Does this blurry pic show the Sony LT29i Hayabusa?

by XB on 7th May 2012

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The picture that you see below is believed to give us another look of what the upcoming Sony LT29i Hayabusa might look like. We’ve got no idea on its authenticity but it does show a phone with curves similar to the Xperia arc. As the Hayabusa is meant to be the spiritual successor to the Xperia arc, there’s a good chance the image might be a true representation of Hayabusa.

The image only shows the back of the phone with the camera lens at the very top edge of the chassis. It also has the Sony Ericsson liquid energy sphere on the back, which we understood that Sony Mobile was going to phase out. The Hayabusa is rumoured to launch with a 4.55-inch high resolution (720 x 1196) display, 1.5GHz dual-core processor and 13 MP camera. Hopefully, some cleaner images of this device will appear soon.

Sony LT29i Hayabusa

Via IT168 [via RBMen].

Thanks Kihoon & hcm!

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  • Nine

    Can’T wait for the official announce!

  • I must say it looks surprisingly similar to my next phone.

    Oh wait, IT IS MY NEXT PHONE :D

  • Sojvarghese

    I am waiting for this to buy

  • 29_to_mars

    I’m definitely buying the Hayabusa or the Mint, any of them that turns out to be the next flagship phone from Sony!!

  • make_believe

    and the only thing that I wish is the logo, I hope that it will not be removed because it is their TM and the’ve launched their fist four phones with that logo so I must say that they should stick with it. 

  • DragonClaw

    Its not thin enough. as far as i can see. But it will be a nice cell phone. As it will feature the successor of the Xperia S processor. Which will be really powerful. Hopefully the cell phone will launch really soon :) 

  • If those jagged corners are matte-finished that’s absolutely beautiful!

  • Xperia fan

    I just hope that it does not crack like the arc does! 

  • AlexBurnout

    I really hope this is a quad-core cuz I don’t want Sony to lose this race

  • Don’t you think, that it’s just European version of ion?

  • It’s look like a pregnant arc

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  • krish

    another sony fone with dual core, dont know when will sony grow up, other manufactures started quad core and we are still in dual core and i wish atleast this fone comes with ics default and with no bugs.

  • krish

    and this might not by hayabusa because in the earlier post see the image its front side design doesnt matches with the backside image above in this post

  • Raydemort

    Doesn’t have to be quad core if it is a cortex a15 processor.

  • Nine

    Snapdragon A-15 are more powerfull than current quad cores .

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    so the difference between this and the Ion is the onscreen buttons and A New 13MP camera,
    I would not think that that would be the only thing special about this phone it must feature a A-15 dual-core processor and an Oled/Amoled Screen

  • nfs2010

     Yep…Now imagine how powerful the phone would be with a (A15) quad core Snapdragon (MSM89** PRO). You can’t blame me to have it on my wishlist:P

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    I can only imagine Sony taking a shot at the Samsung Quad-core Promo “some say four heads are better than 2 but they are wrong”

  • Drsoran2

    maybe they are going to announce it at CITA this week? The rate of leaks is increasing recently. I mean it’s supposed to launch in July. About Mint…could be a tablet and should by released in September. It would be to close to release as another flagship, so therefore I doubt it. Otherwise, the term “flagship” would be devaluated if it can’t last for a while. 

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    What Mobile conference/Meeting is Next??? 
    Leaked To be revealed: Tapioca (Xperia Mini), Tapioca DS (Xperia Mini Pro), ST27(Active Successor?) ,WT23i (Walkman Successor), Hayabusa and A Sony Tablet
    Not leaked To be revealed: Atlas_1, Mint_1, AFFM, Lotus, Olive_1

  • ant

     I was thinking the same too!

  • Antwnhs Ant

    Looks like it will have on screen buttons like the Galaxy Nexus! I prefer them than the capacitive ones!

  • Wow…. I hope it comes with Ice Cream Sanwich

  • Guest

    Don’t think the Tapioca/DS will be the Sony successor to the Mini/Pro because of the lower specs and the recent ‘leak’. DS probs mean Duel Sim…

  • Samuniversalwalker

    hope it is 1280×720 instead of 1196×720…i think capacitive key will better than on screen key

  • iliketowritearticles

    fail. it MUST have quad-core to succeed

  • Alvin

    Lets just wait communicasia 2012 on june 19!!

  • Great news ! It looks like the ION (LT28i) which has a 4.6″ screen too.

    No more capacitive button, S4 processor, a camera as good as the nokia N8, no lag in videos, ICS, powerful battery !

  • If it’s going to have on-screen buttons then this could be around the same size as the Arc!

    I can’t wait for the official announcement…

    * 4.55 inch 720p screen with “retina display” like pixel density, enhanced by the Bravia engine
    * new A15 dual core Snapdragon chip built off of the latest and more power efficient 28nm architecture
    * class leading 13MP camera made with the new “stacked” Exmor sensors
    * on-screen buttons like the Google Nexus
    * large 2,200mAh battery (larger than the battery in the new Galaxy S III)* all wrapped in a svelte, attractive, “arc” body of around 7 to 8mm thickness with barely a bezel all around

    You can’t get more cutting edge tech than that. This could be my perfect phone. AWESOME :)

  • the “Mint_1” could be an Xperia “Note” since it is the most expensive model ”

    This makes a lot of sense. Given SE released a model for just about every niche in 2011, introducing a phablet sized device to the line up would plug the gap for Sony in what has turned out to be a rather lucrative market segment and avoid making Sony look like Samsung, HTC or Motorola who release a new flagship phone every 2 months or so.

  • I thought the Xperia U was supposed to be the Mini successor?

  • Not really… isn’t the Ion just a larger Xperia S with LTE?

  • Mike

    Must ????
    Do u have any idea/knowledge in hardwares apart from core numbers?
    Pls go learn something before u post such ridiculous statement.
    For your info;
    A15 cortex dual core vs A9 quad core (SGS III), A15 anyway.

  • Are you comparing the front side of one with the back side of the other?

    How do we even know that the photo in the earlier post is of an Xperia phone? Sony does normally place the Xperia brand name on the bottom at the front but the writing there isn’t legible whereas the SE logo can clearly be seen in the photo above.

  • Rav94

    In terms of mobile Processors

    A5 < A15 Dual < A5X < Tegra 3(A9 Quad)  < Exynos Quad

    Am i Right?

  • krish

    so thats what i am saying it might not be haya busa or any one of the post is wrong. :|

  • No. The A15 dual beats the Tegra 3. It’s much more efficient and faster at important things. Can’t really compare the Apple SoC’s. Completely different OS too.

  • Sony Mobile Communication isn’t attending CITA this year. CommunicAsia 2012 (19-22 June, Singapore) is more likely for an announcement, followed by a release a few weeks later in July. 

  • betatesterz

    Personally i think it looks like the X10 mini lol

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  • lovebmw

    from ARC S to that i think is worth it, but from Xperia S to that, not so sure

  • Xperia fan

     Nope. The mint is a phone. It will have Aluminum body rather than plastic.

  • Windy

    Apple are using A9 Dual/Quad. 

  • Guest

    I thought the U was supposed to be the ‘spirtual’ successor to the Ray. Plus, the Mini Pro is more popular than just the Mini, so they wouldn’t just release a Mini successor on its own.

  • Ashad Mamood

    Quad core suck up too much juice so a dual core S4 Pro with 2200Mah battery is brilliant! If optimised correctly will hammer the S3. I hope Sony update the camera with burst mode too!

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  • Raiden

    a NEW POWERFULL 2012 ARC <3<3<3 IM IN LOVE, 100% my next smartphone

    Please gogo 2200 battery and with the 28 nm chipset

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  • Clearer pics in this press release PDF

  • dereknobuyuki

    @xperiablog:twitter FYI: you might want to check this page on the 16th 
    NTT Docomo will be officially announcing their summer lineup which is rumoured to have two new Xperia devices for this market including the “Hayabusa” Xperia GX (Currently, we have the Xperia NX, Xperia Acro HD, and Xperia Ray)

  • Lito_ni



  • Nothingmuch
  • Silverwagon (In Japanese) (In English)Not sure if any one has seen this before.  Sony Japan has officially announced the Xperia GX and SX.  Both have S4 I.5 Ghz CPU?

  • the A5chip is made by samsung

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