries of the Xperia S and Xperia P. They”re trying to be like Apple iPhone which is IMHO is a piece of garbage, why? because when the battery dies your mobile phone also dies since you can’t replace it with a new battery and that really sucks!

  • spatch

    This table actually solidified one thing for me: it’s worth waiting for Q2 to see what Sony announces. As an early adopter, I felt burned last year after I bought a Rogers Xperia Arc outright, then watched Sony release the Arc S worldwide and it became available on my network here in Australia. I love the original Arc, but occasionally I do miss the extra bump in speed the Arc S would have provided.

    Here’s what I’m hoping Sony announces later this year:

    Sony Xperia X, with the size & all the specs of the Xperia S — PLUS a multimedia dock, 64GB of internal memory & a WhiteMagic display.

    Now THAT’S a phome worth waiting for!

  • Tymodmyt

    Anyway, Xperia P’s work will be much shorter than that of Xperia S, Xperia Arc, Ray, Neo, etc., even despite White Magic. It has only six hours of GSM talk time and four hours of video playback. 

    By the way, there is a misprint: Aluminium Unbody, probably Aluminium Unibody.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds boring your Xperia X. Give me the Hayabusa any day.

  • Anonymous

    Well spotted. A phone with an aluminium ‘unbody’ should be lighter than 120g!

  • Anonymous

    Not just those services, what’s the point of Media Go on your PC if you don’t store music and photos on there. Google plus also has its Instant Upload feature so you don’t have to store photos for very long.

  • not every county have good network coverage… so ‘soon’ might take 100 – 200 years

  • good luck with waiting

  • Yardglass

    You’re right, I was thinking about the caps.  Thanks.

  • Ocean12

    Illuminating light on bar for xperia P! Does it means the transparent strip? They say NO light strip for xperia P and that was noticed in the promo videos

  • Freeridetheworld247

    I’ve been trying to find the release date info on this phone in Germany but it seems to be alluding me. Does anyone know when it will be released in Germany by any chance? Danke!

  • I wonder why I still like Xperia P the most after seeing the difference in specs D:

  • Anonymous

    the ion should be in this comparison 

  • Anonymous

    if they do Xperia X, then the company has to sell too many of them, and the company would have to make lots lots of money… SONY won’t agree.  i am sure

  • Anonymous

    i am sure that the S would sell the most, they will come up with a dock that would settle the phone in the bottom and a floating wire from the top, so basically the white magic where the phone differs. to me NO LTE , NO PHONE 

  • Mo

    there will be a S4 Device rather than a Xperia S similar one.

  • Guest

     So, does the Xperia P illuminate or not? For some reason, this is important for me…

  • Anonymous

    Thx, now corrected!

  • Anonymous

    We have been told by Sony Mobile that it does illuminate although not as brightly as the Xperia S. Can’t verify this for ourselves until we get another hands-on.

  • Guest

    Higher res, more storage to keep powered on, etc., I don’t think WhiteMagic alone will save its battery life.  I don’t quite understand why with larger dimensions it only managed to put a smaller battery in.  The aluminium body is supposed to make the shell thinner, not thicker no?

    Will have to see real life battery tests.

  • Guest

    And you will be at your carrier cap doing that often enough.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you very much for this table, makes it easy to compare and make a decision!

  • The winner: Xperia ion for having expendable storage

  • Anonymous

    Still worried about the non-removable battery and the unproven quick charge feature. My friend and I both have the X10 and both batteries packed it in in under 2 years.

  • Anonymous

    And not everyone likes the idea to “outsource” his data into the cloud. To have the option to do so is fine nevertheless..

  • Cssf09

    i loved xperia U? 

  • Rune Christiansen

    Shouldn’t you be able to get it “repaired”(battery replaced) then?

  • Shanefalco

    is there a Gyroscope in xperia U ??? the info say no!

  • Cheng

    yeah I also want to know. this is really a dealbreaker for me. if it does not lightup I will go for S for sure. the only thing that make me consider P is the damn nice aluminium design. Other 2 smaller things which is extra are no flaps and dock available. Argh, really need to know does it illuminate? ><

  • Kjetil B. Thomassen

    What about ANT+? Would you please list that also in the table?

    Kjetil B.

  • Guest

    Yes, the Xperia P does illuminate. The transparent bar of the three Xperia smartphones light up, albeit in a different way for each of the smartphones:

    – The S has the three dots plus a strong white illumination
    – The P has no dots but the three buttons are illuminated in white
    – The U has a color bar instead.

    With the Xperia P, the three buttons light up in white, but the illumination is indeed much fainter than on the S. You can still notice the effect in some of the hands-on videos if you pay really close attention.

  • Nabeel Sn

    i love the grill for the speakers in xperia p. i wish it was in xp s too.

  • brand “sony” is really owesome…………i hope it will get right priced here in india for its upcoming products……..and big yes only if Sony Ericsson(now sony) customer care start to good service………..i really love sony products and i have live with walkman now……………most of my friends are tortured by sony ericsson customer care here in india…………….if this thing goes right.I’m damn sure sony gonna rock. There’s already a nightmare in samsung house.But if your listening to me sony, improve your customer care,otherwise i dnt think you will get to ur expectation………samsung is far ahead here mostly because of your cutomer service…………

  • Ibassanova

    I’d love to see heat test and battery life consumption on xperia P as it come with aluminium body and less battery capacity. Will it down the better life when further use it, how will it survive in a day, just wonder if become this a mobile user.

  • Nabeel Sn

    i would really appreciate if you cud tell me if the transparent element changes colour with the screen on xperia S. I know it does on U.
    Xperia P is definitely going to win an award for design built n quality. I love the body and grill for speakers. I just wish xperia S was packed in this aluminium body. 
    I am confused now. i love the specs of xperia S but the body of P. Dunno which one to buy now :-(

  • Cheng

     as we can see from the videos and as the phone is on sale in many countries
    already we know for sure the transaparent bar lights up but only white. the
    changing colour element is only found on U; that’s also the only best thing I
    like from U. too bad s and P dont have this. S has a bright white colour, while
    P has less bright but still white colour. hope this clears things up for you
    ~~ I would go for S almost for sure. I love the Aluminium body from P but P
    lights-up not so bright, and only 16GB instead of 32GB on S.

  • ritesh2103

    From the specs I see that both P and S use Micro-SIM; however this is not available yet to my operator, will I be able to use the normal-size sim card if I buy either phone?

  • bIgoL

    Illuminating light on barWhiteWhiteColourFor real? I just read a lot of reviews, and a lot says the transparent bar for Xperia P doesn’t lit up.

  • I’m divided in two. I just gave up my beloved Xperia Arc and now I have been without a cellphone for 2 weeks. I was about to order the Xperia S but I’ve fallen in love with the Xperia P and I can’t decide whether to wait for it or not. The aluminium-body and the WhiteMagic just… feels so great. But I don’t know which one will suite me the best. Only the specs can’t show me this. Sob. 

  • When does xperia S  gets updated to icecream sandwich 

  • A Helmy50

    Small storage and without micro SD card

    But great design and specification

    Should be better if these storages X2 and Sony will the best in mobile word

  • pengen juga beli xperia P.. bodynya solid.. ;)

  • divyam jain

    i think dere should be a external memory slot too fr keeping d data safe

  • Geore Loves Seether

    go for the xperia p..its definately batter…overall its just feels good in the hand…s just feels bulky huge….

  • Jetlfc

    what format does video have to be to stream movies from pc to xperia p?

  • piter

    I got P from couple of days and i was verry suprised because the ligh sucks on this one. There is no led light, only lights that show those 3 down buttons.

    So comparing to S and U this one is really not so cool looking at light.

  • Anant

    xperia p lights less bcoz the transparent strip are actually used as the three pressure sensitive buttons & if it lighted as much as the s or u then they probably wont be sort of………visible?

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