Xperia pro Android 4.0.4 ICS update commences

by XB on 31st May 2012

in Android, Firmware, Xperia Pro

The Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich update has started rolling out for the 3.7-inch QWERTY-enabled Xperia pro (MK16i). You can find a list of SI numbers that have been updated so far here, or if you can’t wait for that you can download the FTF and flash the firmware using FlashTool here. This news means the only 2011 Sony Android handsets waiting for the ICS update are the Xperia mini, Xperia mini pro, Xperia active and the Live with Walkman.

  • Waiting for the leak APK’s from Xperia S ICS. The walkman app and the new gallery. Hope someone will have the heart to make it. XD

  • DragonClaw

    The updates are currently not available via PCC. There’s some error in the update pushing system.

  • Started updating around the same time I saw this news.. Currently downloading with my slow connection..

  • I still cannot update my phone although my SI number tell me that the ICS is ready for me to upgrade. That’s suck!!!

  • Walkman app:

    Flash in recovery

  • DK Fei

    Use this one to update ur Sony mobile.

  • DK Fei

    Use this one to update your Sony mobile.

  • mark nuñez

    updating now very excited!!

  • I used that to update but it’s tell me I got the newest (2.3.4)

  • Sam

    den how to update?

  • Adam Malejko

    Bookmarked… waiting for my SI number to be added to the list.

    For those that have ICS on their Xperia Pro though – how is it so far??

  • Souf

    Does anyone know if in the near future Sony Mobile plans to do another smartphone with a keyboad ?

  • i’m gamer

    F*** you sony for what you did on our xperia play

    F*** YOU SONY


    my SI doesn’t appear on the list :S

  • paul4id

    Wooohoooo Xperia Pro!!! The truly most supreme member of the Xperia family, unsurpassed by anything released since in terms of user experience (or Xperience ;) ). A genuine triumph of great design combined with practical functionality, rather than mere fashion for the sake of fashion. It really shows off what Sony Ericsson’s engineering and design teams are capable of (and also what their operations people are capable of making a mess of).

    I can’t wait for the successor (provided the operations teams don’t cock it up again! :P)

  • will this give me ics? what will this do?

  • ThilinaC

    Dude when u link something put some credits or source at least :P

  • DragonClaw

    The updates are possible now again. Users are reporting successful traver via pcc now.

  • DragonClaw

    Those who earlier updated to 4.0.3 (only the three top cells from Sony) can update using ota.
    Now however, the updates are online via PCC too, so no problems whatsoever.

  • Karthik

    Damn good! Even with over 200 apps installed, it doesn’t lag. Wifi is faster, GPS is faster, and the UI is exceptionally good (especially the font). Trust me, the UI is so good, you wouldn’t want to go back to the GB UI (unless you’re a hardcore gamer)

  • GMM

    nooo…SI 1249-7477 not yet listed >_<

  • Can I install it on non-rooted?

  • KamaSutraX

    very smooth! all the stock apps are fast. only lags at first but after a reboot :) from the philippines

  • george


  • abhishrek47

    SI number not listed…from INDIA
    Anyone has any idea on when it’ll become available here?

    Waiting like anything..
    Any info. will be greatly helpful..:)

  • Is it really worth upgrading. I have a few third party apps and also a few games.

  • Whoah seriously its tht fast????
    I have got a few games namely temple run and istunt2.
    What abt the preloaded apps??? Is office pro still included?

  • Within this week it will be released in india. I am just waiting for the review and then will upgrade.
    From Saudi Arabia

  • steelicon

    GB UI (unless you’re a hardcore gamer) Uh oh, what do you mean by this? Do games have a performance hit on ICS?

  • I’m new to android. PC companion says I can upgrade my Xperia pro to ICS. Will I lose my apps?

  • AlexBurnout

    Thet’z what I like

  • rich

    I can’t seem to get a concrete answer on this but, I have the latest Xperia s that was released a couple of months ago, when can have android 4.0 it says it’s up to date but im hearing reports its available

  • grrrrrrrrr.
    its still not available for me yet! come on 1251-7something something

  • dasa

    is it a valid SI bro? Mine’s the same and i bought it cheap online. now i fear i might’ve been duped :P

  • ?????????, ???? ?????)) ??? ????????, ??? ????? ??????? ?????)

  • No, everything was in place after i updated. So far I only found “Myself” data from contacts missing, but that’s easy and quick to fix.

  • Karthik

    -steelicon: well, i tried playing assassin’s creed. Gameplay went as smooth as butter, but it crashed suddenly while playing. (but that’s probably because it wasn’t optimized for ICS in the first place). But in a sense, I was wrong. the gameplay was still great!
    -Faeq: It’s great, if you do a new installation. All apps are faster and smoother. I’m not very sure about an update from GB to ICS, that might hinder it’s full potential.

  • You’re name’s there when flashing it, anyway, sorry about that

  • Luckky

    My SI number is not in list…
    It is not yet released in India…can anyone tell me when it will be available in India

  • How to upgrading using flashtool? I already have .ftf file, but I don’t have any idea what key must pressed to enter the flashmode? I’ve tried the power off then hold the BACK key,then plug the USB, but it won’t please..

  • abhishrek47

    Information on Xperia Pro ICS
    Check this out:

  • Andang

    try to update your Java Runtime

  • jeff

    i already updated my xperia pro to ICS but there were bugs i encountered. is there anyone from here who updated their phone to ICS then you probably encountered that there were keys that are not functioning well? @ button for example and the! button is not there.. please help. i love its board but seems the update needs to check and i dont feel like comfortable typing now to its board. please help.

  • ??????? ???????

    ???????? ??? ?????????? ????? Flashtool?

  • solano89

    I’ve installed the 4.0.4 update on my Xperia pro and I can say that till now (after 24 hours) I had no issues with it. It’s stable and with some apps deactivated it’s running like a charm even with 512Mb. I really like the panel stile view with the apps running in the back; the music player and the fact that you can access it even with the phone closed; the fonts (some icons were better designed in the Sony Ericsson era); maybe the battery life is a bit better (max with 15- 20%). The phone runs smoothly and there are no lags at all. With antutu benchmark tester the phone scored 3185. I love my phone and I’m happy that it’s running fine with ICS 4.0.4!

  • why haf way update it said that my phone cant update or wad so eva. isit phone at least must have 50% of the battery life to update it?

  • Solved by reinstalling Flashtool..

  • they haven’t updated the SI list since the 30th of may. come on Sony i want my ics! and i would like to have the most current version of android for at least a month before jelly bean comes out :I

  • bcr5784

    Am I alone in being rather underwhelmed by the ICS upgrade? I may not be an entirely typical user – it’s primarily a working phone
    used for email/internet and (of course) phone calls, so improvements
    elsewhere are of little interest to me.
    Firstly, let me say the upgrade went smoothly and performance and memory occupancy seem fine. But they were before under GB. However I can’t say that the improvements are that significant – a tad better here and there (I don’t use the standard browser or calendar so improvements there are irrelevant to me).
    While some may like to get to the camera from the locked screen – the fact that it is now more difficult to turn sound on or off from there is a retrograde step to me.


    ?? ???? ????? ???? SI 1249-8023. ? ????:-(

  • ayush

    i bought my xperia pro a week ago…..can u tell me wen m i getting my update nd will i recieve a notification abt it or how shal i check it….plz explain anyone????

  • iamleo

    same is the case with – Online purchase SI 1249-7477

  • Gajendra

    Hi Friends can any one tell me about the Slider and the keyboard function (will it work long or may be out of order soon) …….

  • Cassey

    is it already available through Sony PC Companion? I can’t seem to upgrade my phone.

  • Ashstar

    Almost a month has passed since ICS upgrade for most SI numbers and still no news for 1249-7477? Com’on Sony you can do better than that… : (

  • Thanks, downloading

  • Isabel

    No. You have to go through SUS. ;-)

  • ???? ??. ????? ?????.

    My Xperia Pro MK16i has Start Up Problem, once it switchoff it dosen’t start & not even charge untill & unless remove the battery minimum 4-5 times!
    From – Bharat(India)


  • dont updated to android 4.0.4 in xperia pro.some keypad bugs are their & look is not great

  • Omid

    the same here! I dont know what to do! I’m thinking about a downgrade to GB :(

  • Wassim Fayez

    hi can i update my xperia active offline cause it’s not working by pc companion 

  • Bhavika

    i updated my xperia mini pro (Sk17i ) to ics but m facing certain issues. i m unable to download things from the playstore. whenever i download any app , after the completion of download i get an error “Invalid file”. Plz help

  • Playboy_dragon2000

     Those dumb people won’t reply to your post.. Please ask your friends not to buy SONY mobiles f they are planning to do so. Samsung is the BEST mobile phone maker, thats 100% guranteed.

  • Some great new features in ICS for xperia pro but there are a few bugs and i am quite dissapointed in how long it took sony to release the update for their 2011 xperia range, by the time most of the phones received the update, a new update has been released called Jelly Bean (Android 4.1), im hoping Sony will update the 2011 xperia range to Jelly Bean and hopefully more smoothly and quickly too. I would be very dissapointed if the update where not to come to these phones (especially the more powerful ones such as the xperia pro) because i know most of the phones that got the ICS update will be able to run Jelly Bean, its just a matter of whether sony will be bothered to update them. Keep in mind that these phones aren’t cheap and we should have the right to receive the update.
    No one wants to feel like there phone is outdated and old.

    One of the bugs in ICS that is really annoying is when you rotate the xperia pro while its on the home screen, the screen goes black with just the notification bar visible, the problem occors when the “Auto rotate screen” feature is off and on.

  • Faizal_muqri

    how u upgrade it?

  • Mary1

    eu mi-am luat o  super tableta de pe eurodalsim de care sunt extrme de fericit, imi place foarte mult ecranul capacitiv si faptul ca pot naviga pe o groaza de pagini fara nicio problema, pot sa folosesc mess, skype, si o groaza de aplicatii fara nicio problema, ma bucur ca am gasit-o la un pret foarte bun 399 Ron si am mai platit doar 100 Ron husa cu tastatura din piele!

  • Alex

    These guys are INSANE, it has been months and my Xperia pro still has not received it’s update to ICS. It’s free of contract, of any branding, from UK with customization 1249-8527.
    It is utterly unbelievable this level of laziness.

  • manoj

    my phone(xperia pro ) is not dected wen dected to pc ,i took it to service center they said it is foreign they cant help it………………..pls help me

  • Rohit

    updating my se xperia pro with ICS 4.0.4 new system update available @ august 2012, my mobile ‘Sweep Panorama’ feature not working.

  • nadeem

    i have a xperia pro wid da same si no…wat da f is dis??

  • Jim

    It’s now 4 months later, and they still haven’t finished rolling it out to all Xperia Pros. Beyond a joke. Never buying a Sony phone again.

  • Hi, can you tell me how to update my “Xperia Go” to 4.04. Please tell me, i’m new with this… ;)


  • install pc companion using ur mobile. then by using pc companion u can update ur mobile. it will take around 350 mb data to upgrade.

  • i have upgraded my mobile to andorid 4.0. mobile appearance has changed and looking good. It hasbecome fast and i think battery life has also increased though not yet tested. Some problems i am facing such as my music player is not working but anyhow through third party apps music is being running.

  • mine has the same problem, how did you solve it?

  • zee

    hi can u help me update my experia pro to 4.o.4

  • sanjay

    Did you got any resolution to this problem? I too facing the same.

  • sanjay

    Can anyone suggest how to overcome the mobile startup issue, as it is taking way too long time after ICS upgrade?

  • I cannot find the flashtool or the Official ICS firmware anywhere on the internet. All the links everywhere are dead!

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