PlayStation Mobile: PlayStation Suite gets rebranded

by XB on 5th June 2012

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PlayStation MobileSony has announced that it has renamed its PlayStation Suite platform to PlayStation Mobile. Sony also announced the first third-party mobile manufacturer to join the PlayStation Certified licensing program. HTC One smartphones (One X, One S, and One V) will also be PlayStation Certified and will join the Xperia arc, Xperia acro, Xperia PLAY, Xperia acro HD, Xperia S, Xperia ion, Xperia acro S and Tablet S and Tablet P from Sony’s stable of smartphones and tablets.

  • arifwalkman

    Not good news .now it isn’t exclusive for SONY devices ,

  • WTF ? What Sony managers thinks ? as a fan of sony mobile i dont want to see any features of sony devices that officially given to other mobiles …. then most gamers will buy htc one x with tegra chipset inside buying xperia 2 ….

  • WTF ? What Sony managers thinks ? as a fan of sony mobile i dont want to see any features of sony devices that officially given to other mobiles …. then most gamers will buy htc one x with tegra chipset inside buying xperia 2 ….

  • SRM

    Bad move from Sony.
    Should learn from apple how to make things exclusive.

  • DragonClaw

    What? Whe htc one V? :(.
    The whole 2011 Line up by Sony has same specs as the V. They all should be PlayStation certifed then. Atleast the Arc S? What is Sony doing? Sony and Sony Mobile should working together, keeping in mind the whole lot of competition from other firms.
    Hopefully Sony has some nice plans.
    Lets hope for the best

  • XYZ

    Good plan.
    It essentially makes a significant portion of Android users Playstation Users. Playstation is Sony’s most profitable side of the business so by getting players to invest in the Playstation brand though their mobile phone, they are essentially widening the reach of Playstation as a whole.
    Which of course is better than keeping things exclusive to their own mobile phones, because lets face it guys, not everyone wants to buy a Sony smartphone. So even if they don’t, Sony still has a hand in their pocket with the Playstation Mobile service.

    Brilliant plan. Now all they need to do is make their mobile phones more desirable and they should do reasonably well.

  • i’m gamer

    F*** you sony for what you have done on our Xperia play

    , F*** you liar

  • I watched the conference yesterday and they did not announce models, they just said HTC will be the first non-Sony partner to have a PS Certificate..The guy on the stage (group ceo of SCEA, if i remember correctly) took out an One X out of his pocket, though..I’m assuming One V will (and can) not be PS Certified..I think this really is a bad move..Now i dont see a big reason to choose Xperia S over One X..All Sony apps are available on other phones as well, like TrackID..All Sony accessories are compatible with other Android phones, like SmartTags and SmartWatch..I think if Sony kept things exclusive, as they do with their first party PS3 games, Xperias could be at a much better place now..-sigh- oh well, maybe they come up with a way to make some stuff in PS Mobile exclusive to Sonys..I doubt it, but there’s a chance..

  • jmx2012

    I think it is great for the company. I don’t care if other companies use PS Mobile or not. Sony will make millions of dollars for this. Sony <3

  • meta96

    xperia p:
    promises and no answers:
    what’s about the smart dock?

    Johan xperia support team: “But I will pass on your feedback …” >>> nothing “We have asked Sony Mobile for a comment on this …” >>> nothing

  • Xperia Arc is not PS certified

  • Kaostheory

    Sony has lost money on almost all of their hardware, that’s why earlier this year they announced that they would distance themselves from the hardware side and concentrate more on software and internet. Obviously they will still continue to make great devices but to get their software to the level of ios devices adding companies like HTC kinda makes sense.

  • Lucifer

    I want PlayStation Phone

  • sweet holy

    No it is ps certified

  • Jason

    There are more devices than there are games.
    Sony really does make believe!

  • Little Monster

    it’s very bad because sony Playstation Certified will no longer exclusive for Sony smarphones again it will be in HTC Bad smartphones!!! I’m very disappointed!!!

  • Why is everyone always disliking a good opinion.?

  • rafi

    maybe by giving playstation mobile to other brands (making profit ) sony will announce new playstation suite for xperia line up… by the way playstation mobile only can support ps1 only. maybe in future sony will release new playstation format for xperia user just like inside psp vita.. dont just see on negative side guys… think positive.

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