Install Official Android 4.0 ICS update to your Xperia arc [Guide]

by XB on 15th April 2012

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We have been getting emails all weekend asking for a tutorial on how to install the official Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update to the Xperia arc. We therefore thought we’d knock up a quick guide to take you through the process. As a quick recap, Sony Mobile announced the rollout of the ICS Xperia update on Friday 13 April, but only for three of the 2011 Xperia range (Xperia arc S, Xperia neo V and Xperia ray).

The original Xperia arc is not due to be updated until late May 2012. Fear not though as given the similarities between the Xperia arc and Xperia arc S, arc users can install the ICS update to their handset right now. The guide below takes you through what you need to do step-by-step.

Installing the official Android 4.0 ICS update to your Xperia arc

Disclaimer: You should note that once you complete the process, your phone will be recognised as the Xperia arc S (LT18i). Android 4.0 ICS will work as advertised, but you may encounter certain bugs or issues as the firmware was not designed specifically for the Xperia arc. Xperia Blog absolves itself from any responsibility should something go wrong. Please proceed with caution and at your own risk.

Note: This tutorial does not require you to root your handset and it does not require you to unlock your bootloader.

1) Install drivers for the Xperia arc
The very first step is to make sure that your PC has all of the necessary drivers installed for the Sony Xperia arc. The best way to do this is to install PC Companion or Sony Ericsson Update Service (SEUS). Make sure you connect the Xperia arc to the PC before starting the process to download the necessary USB and ADB drivers. If you have any problems you will find the necessary drivers once you have installed Flashtool in the following location: ‘C:\Flashtool\drivers’.

2) Switch on USB debugging on your handset
Switch on the debugging option on your Xperia arc. Go to Menu –> Settings –> Applications –> Development –> Tick ‘USB debugging’

Also tick ‘Unknown sources’ under Menu –> Settings –> Applications

3) Install Flashtool
You must ensure you install Flashtool version for this process to work. The older versions of Flashtool do not have the command to handle the new ICS partition resizes.

As the official Flashtool site is currently not allowing a download of the necessary file, you can download it from our mirror here. The zip package includes two files: 1) Flashtool and 2) an update zip file.

a. Install the ‘flashtool-’ application.
b. Once complete, unzip the ‘update’ file. Move and replace all contents of the zip file to C:\Flashtool.
c. Once you have done this, launch Flashtool. The log window should show that you are using ‘Flashtool Version built on 2012-04-14 11:34:01’. To make sure of this you can always go into Help > About to see what version you are using.

Install Official Android 4.0 ICS update to Xperia arc

4) Download the Generic Nordic ICS Xperia arc S firmware
Download the Generic Nordic ICS Xperia arc S firmware from here (377MB). This is firmware version 4.1.A.0.562 which will update your phone to Android 4.0.3.

A note of warning: Some browsers like Opera will rename the extension of this FTF file as a zip file when trying to download it. Make sure that the downloaded file has a .ftf extension rather than .zip.

5) Place firmware in correct location on your PC
Place the FTF file in the C:\Flashtool\firmwares folder.

6) Launch Flashtool
Open the Flashtool application on your PC. Click on the lightning bolt symbol. Select Flashmode and click OK.

Install Official Android 4.0 ICS update to your Xperia arc

7) Select firmware
Select the correct firmware in the left column (LT18_4.1.A.0.562_NCB). Check the boxes as seen in the picture below (‘Wipe User Data’, ‘Wipe Cache’ and ‘No Final Verification Check’ all need to be ticked).

Install Official Android 4.0 ICS update to Xperia arc

8 ) Connect Xperia arc to PC
Turn your phone off. Press and hold the back key while plugging the USB cable into your Xperia arc.

9) Flashing process will start
The flashing process should now start. Once you see the “Flashing finished” message in Flashtool, remove your handset from the PC and wait until the phone reboots (this may take some time so don’t panic).

10) Your Xperia arc should now be running ICS
Congratulations, your Sony Xperia arc should now be running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich!

Thanks to xda-developers.

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  • Neto (:

    Can i try this on neo?

  • Ambroos

    And I think your CPU will be running at 1.4Ghz too, so this almost is a way to really transform your device into an Arc S!

  • Marzvinet

    That won’t happen, i’m quite sure about that. 

  • Thomasj

    Will it be on 1.4 GHz I don’t think so lol

  • sounds great!!
    but what about my data, on SD and phone memory, will be intact?

  • adsada_arc

    For anyone wondering about keeping personal files, I will explain the best way to back everything up. This update will wipe everything off the phone, apps, messages etc. The stuff on your SD card will be fine though.

    You can back up the three main things and restore them on your new ICS device with ease

    These can be backed up by going into the contact menu and pressing the right button and click on ‘Back up contacts’ and select Memory card.

    Download this app ( and click back up, it will then back up all messages to your memory card

    Download this app ( which will allow you to back up all your apps, which you can then restore after

    Once you have installed ICS download the two apps mentioned above and use them to restore your messages and apps. Then go into the phonebook and copy contacts from Memory card.

    That should be you all set up :)

  • A_elfarrash

    can it be removed after installation.

  • Amitev03

    Please confirm is it save to downgrade back to stock gb ?

  • adsada_arc

     If you can find the appropriate FTF file to flash then you should be able to

  • Marzvinet

    It is lagging a bit, sorry to say.

  • XperiaBlog


  • XperiaBlog

    Yes, with the relevant ftf file.

  • Sam

    You need to change the kernel to do that

  • Johnkilmertom

    Can you flash lt15i gb aftwards if you want to go back?

  • bela

    for Neo use firmware from NEO V

  • XperiaBlog

    Yes indeed.

  • Asad Mulla

     If you uncheck the “wipe user data” all your apps and user settings will stay. But I am not sure if it will have a nagative effect on the performance.

  • I think it will. The stock .ftf’s also contain a kernel, and if you flash the Arc S kernel on the Arc, well then you basically have an Arc S!

  • Lonnie Davis

    I have the North American Arc S LT15a will this update my GB to ICS and be in English or is this only for Arc users in Nordic?

  • Maher

    Download it and install it on my xperia arc , lil bit laggy , everything else works like charm 

  • Spoilsports

  • DonUcef

    can i use this way to update my arc S ?

  • Drsoran2

    So you are implying that if I flash the official Arc S Android 4 Firmware to my Arc it’ll run automatically at 1,4 Ghz? Sounds interesting! Is there a big speed difference between Arc and Arc S?

  • Candyman

    It will be in whatever language you select when it starts up. English US being the default on my Lt15a when I updated.

  • art

    how long it will take for the phone to reboot?
    i have wait almost 10 minutes.
    is it take longer time…

  • Can  i Try it on Arc(LT15)? 

  • Rohit gilhotra

    do we have to do the same for NEO V also?

    like , checking “wipe out data” and “wipe cache” and “no final verification” boxes. plz reply soon i have to flash rom ASAP

  • recursive

    Wow ICS is amazing on the Arc! Smooth as butter! Not sure about the lag other folks here have mentioned, mine is faster than ever. Lovin it!

  • Xajel

    I think I’ll wait till the official arc update is there.. I hope by then; they -developers- find a way to root without unlocking the bootloader…

  • Lonnie Davis

     Never mind it worked and I’m loving it :-))

  • Rav94

    Does this affects the kernel and Overclock the CPU?..,and if I do this, Will I get anymore updates with Sony PC companion? what about the GPU acceleration?

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  • Angel. M

    worked great!!!!

  • Atif Mumtaz

    What are the drawbacks of this Firmware with Arc? Actually I am much afraid to use this on my arc ‘cz if the things go wrong, What would I do????

  • recursive

     RTFA John

  • Atif Mumtaz

    Moreover, if your answer is to install the .ftf file of GB back to my phone, Can anyone please give me the link for where to download that file?

  • RTFA?

  • Robert Caldecott

    They have! See

  • Can i Upgrade my Arc [LT15i]

  • Robert Caldecott

    No you won’t. The stock kernel doesn’t overclock your CPU.

  • Robert Caldecott

    It will NOT overclock your CPU.  It will still run at 1Ghz.

  • sorry 

  • Hassanabid94

    Can i use this to flash ics on to my neo v ?

  • Mike Martins

    I’m loving my Xperia neo vwith icsrooted. The icsis visuallymore slow than gingerbread butI prefer to say it’s

    smooth :p even this wayit’s much better than gb. It’s much more faster to do thingsand alternate between your

    apps. Loving it! The RAM seemsbetter too

  • Ljw0913

    i cant understand i want flash my ray i stucked on 1 part which is the press and hold back key what should i press??? its say press and hold back key i using xperia ray someone help me plz ty

  • Ljw0913

    my xperia ray now rebooting 3 mins already i am a bit panic …. how long does it take to reboot

  • Well, bricked my phone! I have the Japanese arc, and after using flashtool I get this message:

    Any hope for solving this or unbricking the phone?

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  • Daniyal123450

    i have the unlockbootloader arc s can i used this methode to upgrade is it safe or not?

  • daniyal amjed

    i have the unlockbootloader arc s can i used this methode to upgrade is it safe or not?

  • daniyal amjed

    i have the unlockbootloader arc s can i used this methode to upgrade is it safe or not?

  • XperiaBlog

    Are you sure the phone is bricked? This is a normal error message pre Flashtool (did you make sure you ticked the ‘No final verification’ tickbox? 

    Either way, unplug your phone and boot it up. You may find it has flashed successfully. 

  • bombay

    my phone is sim locked, will this remove the lock or do i have to do anything to the phone before i flash?

  • bombay

    struggling to down load the FTF from link

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  • Vereor-justicia

    Everything was working fine until I had to check off the “No Final Verification Check.” The window was cut off, and it was not available for me to select. I ran the flash, and now my phone isn’t working. Is there somethign wrong with my computer? Is my phone going to be okay if I try it on a different PC?

  • Vereor-justicia

    The Sony logo with load, but then I get an error message. It’s an exclamation mark inside a triangle, beside some generic phone. I’m rather worried. A response soon would be preeetty fantastic.

  • Vereor-justicia

    The saaame thing happened to me! The No final verification box was not available for me to tick. The window was cut off short. Would doung this on a different PC change things?

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  • XperiaBlog

    Repair your phone through SEUS/PC Companion. The client should detect your handsets and reload the firmware onto it.

  • Rickardandersson

     Yes you can! I just did! :-)

  • Jcperaltao

    Thanks a lot,everything went smoothly

  • Robert Caldecott

    It changes the kernel but does NOT overclock your CPU. If you have a 1Ghz Arc then it will remain 1Ghz.

  • bombay

    i have now got round to downloading this,, bit laggy at times, hopefully it will sort itself out in a few days when everything is bedded in, on arc

  • Thanks dude ^_^

  • Ah ok. Yeah, same problem. The window was cut off short. I flashed back to the stock ROM after some tense moments. I might just wait until the official update.

  • Vereor-justicia

    That worked perfectl, thank you <3 I'm posting from my Xperia arc running this ICS firmware, but using WiFi, because the Rogers 3G internet is not being connected to. I can receive texts and calls, just can't surf the web. More help, please? :D

  • Rahat Shahriar

    I have the same question .. It has been almost 20mins .. 

  • Robert Caldecott

    I downgraded to GB from the ICS beta a few times with no issues. You’ll need the GB FTF though.

  •  I had the same problem, it wouldn’t connect to NTT Docomo data network for 3G. Calls/texts/wifi were all ok.

  • Ljw0913

    haha i did it i upgraded my xperia ray to ics 4.0.3 thanks for this guide !!! :)

  • paarathithasan .M

    It’s working with no errors.  Works great with no errors… Flashed on Sony xperia arc LT15i
    After Model changed to LT18

  • Rav94

    So I flashed..The UI is really nice although there aren’t many changes..But found some new and unsolved issues

    1.The Home isn’t slick and fast like Gingerbread, Whether running a Live or Static Wallpaper in the background..Rarely Lags, but It feels like there is an FPS cap..Good news is, it doesn’t crash here and now..
    2.Hardware (GPU) accelaration doesn’t Work at all
    3.Sadly nothing new on Camera or the Music Player..

  • bombay

    i hag to use wifi yesterday cos it wouldnt connect to 3g, went to bed and 3g was working this morning.
    all good

  • Ramif88

    I have Experia Arc LT15i with Hebrew language and hebrew keyboard.If I Flash To LT18_4.1.A.0.562_NCB will I be able to read and write Hebrew?

  • how to take screenshot using ICS? 

  • SampleX

    Yet to see what the consequences will be, but I installed having unchecked the ‘erase user data’ option, and apart from a slow first boot while App2SD and the Arc S between them rediscovered all the apps on my SD card, I haven’t lost a byte of data and my newly upgraded ICS ROM appears to be every bit a smooth as GB was for me.

    I’ve since applied the root exploit, and am now wondering what lovely things root access might do for this phone, having never explored the possibility before.

    Should I expect repercussions of having not erased user data?

  • bombay

    need to update the flashtool to 7

  • XperiaBlog

    This is most likely as the APN settings have been lost in transit. Your carrier should be able to provide the correct data settings to use.

  • lovebmw

    when is it coming to Xperia S?  this is weird that they rolled this to old handsets and not yet on the new ones

  • Hello

    can i do this on my xpera arc S non rooted and no bootloader unlocked,it is running on gingerbread 2.3.4 and build  4.0.2.A.0.62

  • Nawasalavi_123

    Can this be done on xperia pro too, cause I believe theres not much difference between pro and arc exept the keyboard, so would it support keybord or do we need to do something else

  • Muhammedh Rayaz Muthalif

    thanks for the instructions, it worked, super. Restoring the phone with the apps as i type!

    One issue that i faced was that flashtool continued to report that drivers were missing, though i had updated the PC companion to the latest and tested if the phone was being detected.

    I then installed the drivers from the flash tool, and faced the same issue, but then found that you also have to check “Flashmode drivers” when installing the drivers in addition to the arc drivers.  

    Once i did this the detection when smooth and the update completed.

    ICS has the option under developer tools to “force enable 2D GPU acceleration”.  This is unchecked by default, should i check it to ensure that 2D acceleration uses the GPU?

  • Phantom

    can I update to official ICS update from sony when it is release in my country after I install this ICS?

  • YES – it is meant for the Arc S ! This guide simply shows how to do it for the original Arc. I have upgraded my non-rooted, locked boot-loader Arc using this method – and then rooted using the other guide on the site.

  • xperiaaaaaaaaaa

    I install the ics update and i have one problem….the games is not working…why? 

  • Hroman84

    Excelent, Installed and funcional…. perfect….. 

  • Jonnylove8js

    Preas power button and volume down key at same time. Not as user friendly but will work

  • Jonnylove8js

    Everything seems ok apart from my screen has lost a touch of sensitivity it would seem. Plus now Temple run won’t work. I jump instead of turn etc obviously making game impossible to play but overall has fixed browser issues and home force closing I had on GB so am well pleased

  • Rav94

    Same here Temple Run and 9gag apps doesn’t work properly..Really hard to scroll now..Installing Flash helped a little but not much..So much for the GPU acceleration..Gingerbread was way more slicker than this..But overall performance is not bad
    What about your Facebook app..Does the notification drop down menu acting weird?

  • Rav94

    I think they are not Modified for Opera’s ICS version yet..

  • Rav94

    *Xperia’s..not opera’s …lol autocorrect..

  • Jonnylove8js

    Haven’t noticed facebook as yet. Still I will live with a few small glitchs until my contract renewed in Feb. Would love an Xperia S inbetween. But looking forward to next Sony flagship. Been loyal long time

  • Raphael Dalfré Negrão

    reaaaaally beautiful, smooth and excitng!


  • rg987

    yupp bro, facebook notifications and all the games are not playable…………..when i played RF2012 then it ws gud but suddenly after 10-12 min , the game was totally uncontrolable by screen…..WTF is this? plz someone answer the solution of this problem ASAP……………..

  • Rav94

    I don’t blame Xperiablog here..Flashing an Xperia Arc S ROM to an Xperia arc wasn’t the problem..

    Problem is with ICS for Xperia itself…Pretty sure people in Nordic Countries..who officially updated must be getting these errors too..

    But we can’t blame Sony now because they said “Gingerbread is very stable compared to ICS..Upgrade at your own risk..”

    Well I’m gonna wait for a bugfix..If it ain’t gonna happen, I’ll downgrade back to Gingerbread…

    Really Sad cause I thought this might get my phone nearly smooth as an iPhone..But it went in the opposite direction..:(

  • mezzeldin

    PLEASE , how long it takes after finishing this 
    process  ???? i’m about 20 min now and nothing happen 

  • Numan_mlik999

    thanks for the update my arc now have ICS 4 
    everything is just fine

  • Can i Upgrade my Arc [LT15i]

  • Mtweg12

    Excellent! Working flawlessly on my Xperia arc. ICS+ Root- I am loving it.

  • YES !! I have done it with mine and it works a treat !!

  • oh really

    coz im scared to brick my phone 
    im scared to upgrade it w/o video tutorial

  • Is there a video on How to upgrade the Xperia arc LT15i
    bcos im scared to brick my phonecan you make a video for me? 

  • Is there a video on How to upgrade the Xperia arc LT15ibcos im scared to brick my phonecan you make a video for me? 

  • Mtweg12

    I upgraded my Arc (LT15i) yesterday. I didn’t watch any video followed but exactly the instructions. Upgrading to ICS was not a problem but rooting worked with second attempt (only after deleting the temp files in PC)

  • Benjy8769

    for xperia ray, u need to connect the usb and simultaneously press the volume down button. 

  • Benjy8769

    Mine, 10 mins and waiting >,<

  • Benjy8769

    It’s already 12mins for my Ray. Now I am scared. =,=

  • Mj Maulana


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  • MC

    i did everything as in photos but i couldnt put check 
    Wipe User Data’, ‘Wipe Cache’.. could you help me about it pls..

  • Mtweg12

    Enjoying ICS + Root + Link2SD. Working smoothly on my LT15i (Oops… now LT18i). The only complain is about the jerks in the video camera, but I think it is a general problem of the firmware, need to be fixed. Still it is ok as Camera ZoomEx is doing the job nicely.

  • I did something wrong dont know what exsactly. I gues it was when I shold remove the update files into the flash folder one og them( the custom ) was alreaddy there. My phone now only shows SONY followed by XPERIA and that’s it now for an hour. Is there any way to go back or to fix it ? Please guys 

  • i flashed ics on my lt18i . 
    forgot to tick wipe user data and cache but it is taking so long time to reboot.. 20 min past and nothing is happening.. only the green button is on. and i haven’t disconnected in from pc. what am i supposed to do now?

  • Can i flash this if my bootloader is locked?

  • John_doe200616

     hello. i saw that you already have android 4.0 ICS.i have on my xperia arc android 2.3.3 and i have lot’s of problems with this version of android like wireless problems, it restarts(not often) and my touchscreen sometimes doesn’t respond anymore(i have to put the phone in stand-by and after that it works).Did you had any of my problems and with android ICS does any of my problems disappear?Send my an reply on you

  • Enjoying ICS + Root. Working great on my LT15i :)

  • Mtweg12

    I moved from 2.3.4 to 4.0.3. I never experienced before the problems you mentioned. My first arc was from Amazon which used to freeze frequently then I returned and bought new one from O2 which worked without any glitches. Probably you are also the victim of faulty device. As such with ICS I didn’t experience any performance difference from GB.

  • Mattyjihngibson

    can you pleas write instructions for people who are not computer geniuses. How do you extract the files for the update and copy them into the Flashtool folder? please help. I’m a computer newbie :-) 

  • Robert Caldecott

    Very disappointed with ICS on my arc S. Touch controls don’t work properly in lots of games, sometimes only a reboot will get touch working again. Very disappointed. I’m back on GB thanks to Flashtool and a suitable ftf but there is no “official” way to downgrade which is a big problem IMHO.

  • Mattyjihngibson

    It worked! finally got my Arc S UK version updated to ICS by reading this post. And it was very very easy! No lag issues, runs so smooth and slick – awesome! I’d also say now my phone turns on in half the time. thank you for everyone involved in this thread :-) – Matt – Nottingham – UK 

  • Fragoso Modesto

    the portuguese language is supported in this Nordic ICS Rom?


  • is that LT15i?

  • bombay

    ave i flashed to ICS last week and have been having real problems with it

  • chris

    i have a GALAXY GIO does anyone know a link with the 4.0.3 firmware for my phone so i can update my phone with flashtool??I’d be greatfull if you could find my one!!!!!Thnx

  • you are the BEST>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BEST

  • iWave Systems

    Hii, One doubt.

    after upgrading this update, can i go back to the original ICS update for ARC when Sony officially launches it?

  • Shayne Rana

    So here’s what happened to me, I followed the procedure as you’ve stated and hooked up my Arc (LT15i). Got all the drivers, files that you prescribed and started the process. The first time around it reached 11% and stayed there for almost 10 mins and the Log said Ending flash session. 
    After that it was the end. I’m now stuck with a handset that has no OS. I’m repeating the session and it refuses to work and consistently keeps disconnecting the handset form the PC so I cant redo the procedure. Please advice?

  • Djtreck

    ICS works fine on my XPERIA Arc but now the “Update Center” tells me that there is a newer Update availible “4.1.X.0.1562” (1,7 MB) … my problem is that this Update Message is always on Top when I, for example make a Call or something else … when I try to install this Update it always fails … does someone know a workaround to install this Update or to disaple the update Message?

  • does this break DRM functionality, i.e. does the TrackID app still function?

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  • Mike

    yes. you just need to flash back your Arc to stock GB firmware :)

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  • Kefalachris

    guys i put the new android 4.0 but safe mode turned on and i cant turn it off!!!what can i do so i can turn off safe mode??plz help me

  • Kefalachris

    by the way i have xperia arc not arc s!

  • Evansjumba

    It has worked on my xperia Arc and Arc S although My Arc had crashed at first and had to play around with it for hours before everything was sorted out.

  • Ranjan Cbz

    hi Frds ,

    Just flashed my LT15 Arc with the help of this guide…  i got the message ” Flashing Finished” , i disconnected my phone from the data cable. its been 15 mins nothing happening in my phone… 
    need to wait for few more minutes or can switch on manually ?? please advice..

  • Superman

    you should not use the ARC S firmware for RAY !!!! You need to use the RAY firmware…. try getting the RAY GB firmware. 



  • Ryan Tan

    I am using a xperia arc LT15i (2.3.4), I have tried flashing it to 4.1 for over 6 times and it keeps saying device disconnected. Any advice for me? Thanks.
    27/051/2012 20:51:25 – INFO
    – Selected LT18_4.1.A.0.562_NCB.ftf

    27/051/2012 20:51:25 – INFO
    – Preparing files for flashing 

    27/000/2012 21:00:20 – INFO
    – Device connected in flash mode

    27/001/2012 21:01:00 – INFO
    – Device disconnected

    27/001/2012 21:01:15 – INFO
    – Device connected with USB debugging off

    27/001/2012 21:01:15 – INFO
    – For 2011 devices line, be sure you are not in MTP mode  

  • Shadman Jamil

    its really great !!

  • Poul Chun Kan

    Flash this version, it’s much much more smooth than Nordic version. Same procedures as Nordic version.

  • 29/020/2012 04:20:47 – ERROR

    29/020/2012 04:20:47 – ERROR
    – Error flashing. Aborted

    29/020/2012 04:20:48 – ERROR
    – Drivers need to be installed for connected device.

    29/020/2012 04:20:48 – ERROR
    – You can find them in the drivers folder of Flashtool.

    =( how can i fix it 

  • isnt the easier way wud be 2 update it via pc companion ?

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  • john

    wifi and wifi hotspot dont work

  • Ryan

    almost everything is fine after flashing my ARC S, but i have a problem with my WIFI, its getting ON and OFF even the signal is full. what would be the possible problem and the solution for this one? 

  • I have the same problem. I went to drivers folder of Flashtool and installed the drivers but it gave me the same response when I tried to flash the phone again. 

    One of the driver installation failed for me. The “Sony Ericsson Net” driver. I’m not sure if this is the cause…

  • Muhammedh Rayaz Muthalif

    Been using the new firmware on my arc for a few weeks. These were my observations.

    1. Interface is smooth, but can get laggy, the reason i found is that the memory usage is higher on ICS, so you have to keep an eye and close apps to ensure you have enough to keep the phone going smooth.  I have just 1-2 small widgets running, and just having these and the email, FB and gmail apps brings the memory down to just 36MB remaining.
    2. You sometime get the error saying the desktop has stopped, or some app as stop, but if you select the wait option usually things get back into control.  
    3. Fluffy (angry) birds (what i just tested was Rio) game does not work, though it gets launched i can’t touch and select any options
    4. The camera takes ages to load, have resorted to using CameraFX due to this, which works fine
    5. Overall app launch is a tad slower than what it was on gingerbread
    6. Benchmarks indicate no significant change in performance, though i was expecting much better performance :(
    7. Make sure the face book app is closed when not needed, as that can hog your system.

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  • R Loessl

    My Xperia arc doesnt do anything :(( since 10 min!!! what does “some time” mean???

  • Blueice B13

     Flashing is stuck(for Arc LT15i) at 0% since 10 mins now, no errors though. Is something wrong?

  • Matt Boal

    I have flashed my xperia arc s, but the official update is ready on pc companion now. If i were to repair the phone through pc companion would it delete the flash version on ICS? or would it damage my phone?

  • Icalsani

    remove your cable,then plug again.
    i have same case like this but it over once you unplugged then plugged again

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  • Just a quick query:

    Will i be ellgiible for an official ICS update once i flash using this firmware

    Please let me know. Thanks1

  • Ko Pl Reaper

     when you update to ics 4.0.3(i have xperia arc) and then root does the processor unlocks and reaches 1.4 ghz???cause it says it will be recognized as arc s….what other advantages does rooting has??

  • Bataa

    my device model number lt15i how to update 4.0.3

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  • Hello there, thanks a lot for the great tutorial.
    I have a problem, when i turn off my phone and plug it again to start flashing nothing happens even if i keep pressing the back bottom while pluging my device to the computer, it keeps showing me the steps to start flashing. What can i do to get started ? Thanks a lot !!

  • Hello there, thanks a lot for the great tutorial.
    I have a problem, when i turn off my phone and plug it again to start
    flashing nothing happens even if i keep pressing the back bottom while
    pluging my device to the computer, it keeps showing me the steps to
    start flashing. What can i do to get started ? Thanks a lot !!


  • It works great. First boot in 30 seconds! Thank you

  • Dns Vlad

    I’m from Europe, this type of ICS is good for me or not ? I’m a newbie in this domain.

  • Babymilo_284

    Is it official???

  • Lord_gaurvis

    please help me … in big trouble
    i did everything as per guidance
    everything was working quite welll
    but at last while ticking those 3 options ….the third option i.e. “no final verification check” did not appear…
    n i continued flashing thinkin that wont b so imp.
    now my fone shows up “SONY” instead of sony ericsson at startup n then shows an exclamation mark after which it turns off again…!!PLEASE HELP ME….IM TOO SCARED FOR MY FONE :((

  • After flashing this firmware, can i again install the official firmware for xperia arc when it is released?

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  • please tell me does the games work

  • please tell me does the games and the camera run well and if not what about root ?

  • scung lian

    I got this message on my xperia arc Lt15i. anyone ?
    27/027/2012 13:27:28 – INFO
    – <- This level is successfully initialized

    27/027/2012 13:27:28 – INFO
    – Flashtool Version built on 2012-04-14 11:34:01

    27/027/2012 13:27:28 – INFO
    – You can drag and drop ftf files here to start flashing them

    27/027/2012 13:27:33 – INFO
    – Device disconnected

    27/033/2012 13:33:36 – INFO
    – Selected LT18_4.1.A.0.562_NCB.ftf

    27/033/2012 13:33:36 – INFO
    – Preparing files for flashing

    27/034/2012 13:34:00 – INFO
    – Please connect your device into flashmode.

    27/034/2012 13:34:13 – INFO
    – Opening device for R/W

    27/034/2012 13:34:13 – INFO
    – Start Flashing

    27/034/2012 13:34:13 – INFO
    – Flashing loader

    27/034/2012 13:34:13 – INFO
    – Ending flash session

    27/034/2012 13:34:13 – ERROR

    27/034/2012 13:34:13 – ERROR
    – Error flashing. Aborted

    27/034/2012 13:34:14 – ERROR
    – Drivers need to be installed for connected device.

    27/034/2012 13:34:14 – ERROR
    – You can find them in the drivers folder of Flashtool.

  • Dave_Arc

    Need help!! this message My ARC LT15i
    27/027/2012 13:27:28 – INFO – <- This level is successfully initialized
    27/027/2012 13:27:28 – INFO – Flashtool Version built on 2012-04-14 11:34:01
    27/027/2012 13:27:28 – INFO – You can drag and drop ftf files here to start flashing them
    27/027/2012 13:27:33 – INFO – Device disconnected
    27/033/2012 13:33:36 – INFO – Selected LT18_4.1.A.0.562_NCB.ftf
    27/033/2012 13:33:36 – INFO – Preparing files for flashing
    27/034/2012 13:34:00 – INFO – Please connect your device into flashmode.
    27/034/2012 13:34:13 – INFO – Opening device for R/W
    27/034/2012 13:34:13 – INFO – Start Flashing
    27/034/2012 13:34:13 – INFO – Flashing loader
    27/034/2012 13:34:13 – INFO – Ending flash session
    27/034/2012 13:34:13 – ERROR –
    27/034/2012 13:34:13 – ERROR – Error flashing. Aborted
    27/034/2012 13:34:14 – ERROR – Drivers need to be installed for connected device.
    27/034/2012 13:34:14 – ERROR – You can find them in the drivers folder of Flashtool.

  • royaljatt7

    when i click on the link

    Download here:….0.562_NCB.ftf
    c1ae2eef1677a7aa72db7430e516ea4c LT18_4.1.A.0.562_NCB.ftf

    Not Found
    The requested URL /bin4ry/LT18_4.1.A.0.562_NCB.ftf was not found on this server.
    Apache/2.2.14 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 80
    plz friends tell me is thier any link to download this file?

  • royaljatt7

    hi friends,
    i used this method tomorrow and its work flawlessly. i havent facing any bugs,like battery life,gaming, and all the stuff. everything is just awesome. i think its better then (GB) ics reduces battery life. i used this method on my (XPERIA ARC LT15). AND NOW MY PC COMPANION SHOWS MY PHONE (XPERIA ARC S LT18I). AND TEMPLE RUN,NINJUMP RUNS VERY SMOOTHLEY.

  • royaljatt7


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  • fartyblartfast

    Truly excellent. Sony PC Companion wouldn’t let me upgrade to ICS, failing with an error message time after time.
    The method here worked great – although the download link for Flashtool didn’t work, I easily found it by searching for the file name. Result; I now have ICS on my Arc-S.
    The backup app tip was a good one, the only fly in the ointment was that PlayStore wouldn’t let me re-download it from the website, so had to get it directly onto the phone using the Play app.
    Just a really minor thing.

    Thanks for all your work, you and others.

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  • Ajinkya

    Thanks man…! It works..! Games too…! though i had some problem to start the flashing process,but otherwise,everything was damn smooth….!

  • bayat

    Hi the same happened to me. The battery no longer charges when the phone is off.

  • Siddhant

    thanks it worked +1 n i dont have camera issues as mentioned above!

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  • Chris

    i have paid money to Ericsson and now i must deal with low esteme Sony, i hate this.Software support of SOny is crap. I tried several times, even reinstall all Pc, Os and everything without succes. Basically i can not access Sony update, it just show “unable to install or start phone software updates”, Sony support is inexistent, they take your money without to offer nothing in exchange. Sony i hate you and your products, i liked Ericsson but is not anymore, RIP. Never ever to buy any other Sony product!!!

  • carl

    could this be done in the Philippines cos i want to update my xperia arc s

  • Enzo

    Hey Mtweg12 PLEASE HELP! Im the same as u enjoying ICS+ROOT but need CANT USE LINK2d IVE BEEN TRYING FOR DAYZ and cant get it to work i do 2 partitions with MINI WIZARD FAT32 primary and it keeps fi ing up. after rebbot or mountscripts. Please help using LINK 2sd

  • Enzo

    BTW my card is 32gb- 1 part is 24000 second 7000

  • xacto

    AWESOME!! Never been so easy to do something. My Arc is on ICS now with no problems.
    THX to you!

  • EDson

    Segui o passo a passo e deu tudo certo, está muito boa a rom, sem problema nenhum, nada nada nada, tudo funcionando e muito melhor adorei, Xperia Arc com ICS 4.0.3 showww….

    meu único arrependimento é de não ter feito antes.


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  • IFK

    THANKS!!!!!!!!!! Working Perfectly no problem at all.

  • Edson Brasil

    I did the update, now i want to root, tou chave some post about it?

  • Edson Brasil
  • posemuck

    IMPORTANT information: Since the Xperia S has not hard “back button”, you rather have to use the “Volume down” button on the right ! Took me two hours to figure this out, so don’t waste your time ;)

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  • rohit

    i have update my arc s LT 15i to lt 18i.but game not worked in my phone and camera quality down.plz help to change my phn in perious version

  • The link for ICS does not work



  • Jahangir_khan869

     if you have any problem icream sandwich software.. Downgrade SONY Xperia Arc S to Official Gingerbread 2.3 Firmware.personally ICS Android 4.0.4 my mobile Games not working, camera fail, wifi slow like hell, 80% of apps -Force Closed, reboot randomly..downgrade  xperia arc Gingerbread 2.3  this website will be help you….

  • Bahamadj_123

    Error- ERR_Severity=MAJOR”,ERR_CLASS=MEMORY_CLASS”;ERR_STATIC=HASH_VER”;ERR_DYNAMIC=”BLOCK verification failed”;  is my phone effed now, cuz its stuck on the sony black screen when booting

  • Markrobertson6

    after flashing i just get red flashing lights?

  • Markrobertson6

    after flashing i just get a red flashing light?, anyone else had that problem?

  • Tl Vermaak

    Same problem here, didn’t even get to 1%… Can anyone help???

  • zoro

    30/007/2012 20:07:06 – ERROR –
    30/007/2012 20:07:06 – ERROR – Error flashing. Aborted
    30/007/2012 20:07:07 – ERROR – Drivers need to be installed for connected device.
    30/007/2012 20:07:07 – ERROR – You can find them in the drivers folder of Flashtool.

    can any1 help me out ??????????????

  • anonym

    After I did this I can’t update my Xperia Arc to the new version 4.1.B.0.587. My current version is 4.1.A.0.562
    It says that I already have the latest update :/

    Can someone please help me how to do?

  • ravi mohan

    hi friend i have arc s too pls help hopw can i upgrate to ich step by step

  • I’m on 2.3.4 build 4.0.2.A.0.42, rooted, unlocked bootloader, flashtool and I also got the same error:
    27/057/2012 15:57:27 – INFO – Flashing system.sin
    27/059/2012 15:59:28 – INFO – Ending flash session
    27/059/2012 15:59:28 – ERROR – ERR_SEVERITY=”MAJOR”;ERR_CLASS=”MEMORY_CLASS”;ERR_STATIC=”HASH_VER”;ERR_DYNAMIC=”Block verification failed”;
    27/059/2012 15:59:28 – ERROR – Error flashing. Aborted

    Tried it several times but teach time the same error.
    I thought my phone was gone but luckily I was able to flash back to my old version.
    Whats wrong?

  • Oddy

    I have ARC S and I am using custom rom which is combination of Jeally bean and ICS.

    Can I flash with the file you mentioned with the same method to get official default ICS?

  • Husham

    How do I get ROOT access using the flash tool!

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  • mm

    Good stuff mate ! Just Installed the newer version. Getting an all new look again. Cheers :)

  • chris

    Awesome guide :) cheers. all working great

  • raymark

    I waited for about 2 hours now and its still not moving, is this normal?

  • raymark

    its always SONY on the screen and I cant figure out what is haaprning….will i be able to retrieve my last version when this crashes? Im scared now… :(

  • raymark

    ERROR —– error_class_memory_error_class_blocking failed
    what does this mean? huhuhuhuhu… my phone useless already? how can i fix this? it is rebooting for so long now…huhuhuhuh :(

  • David Worthington

    So basically it means jailbreaking the phone? No thanks.

  • eliasmeza6

    same on here, my phone doesnt turn un anymore… it just show me the ”sony” logo, not the sony ericsson anymore..and shows me a alert sign and turns off again.. please help

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  • thisisnotmynamebro

    Do i need memory card for this?

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  • Ikrame En

    hello the flash process finished successfully for the new version for LT18 and it says that it need a last step which i can’t remember what was about it says that it needs energy and the phone will shut down so it turned off and i have been waiting for an hour but i can’t open it !!!what should i do i’m soooo scareed plz i need help

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  • BillyNt

    Can this be upgraded for Sony Errickson LT15i?

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