Xperia S Android 4.0 update now pegged for “latter part of Q2”

by XB on 21st May 2012

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When Sony Mobile first gave details on its Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update plans for its Xperia range, there was some frustration that its 2012 flagship, the Xperia S, would not receive the ICS update until “the later part of the second quarter”. Then, around 10 days ago a support person (Marcus) over at the Talk Sony Mobile forums pointed to a late May/early June release for the Xperia S ICS update.

Unfortunately it now looks like we are back to the original timescale, as Marcus confirms that he “mixed things up”. The Sony Xperia S will receive the update during latter part of Q2, which probably points to a late June release. Before anyone lets of steam in the comments that the update has been delayed and Sony sucks etc, it is worth reminding people that the late Q2 timescale was always the one communicated. It is just unfortunate that a support person gave us all hope that it may come earlier, but it is an honest mistake anyone can make.

Xperia S Android 4.0 update

Via Talk Sony Mobile forums.

  • Too bad, but Sonys updates and software is worth waiting for!

  • Dnoadams

    He probably mixed up tablet s with xperia s. Sony have just confirmed on facebook tablet s ics update 31st May

  • It’s totally unfair for Xperia S users!!
    Despite that it’s coming with 2.3 version, it’s the last phone getting the ICS!!

  • hellooo

    People cry too much about the updates. 4.0 is neat but it doesn’t bring that much improvements because Sony already implemented much of it’s features in 2.3.

  • Nine

    this is the same guy who said XPERIA S doesnt support fast charing, wonder why he doesnt check the company before responding .

  • yffar

    as expected!!! but its ok!!!

  • dan

    This is quite unfortunate. But after seeing ICS on my friend’s Arc S, I have to say that Sony did quite a damn good job on the modifications in the Xperia S, most of the features are already available.
    Some of the notable changes include that smooth switch between portrait and landscape mode, the availability of some applications settings in the notifications bar, and the “unlock phone with face recognition” feature (tbh, I tested this on a Galaxy SII, since the Arc doesn’t have a front camera) .
    Almost all the rest of the features are already available.
    For example: The music player while the screen is locked. And as a matter of fact, this behaves better than the ICS I saw, because in the Xperia S, you can start the music while the screen is locked too, while in the ICS you can only view the music player if the music is already on.

    All in all, a 2 months wait isn’t that big of a deal to me. But I won’t deny the fact that, an earlier release would have been awesome.

  • who cares ? I love my xperia S … it’s awesome !

  • jx

    what do you want? to hurry sony to release ICS for xperia s with full of bugs and unstable? and latter after you received the update you will say again “Sony is sucks! i will never buy sony again” because the ICS software is not stable and you will request for new software release again? Common! i rather want to wait than to have unstable ICS for my xperia S. Latter Q2 is near and i can wait.and 23.7 of my XS is smooth and stable. I dont need ICS for now. Im happy with my current software (2.3.7). what i want about ICS is the task manager other features already have in Xperia GB 2.3.7. So ICS is nothing special

  • ProWeirdoJustSaid


  • doraemonboi

    Even the Samsung Galaxy Note and Tab haven’t get their update. 

  • jx

    atleast it will have! 1 month delay is not bad, why you will be die Soon? so you want Sony to release ICS now?

  • HyaeneLeipzig

    I think Sony just wants to be sure that everything really works perfectly on the Xperia S. I can wait because Xperia S with Gingerbread is a pure perfection. <3

  • OnOn

    Hoping there will be a better battery tweak 2.3 before ICS release

  • Smileyint

    Hope Sony can push hard and deliver fast. Dun want to be last in line to get ICS. Definitely agree that bugs need to be kept at minimum but not the long delay. I think the minor bugs can be patch gradually as follows.

  • boosook

    They’re always late! Sony sucks! ;-)

  • Jake

    The only worthy function that im waiting for is the face unlock and build in data counter .

  • weeeeee8888888888

     so u wan a  4.0 ics with buggy software..?

  • reptile64

    F@ck me!!!!!

  • ankitw

    no issue waiting for it, just release it stable and bug free :)

  • Tony

    I never expected a may launch anyway. They always go for the latest date possible anyways.

  • kuwait

    i am waiting X P and i hope ICS will not late 

  • Collocini

    Are u serious ? Face unlock is not great and is not safe. In bad light condition forget about face unlock, and easly someone can use yours picture to unlock it. ..

  • Look it’s not about sending out buggy FW or not, it’s about the fact that they are slow! What 2-3 months from the Xperia S update the new version of Android will be out. They should hurry up and deliver a bug-free FW! They are still behind HTC and Samsung sadly.

    My only hope is that the update will be damn good – walkman, ablums and video player and a refreshed UI! Plus – PS pocket with support for more than 5 countries – ON MY BOX IT SAYS PLAYSTATION CERTIFIED – but on their app it says – F* OFF, WHO CARES ABOUT YOU :)

  • Elliot

    id be happy to get the .073 firmware update at this point. Im on a generic handset in the uk and still my XS says up to date

  • i personally think the reason its delayed even after 2011 xperia range its going to have different things more advance than 2011 range that may be the reason. only thing i wish for is sensitivity of 3 dots if there is a way

  • Stephen R Gunn

    And how much longer than that before o2 and the other networks update their branded handsets?

  • jeffrey vandenborne

     The latest date possible date would mean never, Sherlock. They have no obligation to roll out an ICS update. “Upgradeable to ICS” doesn’t mean they’re getting sued if they don’t roll out the ICS update themselves.

  • jx

    do you know what you are saying? are you a developer? do you know how hard to optimize new software for old phones? They are not slow, they want to make updates to perfection, they know how to do it and they are the best so far in optimizing software. Proof what other manufacturers updates all 2011 range of their handsets to ICS? (from low end to flagship)

  • jx

    really? okay if their are always late so how will you describe LG, HTC, SAMSUNg huh?

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  • I believe it’s hard, but crying about how hard it is in not gonna make you sell more devices.. and for other manufacturers – samsung sah updated their galaxy S II, HTC has updated their sensation line, htc and samsung have new devices with ICS.. really where did i miss something in my post?

  • Hassoon

    After all this delay, we hope to have the best and most beautiful, otherwise you will befrustrated Sony   

  • nfs2010

     I do agree. Sony definitely deserves credit for updating Arc S and Ray.  But XS is the newer flagship, so it needs an update ASAP along with Arc and other 2011 devices. This will make XS owners happy and will also boost its sales – which is a win-win for everyone.

  • Justo Armando y Belgrano

    at least he or she has to have mi picture… it’s still better than anyone’s finger…

  • rafi

    Hurmm.. need to learn how to let go ics.. and move on….

  • Thana2312

    Wow…. This is amazing. All the Sony cusomers are so understanding. Not like other brand fans and customers who always complain when there is no updates any time soon without understanding a thing. This is what Sony fans are. Proud to be a Sony fan. Sony… we know you will give us a great 4.0 for our xperia S.

  • Waiting

    can i return my xperia S for a refund if NO upgrades available on late Q2 :?

  • Fcollado87

    I agree, ICS is nothing really special.  Maybe special in the sense that you are having the latest Android OS running on your phone but feature-wise it’s almost everything is already on 2.3.7 Gingerbread.  I have preferred to wait a couple of months or so to wait ICS than to have it too buggy. Sony is known for giving us quality software update or OS upgrade.

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  • freddy krueger

     i had a LG O2x and i sold it cause update was always pushed away . LG is really sucks
    i wish Sony will not desappointe me

  • jx

    common Sensation and S2 was 2011 flasghip, and Sony 2011 flagship xperia arc s already tasted the ICS ahead of Samsung and HTC flagship. for XS i understand your sentiment, but i told you ICS is nothing, the only advantage is you have the latest software running on your phone other than that nothing. Be happy with your XS 2.3.7 OS because no other manufacturers running GB on their handset having the same features of SONY GB 2.3.7.

  • mahalamor

    Honestly I would sooner have a reliable battery life than ICS. My Xperia S’S battery is really terrible. My first Xperia S have a yellow tint bellow right of the screen fortunately my network provider exchange my “defective” Xperia S with a new one…but I must say Xperia S is an amazing phone but not with this crappy battery life. I love my Xperia S.

  • Philipwoo108

    I am happy with 2.3.7 so ICS is a bonus. What extra does it bring? Do not need face recognition so whatelse. Come end June, its ok.

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  • Rune Christiansen

    Wasn’t there some showcase of the features on the new xperia line like 4 months ago?
    It was some quite nice new things iirc.. Can’t find the video anywhere though.

  • I have the UK generic version and finally flashed to the Norway Generic .73 firmware this past weekend. I’ve noticed an increase in battery life in my usage so far. Adds some apps you can quickly uninstall, but is otherwise the same. 

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  • Gabriel

    Don’t even need a picture! Me and my friends tried it out. It was registered for my face but my friend was able to unlock it with his face, and we look nothing alike. It’s bugged so face unlock is nothing to trust.

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  • Gzs1riJC43

    I’m waiting for it. Hope it coming soon.

  • julie

    lol…true, true

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