Xperia sola launching late April for €329

by XB on 13th March 2012

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Sony Mobile France has confirmed that the recently announced Xperia sola will be launching in Europe in late April (week 17) for €329. Judging from the price point the handset will sit in between the Xperia P (€399) and Xperia U (€259).

Sony Mobile is doing its best to keep exclusive features in each handset, making it a headache for the end-user to decide which phone to get. The Xperia P has the WhiteMagic display, the Xperia sola has the floating touch technology and the Xperia U has the coloured illuminated notification bar. Any chances of getting these in all in one handset Sony?

Xperia sola

Via Twitter.

  • SRM

    At last,a memory card slot for this one.

  • Fff

    399€ for P? It costs 449€ on pre-orders at Clove and Play?

  • jeffrey vandenborne

    Not bad Sony. Powerful devices, amazing quality, brilliant cameras, xLOUD, bravia, BEST designs by far in 3.5, 3.7, 4.0 and 4.3 inch form factors.

    Can’t wait to receive my S next Tuesday!

  • Choosen1

    Looks OK but i feel thats bit overpriced ://

  • Why there’s still no price for the Xperia ION?! >X( Release it already!

  • RaxaBoo

    How many Englisher Pounds be that?

  • Rene Pedroso

    Sony should have released only one premium device (Xperia S) with all of the features of the other devices, LTE, ICS, 
    WhiteMagic display, floating touch technology colored illuminated notification bar, aluminum body, PS Suite (actually working), Remote Play -PS3 etc… The list goes on. I only fear that their past record of releasing all these devices and then not supporting them or in six months come out with a better devices instead of consistantly making the ”S” better. 

  • jeffrey vandenborne

    Look at some benchmarks of the Xperia S. Note the I/O performance. Seeing this I’m very glad, buying a 32GB card with that performance is going to set me back another 200 quid

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  • usr

    Very Expensive for a non BSI camera sensor with 5mpx, 720P, 512 MB RAM, non HDMI and non front cammera phone.Basically is the Xperia U with NFC instead of front camera, a bit more memory and microSD slot.If Xperia U bear SD, this would not make sense.I still prefer to buy the Xperia Ray.

  • Cssf09

    that is the price of the first units! clear why pay more expensive, thendown to 399 :)

  • i can see what Sony is trying to do …
    they are given each phone with different new feature to see how
    consumers will act upon it then they will take the most features that
    have a good feed back and results then they will put it into their next
    flagship phone .. what you think guys ? ^_^

  • Derezzor

    1.5 gHz, 12.1 MP, Dockable, Aluminum Body with switchable cap, coloured illuminated notification bar, White-Magic, Water Proof and floating touch would what a combined device would be like.

    Xperia Arco HD, S, P, U, Sola

  • Khanhnpq

    Yeah, The Xperia Ray has the best design out of all, I hope they revive that model and make it Xperia RayOfLight later this year or something, with full aluminum body, and 3.5” screen

  • 34yuco

    it is anice phone especially the red one

  • Rene Pedroso

    I believe there are a ton of Sony followers out there they could have polled on the down low and asked them about these features. I really hope they just have one Flagship. Xperia S, S1, S2……

  • Rene Pedroso

    Playstation Suite, full 1080 display, NFC, LTE, release w/current OS, Video Artwork, Remote Play. Need I say more lol

  • Rene Pedroso

    One more – Sapphire Crystal

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    Oled and transferJet

  • sony is in right track  but needs bigger battery
    regard cihan

  • i also don’t see logic here. 

  • Nostarwhere

    all features in one = xperia mint !

  • eda

    And STILL no set launch date for the Xperia ION, huh? I’m already losing faith in this phone.

  • spatch

    I still believe Sony will announce a new handset for Q3 or Q4 with everything incuded, and for now I’m going to wait and aee…

  •  I believe that what we gonna see soon just to let you know that these devices are still Sony Ericsson and not fully designed by Sony thats why i said that Sony now focusing on collecting reports and feedback from consumers and Market for each of their new features so that they would start making their truly Sony’s Flagship phone.

  • Ruthless_bjur

    Looks like Sony is going back to the days when cybershot and walkman series of phones. Come on! Make and ultimate all-in-1 and then call it a flagship phone! Not 1 feature on this phone and another on that phone!

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  • Minato

    i see some people here are sad about these exclusive features but i think
    Sony did really a good job! while these features are not necessary and
    vital, they differentiate the phones and make each of them interesting
    and attractive! something that wouldn’t happen if there was an all in
    one big brother!

    and imagine how much it would cost if they wanted to make a phone with all of these features combined?

    White Magic display, aluminum body, SD card slot, floating touch, smart dock, illuminated notification bar,hd display, high end camera,
    beautiful design, slimness, battery and etc………

    so i believe SONY made a right and smart decision with this……congrats SONY…..i’m all with you ;)

    but for god sake don’t forget about proper marketing!! okay?!!!

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