Guess the Xperia S Android 4.0 release date and win a prize!

by XB on 15th June 2012

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32GB Memory CardTime for a bit of Friday fun. Back in 2010 we played a little game, where we asked our readers to guess the date that they expected the Android 2.1 update would launch on the Xperia X10. All of the correct entries were then put into a hat to win a prize. Well given how Sony Xperia S owners are being left out of all the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich love (along with Xperia active owners) we thought we’d play a similar game. After all, it has been a while since we’ve run a competition.

So what we want you to do is to guess when the Android 4.0 ICS update will be released on the Sony Xperia S. Sony has always maintained it will arrive during Q2, so as a starting point we’re looking at some point during the next fortnight. We will then pick a winner out from all of those who guessed right. The winner will receive a 32GB USB OTG (On-The-Go) kit. This will comprise of a 32GB Transcend microSD Class 4 memory card, Sony Ericsson CCR-70 M2 USB Memory Card Adapter and USB A 2.0 female to Micro USB B male Cable Adapter. This is all you need for some extra portable storage on your Xperia S.

To enter the competition all you have to do is:
– Leave a comment in this forum thread with the date [under British Summer Time] you think that the Android 4.0 ICS update will hit the Sony Xperia S

All entries will be collated through the forum only (so any entries left on this blog post or social media channels will not be included). We will pick a winner randomly when the competition closes i.e. once the Xperia S ICS update date has been confirmed. Good luck!

Rules: 1) Please register on the forum with a valid email address as we will be using this to contact you. 2) Once contacted, if we do not hear from you within 48 hours we will draw another winner. 3) Only one entry per household (remember we can see your IP address). 4) This competition is open to our readers worldwide.

  • Friday 22nd of June.

  • Trixz_D

    You gotta do it on the forum post

  • 22/06/12

  • 30.06.12

  • 30 of June

  • 22/06/12 Friday

  • On the 20th of June :)

  • Viet

    24th June 2012

  • 30.6.2012 for less known region.

  • deanoson

    I hope the prize isn’t the memory card in the picture, not much use for an S owner!!!


    17th june 2012

  • XperiaJunkie85

    28th of June 2012

  • XperiaBlog

    That is why we are offering the USB OTG kit, which you can use on the Xperia S!

  • mountain

    26th June 2012

  • 24th June 2012.

  • jungwoo


  • Barney

    July the 5th

  • chizburger

    June 23, 2012

  • 26-6-2012

  • * (remember we can see your IP address).

    Big brother :-D

  • bobcat22

    2/july 2012

  • jlmcr87

    July 4, 2012

  • Alvin

    24-06-2012 or June 24, 2012…

  • 19th of June

  • Metallica


  • 13th july 2012

  • Unknown


  • Amir

    27 july

  • Diogo

    22nd June

  • Yusuf


  • Aldon

    24 June 2012

  • Roman91


  • Georgi


  • Vikramaditya Rai

    2nd of July, 2012, I reckon.

  • June 24th 2012

  • Majo358

    6th July

  • arkroy GUA

    June 29 2012

  • Rash


  • Winning


  • raffy

    June 26 2012

  • Pen Pen


  • Dark Lord

    20th June 2012

  • Lu Kwan Ying

    29 June 2012

  • endgame90

    26th of June 2012

  • abbas


  • collocini

    21.12.12 make any sense for you?

  • 27th of june 2012

  • Steve

    Monday 25th June, PM time

  • Operator

    When it’s done!

  • solano89

    June 26th 2012! :)

  • rafi

    26 june 2012

  • amy

    23. 06. 2012

  • yo

    30 June 12

  • SxperiaS

    25th of june 2012

  • jeffrey vandenborne

    1 april 9001

  • Monday 25th June 2012 7:00 pm

  • 29th June

  • lovebmw

    end of 2nd quarter – 4 days x july + september = soon or end of june

  • almir


  • David LEPICIER

    Look’s a fun game but the Xperia S have no memory slot…

  • RC

    its kinda weird, if i have a Xperia S where will i place the 32GB mem card??

  • Ross Nitura

    June 20 2012

  • TiesB

    27th of june for sure!

  • Sören

    3 juli 2012

  • AlexBurnout

    15th of July

  • Edward

    23th June 2012

  • Prasad

    25/06/12 Monday

  • collocini


  • June 25th

  • yann

    25 june for ics on xperia s

  • weeeeee8888888888


  • Jiakushi

    I think the Xperia S ICS update will be on 28th June to 2 July 2012

  • Joao Naves

    19 June 2012, i know its that date.

  • sindhu

    18th june 2012

  • sherlock

    26th June 2012

  • 28/6/12 hopefully :-)

  • Captainscrumpy

    But it does have USB On The Go!

  • Raghav Agarwal

    10th July 2012 … exactly 3 months to its launch on 10th april ;P

  • raghav

    its a USB kit with usb card reader an phon connection cable too …

  • 30 06 2012 :) HOPEFULY….sooo eagerly waiting for it..:)

  • reptile64

    Nice try but my Xperia S cannot accept this nice card :P
    BTW the update will start the roll out on 2th of November :PPP

  • I guess for 21 of june 2012. Because its kinda more obviuous. Sony is having the developing in Sweden therefor it tends to follow swedish labourdays. 22th of june is Midsummers Eve and many swedes tend to take vacation at that day. And Operatör Three in sweden is giving the information of a release for ICS 4.0 in week 25. So one day before midsummers Eve is my vote and believe.

  • Well, it can if you get a USB-OTG kabel to it as it sayd in the text. :-)

  • Mister-G1

    Here’s a video for all the guys who don’t know how USB OTG works.. It’s a simple cable that transforms our mico USB port on the phone into a full USB port for any usb device like USB sticks, usb cardreaders (like mention above) and so on:

  • June 22

  • doungul

    29 june,nt sure…

  • Por

    29 June 2012

  • umad

    26th june

  • abraheem


  • abraheem


  • Dude

    i say never. cox the update will suck big time. nothing much new and it gonna make nothing new in camera ui and performance gonna be the same if not little worse. USE LINARO CODE AND PERFORMANCE WILL DOUBLE!!!!!!!!!!! ICS UPDATE WITH LINARO CODE PLEASE
    plz google what is linaro to know what im saying!!

  • Dude

    win a pretzel

  • Dude

    21 st of june in 2012 i say!
    thats my lucky day so i pick that

  • 1st of July

  • happy

    July 4 2012

  • june 20

  • it’s 2nd not “2th” huh..:P

  • roeshak

    well it’s not really looking like we’re going to see a june release. They normally show a preview video of these major updates a number of weeks before the roll out begins. It’s mid june and no word or preview so I’m guessing they’ll announce a July or August roll out at the very end of this month just as they did with the x10 1.6 to 2.1 move

  • reptile64

    LOL! That’s what happens if you don’t sleep enough :-P

  • My Guess will be June 22, 2012

  • waaaghflorian

    30 th of june

  • Joshymitssu

    1st of July for xperia S ics update.

  • June 20

  • ????

    29 ???? 2012 ???? ? 04:00 ?? ??????

  • 20 june 2012

  • ali

    24 june 2012

  • Its on July 4!.. Sony’s giving it to me on my Birthday!.. :p
    Best birthday gift ever!..

  • DK Fei

    30th June 2012
    My birthday :)

  • tymodmyt

    On the 20th of June 2012.

  • southcoastdj

    25 june

  • Captainscrumpy

    Read the full article before you post!

  • Captainscrumpy

    I’m sure there was a video a couple of weeks ago showing the Sony xperia s running ICS 4.0 being played on the tubes. What other video do you mean?

  • reptile64

    Scrump you :-P

  • 27th June in my opinion , earlier would be nice!!

  • tchoufi

    22 june 2012 please

  • 23 June 2012

  • betocunha

    25 of June 2012

  • Deniz

    25 june

  • Aukto

    20 June 2012.

  • Lukas

    cannot connect update service maybe tomorow

  • i vote for 21 of June…

  • himanshu

    it will be released on 19 june

  • Nugent

    29th June

  • Rikigusma

    June 26, 2012

  • 25th of june

  • whocares


  • 23 of June 2012

  • aryan

    It will get updated when its companions will move to android 5!!!

  • 21st of June is my lucky guess.

  • archit

    28th june


    26 June 2012 – the date of turning up SONY XPERIA S ANDROID 4.0…

  • that video came out 2/3 weeks ago,

  • roeshak

    That was an unofficial video. There hasn’t been anything formally from Sony like we’ve always had with previous big updates. That’s why I think July roll out is more likely.

  • priyadarshi kunal

    21 June 2012

  • roeshak

    that’s the very same unofficial video I was talking about. There has always been something official released before every major update. It happen with the 2010 and 2011 line up.
    Who knows maybe they have changed tact but I doubt it.

  • ???

    25 June 2012

  • Daniel Arp

    it will never come. they say its upgradeable, but that promise was false beacuse the update isnt there. so they lie when they sell the phone, so why shouldnt they lie about its coming later.

  • June 20, 2012. :)

  • I guess it’ll be on 28th. June and that coincidently is my birthday.

  • itr0ll1

    LOL XperiaS has NO memory card slot.

    And guessing waht Sony will do is like throwing pennies in a well.

    People waited fo rmonths and months for their ICS updates to 2011 lineup, and still waiting, and now they get wifi issues that are only resolved by opening your network (e.g. NO wireless encryption).

    First and last Sony phone I buy, what a joke.

    And that flash memory is garbage 3-4mB/s read and write. Not thx

  • You’ve been getting multiple firmware upgrades. None of them as big as ICS but you’ve still been getting upgrades.

  • Elliot Whitaker

    29th june just a random guess i hope its sooner though

  • Zack

    June 30th

  • Paavo

    July 2nd

  • fay

    the 29 June !

  • i guess July 10th, cause i don’t think they gonna be able to keep the time table :p

  • fatih

    30 june 2012

  • mingguan


  • intellix

    June 24th 2012 – The day ION is released in US

  • 29 june 2012

  • Aazir Mohammed

    June 25TH

  • suresh

    it will come on 25 june

  • the 4th of July :))

  • Just Cant Wait….

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  • 22 june

  • anglomilian

    27th of June 2012

  • Teng How Lai

    29th June 2012 1200hrs UTC

  • Mithun Raj

    The Date is Exactly 1st july 2012

  • Leo

    SONY always roll out the update at the very last minutes.
    I guess that the update will start to roll out on the 30 June morning.

  • ajdaddy

    27th of June 2012, that’s my guess!

  • Amit Oza

    26th of june 2012.
    Because I want it on that day.

  • Sergey Volynkin

    22 of June 2012

  • hecjay

    I guess June 29 2012. Because its friday :) and romours said that this coming Q2 it will be release so I believe june 29 2012 :).

  • BLikens1619

    I’m going to gues June 24th.

  • sakthivel kaarthik

    29th june 2012 :)

  • Nanthalath K

    28 of June 2012 when Xperia S enjoys Ice cream Sandwich

  • 21 June 2012

  • mesmerize

    i guess june 30, 2012 android 4.0 release date because im waiting for a long time ^^

  • edminy


  • Anthony Broatch

    30th of June

  • riyaz

    i think it will update with ics on29th of june hopefully

  • June 22

  • vinodh kumar

    24 june 2012

  • Ok, now 3 Sweden changde their info to week 26. But its now really close. Sony has now gotten out that they rolling out the uppgrade for Xperia S. Its just the Si-numbers that missing. So maybe it is closer that week 26

  • Well… I was right. SOny is rolling out the ICS today, and I said today. :-)

  • YAY came out :) 22/06/12 here Just as I guessed :D Although I AM in New Zealand (GMT +12)…

  • Mrassassinationer

    actually, under the plastic cover, where the battery is

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