Sony Mobile moving HQ from Sweden to Tokyo on October 1st

by XB on 5th July 2012

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Sony Mobile LundLate last year Sony Ericsson moved its headquarters to Lund, Sweden from London and now just six months later Sony Mobile plans to move HQ again. This time Sony Mobile will move its headquarters to Japan and expects the move to take place on 1st October 2012.

Sony Mobile already has a large base in Lund and it’s unclear at this stage exactly which functions will be moving across. We would imagine that the development teams would remain in Lund, but nothing is certain right now. It would be sad to lose the influence of the Lund Sony Mobile teams, so let’s hope this isn’t a wholesale move.

Thanks Jerry!

  • AlexBurnout

    Great news!

  • Why?

  • strongful_brother

    Keep on moving!!

  • Why not?

  • mockass


  •  Because Sony is a japanese company. Sony being japanese is a part of the reason why I buy Sony products (although I do realise they’re made elsewhere).

  • More focus on the japanese market maybe, so  like the GX and SX, maybe even less phones will be launched elsewhere.

  • For me its sad. This openess that Sony Ericsson and Sony had is definately coming from the Swedish side and not the Japanese. I am afraid that we will se more of this protecting side in the future. As long the Headquearter was in Sweden i did actually trust the company more. The rest of SONY i do not trust. They have done such stupid things like root-kits and other idiotic things. So no, this is according to me not a good. But yes, in a way I do understand that SONY is the owner and they can do whatever they want with the company. Byt for me it seems like Xperia S is the last SONY ERICSSON/SONY Device I bought.

  • Dreamitwork

    Finally sony mobile fly home.. no metter where the HQ as long they bring more innovation product.. you still my trusted brand in smartphone maker.

  • dereknobuyuki

    Sony is a Group Company so SMC should still operate mostly independently if based in Lund.
    Moving to Tokyo could be done to force them to integrate and cooperate more with the teams working on Sony Android tablets and whatnot.

    They say the squeaky wheel gets the grease and the closer you are to HQ (or other hubs of managers) the more your teams development priorities are forced to shift.

    Furthermore, I don’t see how this is going to work without lay-offs.
    I’d imagine a number of people were not so keen on relocated from the UK to Sweden but would be even less keen to relocate to Japan.

  • Jeson

    I think it’s a good move. Outside Europe, SE sold because of the Sony brand name. I started buying SE handsets because of Sony, but year after year I was disappointed with their phones as they never really had the true Sony spirit. Sony is known for pushing technologies, like what they do with Vaio Z laptops, PS3, the 4K projector, their walkmans( for sound quality), mirrorless cameras. They are class leading and truly powerful. But their phone division has been sad. Nothing revolutionary or powerful. The phones were always gimped down. The sound quality of competitors were better than that of the walkman phones, as the walkman phones never really used dedicated DSPs and the camera quality on their cybershot phones, while being good for a while were also surpassed by others like Nokia, Samsung. Even now there is no phone which can match S3 or the upcoming iPhone 5. Sadly their mobile division was nowhere like their other divisions. The Sony takeover was a good thing. I was hoping for it. Now that they are moving their headquarters, it looks more positive. Perhaps the mobile division can have easier access to other divisions and better technologies.

  • 1. How can you compare S3 with SE Xperia S when it’s about 8 months difference between those phones?
    2. Xperia S got higher PPD then S3
    3. Comparing with Iphone5 WTF? are you stupid? That phone doesn’t exist even yet.

    This shows that you’re just stupid and not worth continue comment.

  • Actually it was Ericsson phones, Sony did some mobiles in the begining och 2000 and while being cheap and feature rich the quality was poor. So lets see what will happen with the quality. I for sure, will not buy a Vaio again. Nor a Sony TV.

  • SomeBody

    4. Shitsung’s camera sucks
    5. It looks like a soap (and the build quality is also feels like if it were a soap)
    6. TouchWiz is disgusting
    7. Super AMOLED is an oversaturated piece of shit
    8. It has a shitty Pentile screen (vs the SXS’S RGB panel)

    If I had to choose I would choose the Xperia S over the $hitsung Galaxy Soap III

  • nfredrik

    The main reason for me buying a Ericsson/SonyEricsson and now Sony phones is that they where developed/designed in Sweden/Lund. So this is very sad news but it comes as no big surprise. 
    Moving HQ is one thing but if they decide to move the development of new phones from Sweden to Asia I for one will seriously consider another brand as there’s nothing special about their phones anymore.


  • Well, I would never buy anything that is SONY. I bought SE phones just because of Ericsson part. And you are kinda really wrong. The first SE-phones were really early with technologies like Colourscreen, cameras and so on. The problem was that SE (like Ericsson) Put in to much new things that their quiality got lot worse. Sony Ericsson had to change this and decided that Quality was more important than coming first with Technology. The Swedish side (Ericsson) is also the reason why the company hade more openess attitude towards their customers than the rest of SONY Corporation. So no, this is probably not a good move.

  • sony tv’s aren’t cheap like samsung or lg
    their flagship tv’s even if a bit costly offer much better quality than samshit or lg flagship tv’s
    btw vaio from sony are just great…, i have one “the z series flagship” and it even outdoes the macbook air and pro from every point of view, be it quality or performance
    So please… can u just stop ur shit!!!

  • The recent spur in sales of sony smartphones has happened because the ‘SE’ tag on sony mobiles changed to “SONY” and i not making just a guess from my side but this was confirmed by many European and Asian retailers recently.
    SONY has a much greater brand recognition than what SE had.
    and u sound just totally ignorant!!! u said that se has early technologies like colourscreen, cameras and a lot more but let me tell u that apart from cellular technology(2g, 3g and 4g stuff) ericsson had zero contribution in SE. Everything from cameras to sound chips to screens and designs were sourced from Japenese SONY in SE phones. So, ericsson was nothing, it’s more of a SONY from starting

  • The recent spur in sales of sony smartphones has happened because the ‘SE’ tag on sony mobiles changed to “SONY” and i not making just a guess from my side but this was confirmed by many European and Asian retailers recently.SONY has a much greater brand recognition than what SE had.
    and u sound just totally ignorant!!! u said that se has early technologies like colourscreen, cameras and a lot more but let me tell u that apart from cellular technology(2g, 3g and 4g stuff) ericsson had zero contribution in SE. Everything from cameras to sound chips to screens and designs were sourced from Japenese SONY in SE phones. So, ericsson was nothing, it’s more of a SONY from starting

  • btw… SONY isn’t living on the sales they got from ur side.
    SO please… can u just spare the SONY fans on XperiaBlog

  • actually samsung’s latest and greatest sgs3 uses sony’s camera sensor, iPhone 4s uses sony’s camera sensor and even the nxt iPhone5 will use sony’s camera sensor acc. to leaks

  • paul4id

    A bad move – we can now expect user experience to be thrown out the window.

  • finally…, the move that i have waiting from a long time has just happened!!!
    all this means faster development of sony phones due to integration into sony headquarters itself which could result into fulfilling kaz hirai’s dream who wanted to cut mobile development time into half of the current one. And this will most probably help sony a lot to kick samsung and apple’s a$$…………
    no more delays that earlier occured “bcoz mobile team in sweden couldn’t get the sensors from japenese sony in time” or “they couldn’t talk face to face to their team in japan for getting some kind of approval” or any other hindrances that have been part of sony mobile due to having separate HQ’s

  • SomeBody

    Maybe, its just the software or they touched the hardware ‘cos the SGS3 oversaturates and overexposes pictures badly (even if u view them on PC, so it’s not just the screen). Yep, the iPhone 4s has a great camera, I haven’t said a word against it. :)

  • no matter what others say… but due to those “Lund Sony Mobile teams”  sony phones were always damn late to the market resulting in $h*t companies like samshit or apple or htc eating up the sony market.
    And moreover most of the people have been buying their phones for the sony brand name on them…, not sweden teams or anything else!!!

  • dereknobuyuki

    Have you heard whether or not they are specifically moving into the same building as Sony Group’s headquarters (the one in shimbashi)?

    Being in Japan could promote cooperation between business units including the teams responsible for the Vita, Tablets, and PS. Being in the same building, on the other hand, could force that even more.

    Furthermore, it was pretty tough for domestic makers to juggle 6 month product refreshes to their feature phones (with launches every 3 months alternating product lines) but the move to smartphones has been so much tougher. Do you think this move will allow them to reach 3-4 month development life-cycles? Or would that just be asking too much?

  • no…………. i didn’t mean that u were wrong
    actually i was trying to say that even the so called latest and greatest phones have sony stuff inside

  • well…, u can take hints from recently announced SONY phones and the ones being leaked.
    they are way more fast just with the eradication of ERICSSON, and HQ shifting into JAPAN itself would mean much shorter development cycle

  • FlowXT

    Sony Ericsson Japanese offices are in this building right besides Sony HQ’s in minato:

    Xperia X10, arc, acro, ray, acro HD were largely designed here. So maybe that’s where the Sony Mobile HQ is going to be now.

  • Minato

     their openness was from Ericsson???!!!! COME ON! if you knew SONY a single bit you wouldn’t say that. in my years experience with Sony and PlayStation their openness has been proved to me numerous times! i can only assume you’re ignorant at best…

  • Minato

    great news….but i hope they keep Lund base & use it to its best, which I’m sure they would :)

  • Well you are right about that, when it comes to Media functions. But maybe the camera isnt one of the parts Ericsson came with. The colourscreen was all Ericsson, and yes like many other manufacturies Ericsson bought displays from others companies but Ericsson was first with a colourscreen except Japan that had it before that (Ericsson was first there too)  But that Ericsson didnt contribute anything is just plain bullshit from your side. Ericsson did contribute with the most important part, the plattform, and they are still doing that,  Ericsson had the know-how and the plattform to build up-on. Sony had the media. Without Ericsson there wouldnt even be any phones. Ericsson had all the important patents for the phones as well, thats why Ericsson gave SONY right to use those patents. So no, I aint ignorant, just stating fact. 

    And when it comes to retailers, I have never seen anyone here in Europa been so fond over the SONY brand. Yes its true it might be a more well reknowned brand, but I have never really heard anything good about SONY. And if it is like you say, please show me numbers of that. For I know for a fact many bought Sony Ericsson phones just because that Ericsson was in the game. When Sony bought it out, there were many that was afraid that SONY should go back to the old ways. And at the moment, It hasnt. But now the sign toward the old way is realy showing strong, when they move the HQ to Japan. For me thats a sign that they want to tie the divisin closer to Sony Corporation, and the Sony Corporation is the one, that likes to put root-kits onto our cd-s, and other ways to controll their customers from copying or for that matter hack their products. 

  • Ignorant? Think it was the second time i been called that now? It is a well knowned fact that in Sweden we have this openness in everything we do from Politics to industries and in all the rest of our society. SONY opened? You really must be joking? SONY was one of the brands who wanted to ban people who chiped their playstations. Sony was also one that put root-kits into your computer when you bought their cd’s. Sony is also one of those Companies that also is working against people who lockes up their dvd-players or blurayplayers so customers can use any dvd och bluraydiscs from any part of the world. And SONY removed the ability to use LInux on PS3, they locked it. So no, SONY is not a very opened Company. And I do know SONY, I had sony for many years. So yes I do know SONY.

  • Well dont think SONY is living on their sales at your side either. Ok, I’m only a concerned customer that do like what SONY and Ericsson did during their joint-venture. I would be really happy if SONY really is going to maintain this openess that Ericsson and SONY started. But history isnt that kind when it comes to SONY. And  yes, it would be great if SONY could develop faster than and maybe like Ericsson/Sony Ericsson did in the beginning. Be first with new tech. But you and and I both know that’s a reason why SONY ERICSSON didnt want to be first with new tech, and that was quality issues. I mean they came with phones that was quite in the top when it came to tech, but when the phones didnt hold for normal use. People sent them in for repair, and SE suddenly got the rank, shitty-phones. Bert Nordberg knew this, and he did the only thing SONY ERICSSON as manufactury could do. SE had to stop trying to be number one in the technology race, and quality became the word instead. And for what I know, i dont hear that often that SE do bad phones anymore. And Sony has allready said that they wont use quad-core for quite some time. Sony will be back on top one day. As you said, Samsung make bad phones, HTC do as well. Byt Iphone is quality and thats more important than the techrace. Thats what Sony Ericsson found out, and it is the right way to go.

  • They not that late… This time they were even first to release 4.0.4. Not even Galaxe Nexus got that update before Sony phones. But yes, i can agree when it comes to tech, Sony is late. But I rather have tech that works, than buggs out.

  • Minato

    hey Jerry! sorry if there was any offense in my comment. you may had a bad experience with Sony but tell me this. if somebody come to your house & try to steal your things what would you do? would u tell him that ur an open guy & would let him to do what he wants?! I guess thats like what u claim about Sony! most of the things you mentioned about Sony was anti piracy acts & they had the right to do so!

    letting Linux on PS3 from start, the way they treat their developers & their ideas in SCE and the risk they take to make ideal games for different tastes, and even integrating steam into their PS3 which made noble (CEO of Valve) saying Sony should be awarded for their openness, even in their Sony mobile letting PScertification going behind sony devices and their consideration for their consumer and their needs, are only a few examples of their open approach to industry and I’ve seen likes of this even in SONY PICTURES & Sony Music. and you should probably know Sony always had admiration for google because of their open way.

    Though about the erricson i donno if they’re really open or not but i agree about openness in Sweden. but hey! Japan is a modern and free country with lots of respect to liberty too and I’m sure they’ve as openness as Swedish if not more!

  • Well its ok. In Sweden, and Europe for that matter this rights you talking about isnt very popular among customers at all. But yes, I do agree with that Sony has the right to protect their products, But I do think stealing, or Copying is to different things. In sweden its actually a law that says its ok to copy movies or music (not software though) for own use. I am against DRM, and such anti piracy acts because, I bought that product that could be a CD, or a DVD-player, so i should be able to do what i want with it. But in reality, we only buy the rights to use it. If you buy food, or a car, you can do what ever you like with it. With a PS3, you aint allowed to. 

    Well you might be right that SONY really has changed to the better. But I aint sure of it, yet. When it comes to Ericsson, its a swedish company, with swedish way to control it. And no Ericsson hasnt always done right and done stupid things as well. But you might be right. Much has to be seen. 

    As a Swede we were proud to have our big companies like Ericsson, Volvo, SAAB and many more. But we do have a problem. We have an government that doesnt seem to wanna protect those companies, and thanks to that many of those big companies aint Swedish anymore. IKEA is the most swedish company you can found out there in US, Italy or Russia and other playes. But not even IKEA is a swedish company, Yes the founder of IKEA still is in charge, but he and his family font own it. Ericsson is still Swedish, but not Volvo Cars. Some of the technic that exists in Android was developed buy swedish companies, today one is owned buy RIM, Apple bought one and even NOKIA bought one. So we loosing all the control over the development of new things… and as a swede it is kinda annoying. And now we do lose again. In a way it felt despit Ericsson got out the Sony ERICSSON, but it still felt little lika we were still in the game. 

    Did you know that Sweden is the third biggest music producing country in the world? The fun part is, that the money of that industry dont stay in Sweden, it goes to those big music companies like SONY, BMG, EMI and so on. How could that be, well all our Record Studios is bought up.

  • This is sad for anyone who may lose their job due to this move, but I feel it’s a huge step forward for fans of Sony mobile products. Sony is currently on the One Sony initiative started by Kaz Hirai when he took over this year and that involves different aspects of Sony working together and sharing information and technologies. I don’t think such a thing would have been easily possible with Sony Mobile HQ being so far away in another country. They have to be close to the other divisions of Sony to really make a difference.

    For example, not too long ago Shuhei Yoshida who is the president of Sonys worldwide studios for SCE stated that with the move into the main Sony building, they’ve had far greater opportunities to open up talk with other divisions and discuss how different Sony technologies could work together. THAT is Sonys greatest strength in this rebuilding phase. I wonder how long until we see the fruits of this change. I suppose it’s possible that work has already begun since SMC was officially created, and will simply continue in the new location.

    I do wonder if leaked info will be as easy to come by from now on though. Sony will now have a tighter leash on things I imagine.

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  • Commander

    GREAT NEWS, this made my day…. so glad ^_^

  • Minato

     that was interesting, now i understand your concern. having Lund HQ is very important for sony mobile i believe. i can only hope we loose nothing from Lund & i wish them & your country the best :)

  • 4L4Y


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