More PlayStation Mobile details emerge

by XB on 14th August 2012

in Games

Sony revealed some new details about PlayStation Mobile this afternoon just as we expected. Sony confirmed that PlayStation Mobile will be supported by PSN ID accounts, which means if you buy a game on one PlayStation Certified device you will be able to play it on another without paying for it again. So you could buy a game on the Xperia S and also play it on your PlayStation Vita for example.

There are also some reports suggesting that save points are saved in the cloud too, so you could pick up where you left off on another device although we haven’t been able to verify this ourselves. A number of titles were confirmed for the service including Super Crate Box, Aqua Kitty, Samurai Beatdown, Passing Time, BeatSlider and Flick Hockey.

Sony announced two more third-party hardware partners, who will release PlayStation Certified devices. Both Asus and Wikipad have jumped on board, in addition to HTC whose One series of smartphones are already PS Certified.

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