Sony LT29i ‘Hayabusa’ spotted in the wild?

by XB on 28th April 2012

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This picture has been doing the rounds over the last couple of days showing what is believed to be the Sony LT29i, codenamed Hayabusa, being handled in the wild. There is not too much you can tell from the picture apart from the fact that it is using on-screen buttons, something which earlier evidence has pointed to.

Various tipsters have come out and talked about specs for the Hayabusa. There are some things we agree with and some things that we just don’t think are realistic. At the start of the year, we were told from a reliable tipster that the Hayabusa will come with a 4.55-inch high resolution (720 x 1196) display, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 13 MP camera, MHL port and would not launch before September 2012.

The above makes sense from what we’ve seen since. Sony has said it will move to the Cortex A15 architecture in the second half of 2012. Therefore the Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8960 chipset – 1.5GHz dual-core with Adreno 225 – is a good bet, despite not strictly being a Cortex A15 SoC.

Some rumours point to the use of the MSM8960 Pro chipset which uses the more advanced Adreno 320 GPU, this certainly may be a possibility, but it would be a new development if true. Remember, the earlier benchmark used the Adreno 225 GPU. Once the handset is out in the field, hardware is rarely changed so we wouldn’t get too hopeful that Hayabusa will launch with the MSM8960 Pro chipset.

The 13MP camera sensor also makes sense, especially as we know that Sony announced new Exmor sensors at the start of the year with a new stacked structure delivering improved camera quality in a smaller chip size. A rumoured June/July launch date for the device is certainly possible. Sony will start shipping samples of the 1/3.06? 13MP sensor, supporting both RGBW Coding and HDR Movie functions, in June 2012 so a Summer launch could happen if Sony want to move fast, although timing would be very tight.

Other specs we’ve heard reported on the web include a 16GB ROM, microSD memory card support, 1GB RAM, LTE, NFC and a battery capacity of 1,700mAh. A different report pointed to a 2,200mAh battery in a chassis that is 7mm thin, but we find that somewhat hard to believe.

The Sony LT29i Hayabusa will use the Xperia GX naming scheme in Japan according to reports where it will be heading to NTT DoCoMo using the S0-04D model number. This name would follow the Xperia NX that is the Japanese equivalent of the Xperia S. We don’t know what the western name for the LT29i will be at this stage.

Sony LT29i

Thanks to all that sent this in!

  • A different report pointed to a 2,200mAh battery in a chassis that is 7mm thin, but we find that somewhat hard to believe.
    The statement from above was mentioned in the relationship to Mint and not Hayabuse. At least the is what gathered from reading several rumors. The rumors on the MSM8960 Pro are also related-to Mint.Some rumors even state that the Mint will have a quad-core processor but that is hard to believe since the APQ8064 does not have any Wireless Radio Technologies on the chip.

  • Xperia S rulez

    why the f..k i bought Xperia S for good camera, if ‘hayabusa’ will be better? D:

  • that is how things go. innovations happen every day. it is very hard to keep up.

  • XperiaBlog

    We saw that, but we definitely do not believe any quad-core handset with OLED display is launching this year from Sony Mobile.

  • 29_to_mars

    At the look of things, I think I’m gonna pass the XS, so I hope Sony brings a very good phone like they always do with a very slim profile, being an ARC user with big hands btw, I still find it difficult to change to a phone fatter than the ARC. I’ve used the XS and I love it but the ARC has cast a spell on me with it’s magical slim profile, how I wish there can be an XPERIA ARC 2. Just hoping! ;) :)

  • saeen

    Use ur xperia s nw. Buy one that come after hayabusa, it ll b better than hayabusa ;)

  • Mario Ricardo Sanches

    looks like the ION without buttons and ICS

    what a shame, I was hoping to see majors Sony phones using the iconic design of Xperia S(they should take that as a “standard” design, just like the iPhone.. should be awesome

  • jeffrey vandenborne

    Ahh, technology, even though my Xperia S is fast enough for about everything I do and battery life has increased dramatically since the last update I’ll probably still die a little inside when I see someone walking around with an lt(x+n)i. x being the version number of my XS and n being a number higher than 1.

    Is it just me or does everyone experience this annoying behavior?

  • lovebmw

    If it’s a dual core, which is something I currently have, it’s probably for the first time going to skip a generation and wait for next March

  • XYZ

     What, that companies launch newer products to keep up with competition?
    No. Its a part of life, you just gotta deal with it.

  • Leo

    Really want to know more detail as compare to Xperia S!
    Seems that HDR camera will be a new value add feature for me!

    Let see I should upgrade to S or this new phone!

  • Slasherx29

    that is not the real casing of hayabusa as we know sony always makes iconic design with every flagship they have… the design is not final yet but maybe the hardware is already fixed. But I’m more excited with the Mint I.. that will be their true flagship model since there might be a sequel to the Mint…

  • mobiousO

     Absolutely with you! The Arc design is a keeper!

  • Jimimoku

    Honestly agree. Love the Arc design (though it needs improvements such as the speaker location, notification light etc), the thickness, screen size and the weight. Its just a beautiful design and i’ll be happy to purchase the same design with better hardware, build quality (material such as aluminium) and better battery. The arc s could of been a better upgrade other than just a 1.4ghz single core chip.

  • So should i get the Xperia S or wait out till the launch of LT29i Hayabusa? My contract is finishing in 2 days and I really need so advise…

  • Xperia Ion confirmed to be released on May! I received this statement from Sintip that to pre order ION.

    ??LT28i XPERIA ion??????????5???????????????????????????LT28i XPERIA ion??? LTE ??????3800.00? RMB? ????AT&T ???????? ????????????? 

  • well not everything goes by believeing…, remember… a sony representative in an interview with gsmarena said that sony will b treating xperia s as this yr’s flagship but now everyone can see far more superior hayabusa and mint coming really soon.
    And the sony guy who said that sony will b gng with dual core this yr also specifically mentioned that these plans can change at any time, so expecting quad core isn’t bad. 
    btw everyone knows that sony will b getting huge shipments of oled in 3rd quarter of 2012, so oled in mint is damn confirmed!!! 
    this is why i believe mint will carry a quad core and oled- in no way just a smaller 4.3 oled and an upgraded 320 gpu will ever justify a huge 70 EURO price gap between hayabusa and mint (remember the leaked priced list of upcoming sony phones)

  • regarding 2,200 mAh battery… i see that happening as sony is very much concerned abt battery life if we take a look at what they keep saying in their interviews.

  • U r forgetting that sony will also use processors from ST-Ericsson not just Qualcomm

  • dereknobuyuki

    I was looking at that when it started to make the rounds on Japanese websites…
    but I hope it brings amazing industrial design or I’ll end up getting the Galaxy S3 or something.

    Samsung is always lacking on industrial design so I think it is certainly somewhere Sony can do better.
    Reportedly start with industrial design first then see what they can fit into it =P

    Rumour has it that the Xperia GX will launch in June in Japan but who knows…
    I really wonder who will get to market first, the GX or the Galaxy S3 (Both are successful smartphone brands in Japan — Xperia and Galaxy)

  • It’s never gng to happen bt still if hayabusa doesn’t come with a nice design, i don’t see even a single reason to go with galaxy s3. btw don’t worry… no matter what, a sony xperia will never come with a normal design and looks. xperias were, are and always will be the best lookers out there.
    Regarding who is more successful in Japan i just beg to differ…, from last two yrs xperias r the best sellers in japan while apple, sharp and others japanese come later on and galaxy series sits somewhere last in the list.

  • if u wnt to go with an unlocked device go with whatever device u feel ok with bt if u r again gng to have a carrier locked device on contract i would suggest u to go with a future proof device(hayabusa or maybe mint)

  • it’s just a prototype body, expect something great looking device to come out in the final retail version.

  • Thanks for your advice. I have no choice but to go to the same carrier, though the phones in our country (Singapore) is usually not carrier locked.
    I was so enthusiastic in getting the Xperia S but now reading that Hayabusa or even Mint is coming soon, I am so lost is I should upgrade from my current slow and obsolete Galaxy S.
    If Mint is like I just need a real good camera and no lag phone with really good screen to watch videos.  I am not a gamer much so I don’t really need a Xperia Play like phone.  I heard that Mint is most like the Xperia Play II?  If so, then I will just wait for the Hayabusa…correct me if I’m wrong.

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    Well If NFC, wireless charging and TransferJet become standard then it maybe unlikely that there will be an arc 2

  • dereknobuyuki

    I’m not sure what you wrote since you have cut out a lot of vowels making it more difficult to read but what I think you wrote:

    – Sony Xperia will have good industrial design and will look good.
    – You personally don’t like the Galaxy S3
    – You believe that Xperia devices are the best selling in Japan and that Galaxy devices are the around the worst selling

    My point is that the Hayabusa should either have good industrial design or amazing industrial design however only amazing industrial design will make me wait longer than I already am waiting for the GX (Hayabusa) to launch. As I noted earlier, industrial design is certainly somewhere that Sony can compete well against the supply-chain might of Samsung.

    My second point was about time-to-market. I wonder they will come to market in Japan (because again, I don’t want to wait much longer). My X10 contract has long expired now and as a developer, I want a new device.

    Finally, in terms of success in the Japanese market:
    Xperia Acro HD, Xperia NX, and Xperia Ray (plus OLD Xperia Acro and Arc) are currently being sold by Docomo as well as the Galaxy SII LTE, Galaxy SII, Galaxy Nexus, and Galaxy Note.

    The Xperia products have been quite successful on docomo as well as the Acro on AU however Samsung’s Galaxy product have done extremely well as well.

    Both Xperia, Galaxy, and iPhone products have experienced months as the #1 selling devices.
    Sharp and Fujitsu are also doing quite well as well (although not as well as Xperia, Galaxy, and iPhone products).

    3 very successful smartphone brands plus increasingly better efforts from the domestic “makers”.
    Fujitsu, Sharp, Toshiba, and NEC have aligned their products into something very brandable and I would expect Panasonic to eventually do so as well. 

    The brands on the bottom of the list are pantech, LG, HTC (because relatively few of their devices are available), Blackberry, etc (not that Toshiba, NEC, or Panasonic have particularily great smartphone sales numbers or anything)

  • 29_to_mars

    Why do you say? Is there no chance of Sony implementing it in a possible future ARC2?

  • TjaldidTjaldid


    Heard that there will be HDR video capability…guess i will be skipping Xperia S and wait till June

  • Just finished watching the live video of the reveal of the SGS III and realised that 
    Nothing much to shout about it beside all the promised software gimmicks…No 12MP to compete against Sony Xperia S. In fact not even a really significant hardware advantages against the HTC One X. Well I guess the next move will be Sony with the soon to launch LT29i “Hayabusa”. Although rumored to be without a quad-core, I don’t see it losing much as Sony will surely put in some significant hardware advantages (already rumored to improve the current 12MP camera)

  • The first report cited mentions that this phone has a curved back similar to the Arc, so that 7mm chassis probably refers to the midpoint.

  • rogerthat1945
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