Official: 2011 Sony Xperia handsets will NOT get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

by XB on 26th July 2012

in Android, Firmware, Xperia arc, Xperia mini and Xperia mini pro

John Cooper, UK Product Manager for Sony Mobile, has been taking questions from customers on Facebook and, perhaps inadvertently, revealed that both the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S and Xperia mini pro will not receive the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update.

We have been waiting for Sony to make an official statement on their Jelly Bean upgrade plans and this is the first concrete news we have on the matter. The Xperia arc S was the highest specced 2011 Sony Xperia handset, so if this handset isn’t getting it we can conclude that none of the other Xperia handsets from the 2011 range will get the update either. However, the 2012 Xperia range do look likely to get the update, although timing remains an unknown right now.

Sony Jelly Bean Xperia

Sony Jelly Bean Xperia

Sony Jelly Bean Xperia

  • I am disappointed SonyMobile, did badly on the old 4.0.4 kernel, I hate those who make such bad firmware.

  • doraemonboi

    Well, I own the Xperia S. Bring me Jelly Bean NOW!~

  • Atlas

    I don’t think that they could handle it

  • Fred

    Ics for arc and ray is buggy. A fix us needed egen if it isnt jb.

  • Cloud_Connected

    Don’t need it for my arc s… GB running fine so far without issues, device does a good job.

    Could update to ICS but don’ t see any need for that right now…

  • Fred

    Is. Even.

  • Jlmcr87

    Very bad sony. And 2011 xperia updates are horrible. Slow, laggy, etc. No more sony eh………. one sony……………

  • Thx84

    there is an alpha release on the xda forums:

  • Gihan798114

    more than 70% of the 2012 xperia phones have low specs than the 2011 models! c’mon! hope a xda developer will make one, & the cyna mod10 JB will be out in few weeks. i own an XMP ICS[customized]

  • it was so interesting to me when they released ICS so late and stated that it might be late but no or fewer problems but actually it was so laggy and horrible. Still didn’t get my ICS update “officially” for xperia active and it made me to root my phone to test various custom roms, now back to GB it’s okay, fine but I’m sorry Sony is no more in my first line of choices.

  • The Truth Must Be Said

    Sony officially proved that it sucks and does not care of its customers and does not want to satisfy them
    And I’d like to announce that I’m officially not a fan of sony anymore.
    What a f***ing company of f***ing money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CjNilsson

    As expected, nothing strange about this
    Of course they won’t update 2011 devices to a 2012 OS. Even the ’11 devices to Ics was extraordinary!

  • djabag

    Yes f**king Sony, why don’t I get Jelly Bean to my W800 from 2005 ? This really profs that you are not taking care of your customers.

  • Andrew Chukavin

    I don’t think that’s a bad decision because, as you said, ICS firmware was very slow due to all that bloatware. JB just wouldn’t be any better with that attitude.

    Anyway, for those of you who like to have an up-to-date OS, welcome to custom ROM camp! (:

  • Truth Hurts

    All the ppl who thinks that 2011 spec range phone will not be capable to run JB is just dumb and brainwashed… Look at Nexus S, it is running JB nice and smooth and ofcourse it is 2010 phone and same specs as sony 2011. Google did a great job on JB but where as ph company, they are just not bothered.
    From now on will only buy a nexus series ://

  • I suppose this shouldn’t come as a surprise, but given some of those phones came out from 1-1.5 years ago, the support cycle wasn’t too shabby in the world of Android manufacturers. Still sad. However, doesn’t most of the 2011 line have support in CM9 and likely the upcoming CM10?

  • Ignatius J. Riley

    This seriously sucks. The 4.0.4 update is glitchy and buggy. The only thing Sony seems to want is buying their new devices which I will NOT do. If my mini pro is broken some day, I’ll switch to a different manufacturer.

  • Mehdi Moha

    no need to official news , after what sony have done on our xperia play , it was obviously clear that Sony’s support is too weak , like what was before (( sonyericsson ))…

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    that is really strange would have thought that they would get updated because of project butter

  • This is the most exciting part of these revelations: “but we’re always developing new phones and making sure they get the latest updates”. This is great news for Sony consumers. Sony is committed to breaking new ground with new products, and those of us who buy in will benefit from the best possible software and experience. Exciting times ahead for the entire Sony universe.

  • Sony Fanboy not

    this is so stupid.. I mean Jelly bean would be better than ICS alone because of the RAM usage, it only needs 512MB, the 2011 range HAS 512MB, not 1GB, the requirement for ICS… arghh.. glad I have Xperia S…

  • Daddy saddy

    I think Sony should fire all of their devs and start recruiting devs from xda :p

  • chronoe

    To those people moaning about an update.. You’re even lucky Sony had the good sense to update your smartphones to ICS. May I remind you that they updated the ENTIRE 2011 range of phones. Not a single manufacturer has done that except them. Jeez.. You should be fking grateful tbh. Just sayin’.

  • Ayyoadrian

    Makes sense. Why would they waste their time upgrading old devices when they have new devices to update? ICS for the Arc S was fantastic but if you were expecting anything more, you’re simply delusional.


    OMG, what a FAIL…

  • atleast they should give an update to ICS for 2011 Xperia Play if they want to update it i know they can they should not let customers always disappointed in some things because it will surely backfires to them and their credibility. Especially now they’r trying to  gain profit from in the conflicts they encounter(Sony Ericsson to Sony).

  • tyrand3

    new phones=updated.
    old phones=dumped.

  • lovebmw

    People, ICS on a single processor phone is a stretch, not Sony nor Google can make it smooth, Xperia S has no lagging issues, bc it’s a dual processor.

    Sony made the right decision, they went an extra mile by putting ics on a single processor phone, all what they got is idiots blaming Sony for the performance. So finally don’t said well we tried this is what we got in return. There for no more.

    Looking forward for jb on my xperia s, but i do know sometime next year, my phone will be limited to new updates, but I am confident that if Sony has no issues with new updates they will bring it on.

  • Choshuenlee

    So if this continues, it’ll be
    HTC to go first… either filing for bankruptcy or being merged.
    Sony to go second…with weak updates
    Reason why LG probably will stay is because the Korean government’s behind their own Korean Enterprise.. 

  • paul4id

    What a bunch of fcking morons many of you pathetic Sony ass-licking slaves are.

    Sony entered an agreement backed by Google to provide Android updates for 18 months. My Xperia Pro was released in October 2011, therefore I would expect the latest Android updates into 2013.

    Bring back Ericsson!

  • paul4id

     stop giving them excuses moron. JB is meant to have better performance than ICS.

  • paul4id

     Hear hear – the half-hearted ICS effort is not acceptable.

  • Dreamitwork

    2011 xperia line up user: you guys should thankfull enough sony willing to provide ics os for you guys. Now you asking for jellybean?? Think again.. other brand 2011 still in gingerbread till now.

  • paul4id

     customer loyalty? You are simply delusional if you think that is a good business strategy.

  • sempiroth

    why all of you got mad ?  it make sense if Sony won’t make updates for 2011 Xperia,, latest phone, latest update, old phone ?  just deal with it.. ICS feel buggy and slowly ? then downgrading your handsets back to gingerbread.. you don’t  want to downgrade it ? then deal with it !! I have xperia play, without ICS update of course, and I even mad about that, I own my Xperia play to playing games, not the other shits which can make my handset work slowly. As far as I know, Sony is the only manufacturer that makes official ICS update for their old phones.

  • paul4id

    … yet no working HDMI with Cyanogenmod. I would not be so upset at this announcement if Sony would release the bloomin HDMI source.

  • ahomad hosin

    it is kinda sad, but from what I can see, most people who got the ICS update, revert back to GB, so there is no point of updating it to JB if no-one will update their phones. 

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  • djabag

     Yea that will make a big difference for Sony

  • Shadowfax2011

     actually in that agreement it is mentioned that the manufacturer can only guarantee one major os update in 18 month of support.

  • SONY just developing new phone every year and forget the consumer care, even no solution for 2011 xperia devices..take my money and you runaway..

  • SONY : hai costumer :-)
    2011 devices user : hai SONY, we have issues on 2011 xperia devices especially with ICS..
    SONY : oh wait, who are u?

  • twent4

    and ICS was meant to have better performance than GB. Didn’t you learn something?

  • Hi XDA. I trust and I love you!

  • Ignatius J. Riley

    I think it will if people start realizing that Sony doesn’t give a #@$§% about their customers…

  • Cwl3003

    samsung and other brands are even worse so many peoples complainting about their ics so bad. you are so lucky to have sony ics those using samsung ace galaxy s user and more are crying for shit

  • rafi

    Chill all 2011 xperia user.. Maybe its time for you guys move on to 2012 flagship like i did. Frm neo to arc to arc s to ray and now official user of xperia s. Xperia gx or mint will be next.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Mm…. to be honest have SONY (ERICSSON) UK ever said something that was correct? I honestly dont think 2011 phone will stay on ICS. Look at X10 that got 2.3 despit the fact it should get it. So I think the UK info is just crap talking sorry to say. The people in Sweden usually has more correct info than other of this Sony company.

  • Cwl3003

    we understand it is how diffcult to put a latest os into an old phone sony you have never let us down you done a great job. you have make ics to an extend that it work well and less buggies. samsung ics is getting worse and worse. not only it slow take hours to charge having many force closed issue and last the battery drain super fast what so good being a hot seller you can’t even make a good ics for their customers. even their s3 does have this issue occurs too.

  • iliketowritearticles

    No one’s saying it’s a good business strategy, but what did you really expect?

  • Norton112233

    I bought my Xperia Neo V a half year ago, and this is the last phone that I bought from you. Bye supernal SONY!!

  • Hansip87

    Understandable from a company’s profit point of view. Meh, no fuss from me, all i can say is, thank you Sony for the effort, and xda devs for the Xperia S ported mod ;)
    To people saying that Nexus S is JB capable, think about it, It is THE NEXUS Phone! dig it?? Nexus phone is meant to have the most generic Android version inside, no OEM bloatware and such. for Sony (and others) as a non Nexus maker, that doesn’t make sense. So if you keep saying that Nexus S is capable for it, well, you are right, but you won’t have the same capabilities that is Sony specific (not all bloatware is bad you know). So as anybody else posted here, want JB? go to Custom ROM camp :)

  • Gihan798114

    they didn’t update Xperia Play! still many users are dreaming of getting ICS as there are probs with their servers since a month!

  • Alex265

     Why don’t you check out the 2012 phones like the Miro which has a worse processor (800 MHz Qualcomm) and runs ICS

  • I love your sarcasm bro

  • ¬_¬

  • Alex265

     That statement is not true just ask the Xperia Play owners. Sony Mobile promise it customers that it was going to provide 18 months support for its 2011 phones and also stated that it would provide ICS. This statement encouraged customers to buy thses phones, forward to 2012 and the ICS updates has a lot of stability and performance issues ( some makes the phone unusable). To make matters worse Sony Mobile is releasing 2012 phones with worse Hardware Specs than most 2011 phones running a fast and stable ICS.

    So customers have every right to moan and complain

  • Alex265

     I agree 100% just check out the cyanogenmod developers they have ICS running stably and fast on the Xperia Phones including the Play. They have already started work on adapting Jelly Bean to run on these phones. The only downside is that you have to root your phone and invalidate your Sony warranty.

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  • Gnirujan

    WHAT WE NEED IS NOT JELLY BEAN, WE NEED A PROPERLY WORKING ICS ROM. THAT WOULD BE MORE THAN ENOUGH. Anyway i dont mind since i dont use official sony rom and have been using CM9 for  while and its awesome, i will be getting CM10 as well, how awesome is that? I suggest many of you to come to custom Rom world you will not regret it.

  • AndFTW

    WELL hello?
    Nexus S, a singlecore 2010 smartphone with 512 MB can run JB smoothly
    All because it’s stock android and doesn’t contain bloatware unlike Sony..

  • lovebmw

    no one ever said the Miro is not laggy 

  • makes sense! 
    2011 » Sony Ericsson
    2012 » Sony

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  • Mos

    Or why my next phone will be again an iPhone. Xperia S is the only one and the last Android I will buy.

  • sharique shaikh

    Stop moaning HTC is not updating their one V which was released few months back so how can you expect Sony to update their phones of last year?

  • Juan Camaney

     And nothing of value will be lost

  • Nikhil D

    I brought NEO V becoz it was released in August 2011 and if i remember it correctly according to GOOGLE manufacturers are to update their handsets atleast for 18Months from the date of launch its been just 10 Months since Neo V was launched 

    Sad very disapointed

  • jx

    your fucking bastard!!! make some sense… It shows how uneducated you are.

  • jx

     agree! xperia play doesnt need ICs. because ICS for entertainment and GB is for gaming for xPlay

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  • jx

     we dont care just switch and never broadcast. You’re not a star remember? and keep in mind that you’re not a lost. You’re just one of those narrow minded who keep complaining while enjoying xperia handset. If you want perfect phone well create your own mobile company and invest for your very own mobile unit!!!

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  • jx

    Sony 2012 series still following the shadow of Sony Ericsson. Just wait for 2013 and you will see the real Sony Made Xperia phone

  • jx

    ok next time buy nexus phone not xperia okay? you’re now fine?

  • jx

    mira is using different hardware which is most optimised to run ICS smoothly. That is the case why it differs from the 2011 series.

  • jx

     agree and until now some applications are not updated to support ics, what more if GB is released? developers are lazy following android latest OS.

  • jx

     i mean JB (jellybean)

  • jx

    you SUCK too

  • jx

    i dont believed in XDA developers. they will make OS and hack your device soon. dont be fool my dear.

  • xperiancer

    LOL and the people who liked his posts are more stupid to like a post that doesn’t make sense…

  • xperiancer

    Sony never promised. It was Google who said will work with the manufacturers, but it’s still up to the manufacturers for their policy. Get your facts straight.

  • xperiancer

    Lower clock doesn’t mean it’s slower…they’re completely different generations of processor. Learn to study before posting…

  • Wow, so basically all of sony’s 2011 customers are stuck with that half baked update? If this is indeed official then I am staying away from them. 

  • he is kidding and makes sense. what do you expect from the range of phones with limited 512mb ram? also there is a limitation in android. you can only use 340mb of 512mb.

  • paul4id

    Pathetic uncritical fanboism is for losers. 18 months of Android updates please — that means 2013.

  • Roman

    I have a Live with Walkman, I was expecting an update to JB since the ICS update really SUCKS. But as I thought, the update will be available only for 2012 SE phones. I updated to ICS and I was NOT satisfied with the update, so I downgraded to Gingerbread. Most games aren’t compatible with ICS. And if there is no JB  update it means they’re forcing you to buy a new smartphone, which I will NOT do. I’m really happy with my Live, I have Gingerbread, but I installed Cyanogenmod 7.2 and a really nice looking ICS theme and mod. So I don’t think buying a new phone right now, but if it’s necessary I will buy a Nexus 7 or a different smartphone rather than a SE phone. 

  • Nine

    i have to agree to that, i think that sony was the only company that provided an ICS upgrade to their entier 2011 lineup “except for Play” .

    Besides, if you think about it, it will take them long to upgrade their 2011 phones to JB, and it will happen when they next Android OS is released.

  • You think Sony will like that your next phone won’t be Xperia? I really don’t think that my next phone will be from Sony and I can be sure that I’m not the only one ;)

  • M Usman

    Told everyone this a couple weeks back and totally got bashed for my comment. well, told you so. 

  • Roj

    Sony, remove your crapware & ICS & JB will run fine on the 512 MB devices, like the Nexus S! There is only way to go for the next Android phone – Nexus!

  • WhoDaresWins4Ever

    Thankful? When I bought the Arc S it was printed on the box that it was going to get ICS (which it did). Also, Sony has (at least SEMC did) an 18 month upgrade agreement with Google… The Arc S was released in oct 2011. JB was released in July 2012. Not upgrading that phone to JB is a crappy way of keeping your customers happy. I will buy many phones in the future. I will however never buy a phone from an manufacturer that stops upgrading their premium phones 10 months after release.

  • Guest

    Not just root, but unlock the bootloader as well, which most definitely will break warranty.  Just rooting without unlocking BL you can always reflash and unroot without warranty issues.

  • Truth Hurts

    Well so u r a “core” guy lol… Go and learn something about android first lol

  • WhoDaresWins4Ever

    Yes, and 4.0 to 4.1 is not an major upgrade… 

  • Truth Hurts

    Lol u clearly didnt get his statements, did u?
    Once they recruit they will no longer be xda. They will be a sony dev. Read properly, before posting my dear.

  • WhoDaresWins4Ever
  • monofinex

    C’mon, Sony! Nexus S is running JellyBean and i want it on my arc S, or i buy Nexus next time. Yes, a phone with UPDATES!

  • informed

    The 2011 range is faster. It uses scorpion cores and the adreno 205 while the miro uses a cortex a5 and an enhanced adreno 200 gpu.

  • Ignatius J. Riley

    OMG… whatever I think: I say it. And whatever I say: I mean it. And if YOU support this kind of fast food manufacturers, then that’s your choice. Be happy with it and don’t tell others what they have to say and what not.

  • M Usman

    give them excuses? LOL if they actually listened to what consumers want, then i’d call it an excuse. frankly, they don’t give a crap. I think its a good decision. 

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  • BoDhi2010

    FUCK Sony UK, those idiots are the slowest in Europe, they still didn`t update all 2011 Xperia
    i`m waiting for a real response from Sony Japan

  • malih

    yep, this announcement makes me decide switching my main phone to a Nexus when Google release one this year, unless Sony come out with a really good phone, like the SX with Jelly Bean (which is impossible) before Google release a new phone.

  • nicothenico

    Did anyone ask about why there is no Wi-Fi Direct in any of Sony’s phones with ICS?

  • k3n

    Yes Sony said that their phones would get “at least 18 months of update”. But they didn’t say that the update was to another OS. It could just be updates of any sort (on the same OS).  

  • MarkLastiwka

    Wow, that was the worst thing they could say. Really shows you that they won’t update so that you are forced to buy a newer phone…

    Just for clarification, I am criticizing his PR abilities lol They really shouldn’t have said it that way…

  • FXP/CyanogenMod will care of this :]

  • You are lucky as you will get 4.0.  I do have a HTC Flyer 7″ pad that will stay att 3.2 and not get 4.0 or 4.1, even though it has good enough specs.

    No, the 2011 line of phones doesn’t have hardware specs that is enough for 4.1  (own observations of my SonyEricsson Ray and informal information form within Sony).  You are plain ignorant if you think it will work good.

  • For programmers there are support libraries from Google that will allow programmers to use the new features (API) even on older OS:es (way back to 1.6).  The only thing that isn’t supported are the Action Bar.  But that could be done by another support librarie, but not from Google.

    So yes, there are some app developers have to decide which target customers they want to support.  And if they want to, they can support the whole line of phones.  Even though some of the earlier phones doesn’t have memory enough to load that many extra programs.

  • So you got your ICS?  What are you complaining about?

    Some customers are loud and will never be happy.  Just deal with that…

    If that is your creteria, you will not have many manufaturers to buy your phone from.  Not Samsun or HTC, nor Motorola etc. etc.

  • Well, Nexus is from different manufacturers.  Next Nexus in the line might be from Sony. :-)

  • What about physics?  Should Sony break fysics laws to satisfy customers like you?  Would it be better to put efforts in putting and dist. that will not performe good enough on customers devices.  What will you do when the machine starts to be laggy?  I guess you would then AGAIN complain at Sony.  And a couple of hundreds more.

    Noone  of the big telephone manufacturers are designing telephones to last more than 2,5-3 years, noone.  If they say, they are lying to you.  You might have some phones that last longer, but not most.  For once, the battery will be shit and so the screen.

  • Bolverktandava

    Fanboism, they willing to defend their brand although their brand ripping their money Off…

  • Bolverktandava

    so sony only give one Update from 2.3 to 4.0 so what the differences with 2009/2010 line up (x10 families and x8) which only had one Update (from 1.6 to 2.1)?????….fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on you again, F**king Japs 

  • Adrian Casillas

    Most devices only get one big update, and that’s if they’re lucky to get any update at all. People should appreciate that they even got the ICS update (on a phone that probably shouldn’t even have ICS on it) instead of complaining about the fact that they’re not getting Jelly Bean. Typical people now a days. Ignore everything you get and point out everything you don’t get.

  • naathaanS

    What about my T68i?

  • naathaanS

    Just be cause their phone department isnt what ‘you want’ you’re going to hate it? the entire company? VAIO, BRAVIA, DSLR, PS?

  • Héroe Del Silencio

    Troll comment is troll

  • Adrian Casillas

    Sony should be praised not beaten down for this. It’s waste of time for them to update the 2011 phones any further. First off, it’s bad business strategy. No one is gonna buy their new phones if they keep their old phones up to date with the latest software. Customer satisfaction can only go so far when it comes to something like this. And second, people should be happy to have ICS on phones that probably shouldn’t have even gotten ICS, spec wise anyway. People always point out the bad and never acknowledge the good.

  • Hafiz Imtiaz

    The 2012 Xperias will get the JB update alright, but I guess they will suffer the update as much as the 2011 Xperias are suffering the ICS update. This is so unfortunate that the official update from a huge corporation like Sony is so buggy and sloppy. However, CM10 alpha is already released for the 2011 MDPI Xperias. Why don’t Sony hire those guys over XDA Developers and FreeXperiaProject?

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  • yank_k

    atleast realease a stable ics ! after 4.04 update poor camera phnes freezes tried evrything factory reset repair using PCC nothing seems to work ! so many bugs ! 

  • Adrian Casillas

    But 2.3 to 4.0 is…

  • Adrian Casillas

    They updated their entire 2011 line of phones with software they shouldn’t have even gotten in the first place. Yeah, Sony is soooooooo horrible. Please name another manufacturer that did that? ICS on my Arc S was perfect and stable. I don’t know why everyone says it was horrible.

  • Adrian Casillas

    But why should they waste their time on this? It’s bad business strategy. They have new phones to update. They gave the 2011 phones the one big update they were guaranteed.

  • Hasmukh Patel

    OKay it may updated all(not 100% all), but still waiting for 2012 handset for ICS update. what you say about it? like Xperia U/Sola and lots other handset released after ICS but still these devices waiting for ICS update. Sony Sucks.

  • Adrian Casillas

    Why do they suck? Because they don’t want to update their old phones? The 2011 Xperias got the one big update they were guaranteed in the 18 months. Besides, why would Sony keep old phones updated when they have their new phones? That’s just dumb business. No one is gonna buy their new phones if their old phones have the same or better software. Remember, no company has to give you ANY updates. Be happy Sony gave you the one.

  • Hasmukh Patel

    You must first experience Samsung devices. I used and I love it. They give better performance, service and support than sony. I get 100% money back from samsung when I get some problem and I ask them to give me refund or give me latest different device( I was ready to pay for it). But they offer me refund or new device(Same model). But sony service station does not even give proper reply for any problem. Samsung give better performance in their device also. More user friendly, more features but sony only think about UI not user friendly, less customization. This is my second sony handset and 1st sony smartphone but I never trust sony now and never suggest to buy sony better Samsung it is really best. I have lots of friends having samsung smart phones and basic phones but they love samsung because of quality and service. and because of it samsung growth is more than other companies. You should know this stats.

  • riduanzol

    Xperia 2011 devices dont need Upgrade for JB, what they need just solution on ICS issues and sony responsible to fix that problem..but look like sony really dont care about that, but it keep pushing people to buy they new give ICS with issues for their 2011 devices and…sony gone.

  • riduanzol

    Android is the best but sony was make it terrible, same case like my friend, for the first time he using android using sony phone, and he really disappointed because using android, actually not android fail but Sony make it make android worst and shame..

  • riduanzol

    Android is the best but sony was make it friend, for the first time he using android using sony phone, and he really disappointed because using android, he put a blame on android & now he move to other OS.. actually it not android false but Sony make it make android worst and shame..

  • sharique shaikh

    People moaning and saying they would switch to different company for them go change the manufacturer and See except for their high end how many other phones are upgraded Samsung only update S2 and note and no other devices!

  • iliketowritearticles

    What did he not like about it? Explain in detail.

  • iliketowritearticles

    Wow, you must know so much about other phone manufactures.

  • DragonClaw

    It’s not like that bro. The 2011 phones are hundred percent capable of taking on Jellybean smoothly. It is just market strategy that is preventing Sony (or for that matter any device manufacturer) to give Jellybean to older devices. 

  • are you just a loser or what w800 is not a motherf*cking android phone. go be stupid somewhere else

  • dude W800?

  • naathaanS

    I tried all of the Galaxy phones line. I liked it but i dont love it. And they dont give better performance, Xperia S is equally on par with GS2 and if you’re talking about GS3, the dual S4 chip that Sony uses in GX performed better than the quad Exynos in benchmarks.
    The reason that sony kept the UI like that so that it resemble the stock UI (stock android) as possible. I don’t see how TouchWiz is user friendly at all. I have friends who have GS and GS2,  they hated it because of the UI. I ask them why not try Sony, they gave it a try, they loved it. Now they both brought Xperia P. And the built quality of it is better than GS2 and GS3.
    Help me with this, i don’t get this argument. Because a certain company’s growth is higher, you have to buy their products?

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  • Hasmukh Patel

    I also do not want to any arguments. But I love Samsung mobiles as they give freedom but in Sony has lock down approach like they cant give choice to make less or more desktop screens, menu customization like Samsung gives. They also remove functionality like block call/sms. Samsung has best call log I find but Sony has like basic call log. and lots more features Samsung provide. Even you can compare their Application connectivity, built in social hub, chaton, Samsung kies vs Sony Companion, Samsung APPs.

    then you say Why samsung growth is fast. Samsung provide better service and support. Sony does not even reply on call, email. I sent them few emails for my Xperia sola problems 2 months before but still they not replied me. While samsung reply max in 3 days and also get call in 7 days to confirm problem resolve or  not and result is satisfactory or not. I got full refund after 5 months used phone when I ask them to either refund or give me latest model(after whatever is extra money). While Sony does not take some time to reply any of my email. I have lots of problem with battery, network connectivity and other are also facing same problem but sony have no time to solve it or reply.

    Now yourself compare with Samsung. and because of service, support and good product they have higher growth.

  • naathaanS

    True on those about apps, samsung have more apps globally. There are far more apps for sony in japan and only in japan, which im a bit pissed off by it.

    I said, “Because a certain company’s growth is higher, you have to buy their products?” but anyway, you might be the unlucky one because i sent them a email and it was answered the next day. I had a problem on the front shell on the arc, and i asked if i could change it. They said yes, i went, next day its done.

  • Erik

    Hey/Hej Sony (no longer Ericsson).

    What about that 18 Month Follow Up of Android? My Contract (In sweden) for Xperia Arc just turn 15 months and Jelly Bean was release 2 months ago – so you break another promise again?

    I had the P800, P1, W800, Arc, Xperia S and always stuck to the phones. I was thinking that The Xperia S will be my last one since you always messed upp support for models above and Now my Arc aint getting no love, a phone not even 18 months old!

    No more Sony for me.

  • Hasmukh Patel

    You are lucky to get service from Sony I am not even get reply on their facebook page. But you can see call log, call/sms blocker is important but sony have poor in both. My 2 friend have Sony handset and both are complaining. Even you can see Sony promises that they will give ICS on Xperia sola in june but still they are not giving any date. When they launch samsung,htc and other are selling new handset with ICS if hardware is capable but sony still selling GB even hardware is capable to ICS.

    and I dont think sony have same features in japan like samsung giving everywhere. I hope you love Sony but I never buy Sony handset in future that I make mistake. Best of luck Nathan

  • Na

    You stupid a*s. Arc is not even 18 months and gatting no love, Arc 2 is less then a Year, idiot. Sony prommised to release updates 18 months back. Are you hired by the jerks in lund?

  • although it was “SonyEricsson” that might have made that deal and not “Sony Mobile” as they are called now.
    so my guess is that all SonyEricsson phone owners are fu***d.

  • Hasmukh Patel

    Sony has not eligibility to get Nexus from Google :)

  • webusermy

     Urm.. sarcasm.. look it up..

  • naathaanS

    I dont remember that Sony promised Xperia Sola will get ICS in june, they said late Q2 to early Q3. Which is around now.

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  • Hasmukh Patel

    They told Q2 2012 and June was last month in Q2 and If you say early Q3 but almost 1 or 3 month passed in Q3 so it is also not called early in Q3. Sony always failed, and you still missed samsung features those I told you in my previous reply.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Well, Sony actually warned people who updates there 2011-phones that that might happen and explained why. So dont say you didnt know? But anyway, ICS on 2011 phones till do work a whole lot better than ICS for 2012-phones.

  • Katrina

    kids are so funny these days, they can make their way up to here on the net and trash talk nonsense.

    if you know nothing about the details of techs, dont bother commenting. Youre just making a fool of yourself.
    Go get a degree or sth and learn a little about techs, educate yourself god damn it.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Well, wont say you laying about what you saying. But to be honest I have never been into the same situation with Sony (Ericsson). The support i had from Sony has been great. When I call them, they answer the call within a couple of seconds. They helpfull, and never had any reason to complain about refunds. When it comes to mail, i got answer within a day or two. So perhaps it has to do where you are? 

    When it comes to performance issues I do feel that SONY products perform better than Samsung to be honest. Exept the 2012-line phones with ICS 4.0 that do have performance issues. But what we know is there is 2 updates certified so I think it will get fixed soon.

    And that part that Sony UI is more closed than samsung is not correct at all. Sure thats correct that we cant do changes in launcher and that part with call and telefonbook. But we can still install or change it with another app. Samsung puts a UI that they wants the customers to use entirety. They dont want you to change anything. Sony is thinking differently. They want their UI to be so close to vanilla, and easy to use and not that much features that can make it difficult. Just clean and a simple UI, not like the HTC or Samsung devices that got UI that is full with features. HTC and Samsung want they UI to be complet. Sony UI is all about changes. So dont agree with you their. I would even go that far to say just because of this slick and clean UI of Sonys, its more open that Samsung or HTC because it kinda makes us wanna fiddle with it in someway. Samsung and HTC is complete, why change anything? I guess its all about wich angle you wanna look at it. :-)

  • Jerry Berglund

    Mm.. maybe. But you now that parts of your Sony Device still says Sony Ericsson. lol. If I take a picture for instance, the information about that picture says SONY ERICSSON. So in a way it could be that reason, but dont think so. :-)

  • Jerry Berglund

    Hmm…. just want to correct you. X10 got 2.3.3. :-) And it was the flagship of 2010. So in a way arc/arc S still might get Jelly Bean. And maybe all the rest as well. But Sony is still kinda working mostly with the new phones, and 2012 phones. So I do still have a hope for Jelly Bean on 2011 phones. Sony has changde their minds before when it comes to their flagships.

  • Hasmukh Patel

    I used Samsung S, SL, S2, Note, S3 and also Samsung Wave all are nice handset and never get complaint except I had problem in SL that Samsung gives me 100% refund after around 5 months usage. And you may never notice how much they are user friendly in service, support and devices. They give better customization and more features compare to Sony. 

    Please check

    Sony already certified 2 updates for XPeria Sola(I have) but still not giving updates. They gave 
    6.0.B.3.162ECOJun 15, 2012
    on 29-june-2012 and it is buggy but still they have no time to answer their bugs. They have network, battery issue, phone restart, touch response is pathetic and now advertisement show anytime.

    While if Samsung has their software issue they have option on their software to revert it and samsung take action in 24 hrs. You can see Xperia S has 3 updates on ICS and still problem.

    I dont know when they give ICS update on Xperia sola that was plan Q2 2012 and now already 1 month passed Q3 2012 but still they are not stabilized GB and not giving date of ICS update. Who care about 1 year old model when latest models are not stable. 

    I am not using any smartphone more than 6 months as lots of options and new features getting every six months. I am already using this phone since 3 months and may use max 1-2 months they I dont care they give ICS/JB(If they can).

    simply I dont trust Sony as I experience, you may have good experience but me or none of my friends have good experience.

    You can even see Xperiea X8 is limited to 2.1 they not even give 2.2/2.3 even that handset is capable to GB they why you blind lovers are shouting that Sony is only company that provide ICS update on 2011 models. Again who care to get update on 1 year old models when latest model are not getting.

    Should I enjoy GB when work are ready for JB?

  • Guest

    And maybe cost vs. return of investment. It doesn’t come without an effort you know…

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  • Buffy Anne Summers

    not for nothing, but everyone puende the world does not buy the range 2012.
    the nexus s with 1 hz and 500 ram is upgraded to jb
    to the arc s not tine or 18 months

  • naathaanS

    Q2 = April, May, June
    Q3 = July, August, September

  • Gerry

    YOU DISAPPOINT A LOT OF CUSTOMERS SONY! less and delayed update for Sony

  • Hasmukh Patel

    Yes Sir,

    I know Q3 = 7-9 months but early Q3 should done in July not september. August used for mid, september used for late so early should be first 1-3 week of july and it is already passed and their first commitment was Q2 which is already passed.

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  • boosook

     The new Miro and Tipo have the same 512 MB ram and lower-class cpu (800 MHz vs. 1 GHz and inferior GPU), yet they have ICS out of the box…

  • Pingback: Sony não atualizará linha de dispositivos lançados em 2011 para o Android 4.1 Jelly Bean | DroidiX()

  • I’ve reflashed my K750i to W800i Firmware was an  CID 49 | DB2010 used XS++ ,Custom Drivers and File System mods and patches.

  • Feanor

    Of course they mean 18 months from the release of the phone, not from the moment of purchase. If you buy an arc at the end of its life cycle, you cannot expect any updates. It’s true that the arc is about 16-17 month old, so it’s right at the border of whether we should complain or not for not receiving JB. Personally I was not expecting it. At least I’m one of the lucky ones to have ICS running great on arc.


    I’am a girl, I’m borned to suck mister jx.


    and what about one update from 2.3 to 4.0.4 and 4.1 for Xperia S? I count 2… Iknow is a flagship model, and NXT series, but…

  • Dnj

    Only British people get sarcasm, we are unique and amazing.

  • Fernando Mendez

    que se vayan a la mierda, cuando este completo el room se lo instalo y que se vayan a cagar!

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  • very british

    Hmm, i’m not british but i get it

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  • WhoDaresWins4Ever

    It’s the way that the manufacturers (Sony in this case) always gives promises that they never live up to. Maybe you’re okey with that but I will never be. When I buy a premium phone I expect to get premium support on it. Anything else is bs.

  • Pingback: Sony confirma que algunos Xperia 2011 se quedarán sin saborear Jelly Bean | | Hosben.ComHosben.Com()

  • WhoDaresWins4Ever

    No, It’s Sony that is fucked if they keep on disappointing their customers.  

  • WhoDaresWins4Ever

    My point still stands. They should still support minor/medium upgrades for 18 months.

  • Nine

    Unfortunately Arc S won’t be getting the Jelly Bean update, but we’re always developing new phones and make sure they get the latest updates.

    wow , after reading that comment from a sony offical, im starting to beleive that SONY doesnt respect it’s customers.

  • Pingback: Zu-No – Sony confirma que algunos Xperia 2011 se quedarán sin saborear Jelly Bean()

  • WhoDaresWins4Ever

    You might be correct for the Arc, but the Arc S came out Oct 2011 and it doesn’t seem to get the JB upgrade either. So his point still stands. A lot of promises that are never fulfilled.

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  • Greyfox840

    I wonder  if there is any word ou there on Jelly Bean release date -Xperia S owner-

  • nfs2010

    Dear Sony,
    You did a great update job on X10 (1.6 to 2.3) – I really appreciated that. Please don’t mess this up this time. Don’t piss these people off. They are the most loyal customers you’ll ever get. I’ve bought 10+ SE phones in last 3 years and always recommended their phones to my friends/cousins. If you fail to keep your promise on 18 months support, even the hardcore fans like me will pissed.


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  • Bayberry yang

    Here offers sincere services and sells for discount Cell Phone Accessories

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  • Pozhenzwynn

    Is not fair to the xperia user

  • Pozhenzwynn

    Ics is not yet stable now no update jb to us?then we buy smart phone for what if the is no update

  • John Doe

    It is actually very bad business strategy.

    User’s don’t purchase a new phone every 6-9-12 months. They purchase new phone every 2-3 years, on average. This means, that the users, who are about to buy a new phone now, see that the models still in the shops (yes, the 2011 Xperias are still being sold) are already abandoned. Do you think that they will go for brand like this?

    If you think that this is sustainable strategy to develop your business, I have a bridge to sell to you…

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  • junin romualdo

    I think if Sony said they would upgrade their phones for ICS, they must comply with and do not think a wonder they have updated, this is the minimum that would have to do, I bought my Xperia hoping to run ics, but came a ics bug, and the kernel where the update? the people are speaking of the galaxy s, a phone of 2010 with the same hardware can speak of xperia 2011, wanted the samsung update yet for ics? are a joke! Sony with their 2011 range not updated (100% functional) because the samsung should upgrade a phone of 2010? the Galaxy s2 has been updated and are considering an update jb, that will surely come. Relied on the Sony but oh what came to me? an ics buggy, if not for some developers to bring aokp and aosp would be very angry with my player! And without talking to the interface/ui ginger! How am I going to buy a handset xperia 2012 if can come a jb bug? This happens once with the client the second he buys a Samsung, and that is why she has been growing, and Samsung today confirmed that got 5.9 billion (hurt) dollars only profit in the second quarter of this year I don’t buy never a xperia s if prices here in Brazil are nearly equal with the s3, or rather think not buy another Sony, if ever they do not optimize ics and update the kernel.

  • junin romualdo

    had some promise? Someone bought some other Samsung phone thinking it would be updated? Until the Galaxy S received an optimization, what to talk about it? And even I with my mobile xperia 2011 I will return back to ginger 2.3.4 wheres update 2.3.7? grow up kid, and ceases to be fanboy!

  • junin romualdo

    We have to wait at least one actual ICS, because we have been promised, and not care for other brands, if the other does not update the Samsung’s growth will only grow if you know what I mean!

  • sharique shaikh

    Lol listen up you are being a fan boy of Samsung my first android was Samsung galaxy R I was also in clear words promised that it would be updated but even after 7 months no news about the update Samsung went mum about this! Sony never promised For JB instead for ICS and they are about to finish updating but Samsung did promise about ICS and never ever started !

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  • hayabuza90

    after practising iphone for a long time, I was very happy to buy a sony xperia arc 2011. So powerful phone! But tell me please, what are the benefits to buy a xperia 2011 smartphone, if you don’t allow us to upgrade to Jelly Bean… I’m so disapointed! If the news reveals to be true, I’ll buy another brand who will upgrade… please make an effort!

  • paul4id

     yes, Sony have done a bad job in updating their drivers.

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  • Navarro Puff187

    I don’t think that this is the end of the road for the arc s. xda guys are doing clockwork on the new OS. besides, I agree that this could a marketing strategy because the statement above alone implies that you NEED to buy a new phone just to taste the updated OS.

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  • Sharik Asnari

    WIFI direct is the most commonly used function in lower end samsung phone and still Sony didnt bothered to  update 2011 xperia with wifi direct in ICS update.

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  • Navarro Puff187

    times like these that we have to show faith on the upcoming cyanogen.

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  • Oscar Mark

    Why would you want JB?

  • Pingback: Sony rep confirms some 2011 Xperia handsets won’t be tasting Google’s Jelly Bean | Aclarar Piel Blog Oficial()

  • Gooneray

    Neo running ICS 4.0.4.
    Heads up guys, product redundancy is a major factor in today’s consumer driven society. Yeah I’d like the 4.1 upgrade but the harsh reality is that the tech in my phone is now a little on the old side. Low RAM, single core processor, “buttons” & more.
    Do Apple & Microsoft offer free unlimited upgrades on all their operating systems. Likewise do Dell, HP & Toshiba provide the same. I dont think anyone is going to offer me a free upgrade on the Win 7 I bought last December when Win8 comes out in a few months.
    Now that I am now a little more tech savvy when it comes to mobile phones, rest assured that when it comes to my next phone it’s gonna have the most cores, RAM, slots & mega pixels I can afford.
    I’ve always had Sony k750i, w715i & Neo got my eyes on the Xperia S or the new Galaxy for Xmas;-)

  • InspectorGadget80

    Man these companies really know how o screw their consumers. Never buy a phone if it will get ICS/JELLY BEAN glad i never bought the ARC.

  • Roeshak

    A very narrow minded short sighted view of things. Creating the best user or customer experience makes it more likely that those same users or customers will stay with the brand. Retaining existing customers is just as important if not more so than gaining new ones. The Arc S should if they stick to the 18mths support period receive Jelly Bean and as a good will gesture so should the other 2011 phones.
    Don’t worry too much about 4.1, I don’t think we’ll see it on any Sony Mobile this year. In fact I don’t think we’ll ever see it at all on any Sony phone. They’ll probably just skip it like they did froyo.
    Google shares it’s plans and roadmap with all it’s partners. They new JB would be launched in q2 2012 so they delayed ICS for the 2012 phones. The ics build released for the xps has so many issues that they’ll probably spend the next few months sorting that out. By the time other manufactures start to roll out JB, google would have announced or maybe even launched the next iteration of android with the upcoming nexus device.
    I’ll bet anything that Sony will at that point announce an update to that sometime late q1 or early q2 2013.
    Of course that’s just my opinion but I just believe they do everything they can to limit the number OS upgrades they make. They’ve always hated this about android and try their damn best to curtail it.

  • Pruthviraju6

    Yet again, many Android fans have been betrayed. thanks to Sony.
    Team Techoie suggests them to change their Tag Line to MAKE.FORGET rather than MAKE.BELIEVE (anyday better than designed for humans).
    Getting back to the topic,

    The following phones wont receive the Android 4.1 a.k.a JellyBean update  :Xperia ArcXperia Arc SXperia NeoXperia Neo VXperia ProXperia PlayXperia MiniXperia Mini ProXperia Ray &Xperia Active.
    Now, thats a rude shock for all Sony users. Maybe, Sony must learn from apple. Apple, till date supports the 3gs and constantly keeps it updated. very intersting to know that a 1.4ghz processor enabled phone wont receive the update. if this phone cant run it, which can ?
    Anyways, It clearly shows that sony is completely into profit and doesnt care about its existing customers. how shameful ? It would be ridiculous if people still trust sony and purchase their phones, they need to be taught on how to handle customers.we call you for a Sony BOYCOTT ! Join us, as we spread this message !

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  • Nstorov98

    Must I to have SONY xperia to get updates!?!


    does it mean my k800i becommes no update? :S

  • bob

     Does my k800i also get no update???

  • Buffy Anne Summers

    grateful? sorry, are you stupid?

  • Buffy Anne Summers

    I’m sick of people like you
    How do you ics should never be for 2011?
    JB is more should have the S tine arc more or less a year

  • Buffy Anne Summers

    you are stupid?
    the nexus s JB
    512 MB ram 1Hz, and people say it works better than GB

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  • SCRiPT-

    i buyed  last mounth arc s 300 euro..

    for getting NO JELLY BEAN?

    never sony.

    just dont buy sony guys

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  • Meganoor11

    Damn u sony for not updating arcs to 4.1 first only it has the worst ics in yhe world now this…….my next mobile will be a Samsung…….ishall never buy a sony again…..

  • Meganoor11

    It is the worst ics on this planet they have just changed the theme thats all

  • PeterG

    Isnt that powerful? I have Xperia Active with official ICS and it is absolutely stable, it has better performance as before (gingerbread), the battery works better, I have more free RAM …
    Xperia Active is with ICS MUCH BETTER!
    So JB shouldnt be bad for it.

  • bye sony

    i quite expected this, from what happened to xperia x10 users back last year,
    however am quite depressed wid sony given tht now we have to stick to this buggy ics

    its amazing how sony replies do they expect customers to get a new high priced phone every year in order to use it with a stable os?

    ics screwed my phone now i cant even use it properly even if its for basic funtions like pickin call and textimg, its filled wid bugs

    honestly now am done wid sony

  • T1m0thy1

    then the xda can help us to get4.1.1

  • Someone

    Sony UK
    Hi there, during the Q&A here lots of people asked about upgrades to the new Android
    operating system Jelly Bean, our spokesman John gave an update on rollout of this onto 2011 Xperia devices. Unfortunately this update was given in error. We are actively investigating OS upgrades for all devices, but at this point in time we are focusing on our rollout of Ice Cream Sandwich to all stated devices. For more information, check out

  • Pingback: [ATUALIZADO] Sony não atualizará linha de dispositivos lançados em 2011 para o Android 4.1 Jelly Bean | DroidiX()

  • Gederickson

    HTC One V did not get JellyBean, its 2012 phone, its HTC One series phone
    I’m sure Sony will update all their NXT series not like HTC
    Sony still best

  • Oicmobil

    It might be true that they don’t have to, but it will for sure be a big problem for them if they don’t upgrade their phones, since anyone else does.

  • Oicmobil

    For heavens sake, go bye an Galaxy Nexus. Problem solved! ;-)

  • Keval Purohit

    Xperia neo v will got jb or not? And yes than when? Sony is very slow in providing latest os.

  • Forallshits

    I’ve got SONY XPERIA NEO and XPERIA S. sony thinks that people will by new phone every year, damn..!
    NEO – closed, on the next year – XPERIA S?!
    So, what am I going to buy next?
    BEST THOUGHT:SONY UPDATE XPERIA 2011 to Android 4.1-5, and XPERIA 2010 to Android 4.0, and do not create too many models!   

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  • Poop

    That means xperia play, will get it ;)

  • Zamboota


  • Zamboota

    I read all the post @ the end U all Fakin stupid same like sony
    Make more belive (make belive) sony will suck your blood

  • Mrfunkedelik

    and you’re proud to announce that…Sony ‘s really pathetic. My next smartphone will not be a Sony

  • Tasnik Khan

    A new study has shown that people who have difficulty understanding sarcasm probably has brain damage :-P 

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  • guest

    aha your dumb they didnt upgrade all 2011 models so no one has done it and no one will

  • guest

    the point of selling products is to keep your customers happy.. my first se arc i paid 700 retail and one week later it stopped working(factory defect) i had purchased extended warranty so i figured no problem right? nope sony personally told me over the phone as i quote ” we arent fixing your model or replacing it go fuck yourself” so i paid another 700 for another one and im not even going to get my moneys worth from it now thats bullshit fuck sony and everything they make… your not apple you copycat fucks make something that lasts more than half a year… compared to apples 4-6 year guarentee? get real sony

  • naathaanS

    “go fuck yourself”… why dont YOU go fuck yourself? Do yourself a favor. And really a copycat? You do realize Apple took Sony’s concept, Sony design laptop for Apple since iBook era you dumb shit and i also know you’re trolling. I like to feed the troll, problem?

  • why sony why?

  • SS

    Sony is an ass. I’ll not buy Sony phones in future. Sony phones are good but update and service is very very bad. Take two ‘X’ model phone one will update to ICS and other one will not. Their update server will show a busy message all the time. Its a third class brand with first class name.

  • MSNx

    SONY, just give Arc and Arc S owners Jelly Bean, and I may well consider buying a new phone from you sometime later. But if you won’t, I cannot promise this kind of consideration is ever going to take place. On Xda forum some smart brain created a ROM to flash LT15i and LT18i so technically speaking we have somewhat of an upgrade despite SONY official policies. But getting an official firmware is always better for most users and adds a big + to company’s reputation!

  • One more unsatisfied customer

    i have bought my xperia mini 1 month ago, after i’ve updated 2.3 to 4.0 ICS i got an ugly preferences menu, and laggy OS, for example – some games get a touchscreen no-responce from time to time, and im pretty sure its OS problems, cause when touchscreen works, games run smooth. I guess Sony needs to hire better and not lazy programmers….

  • Wind TV

    Huhhhh?! SHELDON COOPER?!


    sony suck.if i were there i’ll pee on your sucker face.

  • Ranguna

    The best Xperia isn’t getting the 4.1 update WTF is this fucked pice of shit news??!!
    Fuck you sony..

  • No not Sheldon Cooper, since he said ”has brain damage” and not the correct phrase ”have brain damage”

  • Wind TV

    Whaaaat? I meant, because Sheldon can’t understand sarcasm, he has brain damage.

  • Wind TV

    Or maybe they want to make Sony Ericsson a thing of the past… forever.

  • what is thei problem??? 4.1 works faster then 4.0.4, its like bug fix more or less. Its not that i want to have JB on X10 mini, but arc s is capable to run JB. Ilike sony ericsson phones, i had T65 since then only ericsson or SE phones. But with this kind of support im switching to samsung. One more buyer for sony is lost.

  • Marek Kaminski

    ok whole samsung range of 2011 gets JB oficially, good bye Sony its been a pleasure but its time to find someone better than you.

  • coolguy

    which part of the world do u exist on man…japan…and on sony executive board ….den maybe ur Adrian SAN….but for others u r simply an ignorant dumb brainless clot…if u hav the time and put in the effort to go check on other manufacturers business stratergy ur great holyier than thou self will realise that the older fones are supported by the manufacturer for much longer than sony does..example before my arc s i had nokia n86 and se experia x1 at the same time i have received 2 firmware updates till date on the n86…which is a 3yrs old model…late 2009 release..while as for sony i havnt received even 1…..bad business sense my foot….its a fact sony takes customers for granted…thats why when i bought a new phone for my wife it was s3…thats alll ….and regarding my previous fones startin from t105,t168,t230,w800i,x1,arc s….i will never ever buy another sony phone if arc s dosnt get jb…..and as for any comments mr arian san….go fly a kit…good bye..

  • LOL if my nexus s (same ram same limitation… wait what?!?!? limitation??? it isnt a lmitation the ram is shared with the gpu ne remains ram is dedicated for graphics LOL)…. whatever if my nexus s runs very very good with jelly bean and BETTER than gingerbread and ics, why jelly bean cannot work on these xperia phones (that have better hardware indeed)?

  • F**K Sony, My mini Pro hasn’t even been Issued ICS!
    I’m going to have to foce feed it jelly been

  • anthony

    update every 2-3 years? wtf, you need a better job dude

  • Sam DG

    Sony won’t update coz they hate Ericsson as much as I hate Sony now! :P


    No Jelly Bean for my Xperia Arc S !! Bie Sony, my next phone will be a Samsung S3, LG Optimus G or Motorolla Razr HD. Sony nevermore!!

  • Not Important

    Ok to those trolling over people upset about not getting 4.1…yes Sony did update to ICS, however that update bricked many phones or left them unusable. 2 times a day “sim card removed” then you have to reboot it…heck it would have been better if it just force reboot all the time, at least you wouldnt go an entire day to realize the phone does not connect to the network. I will NEVER buy another Sony again after they lied about the update to clear out there 2011 inventory then reneged AFTER they sold out. It is phone sales fraud if you want the honest truth.

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  • chandran

    last week i bought sony arc S mobile .pls tel me how to update jelly bean…

  • Savvas Agathokleous

    No more Sony for me! I’ve only bought arc s 3 months ago and it is already obsolete! Not to mention that the upgrade to 4.0 sucks! The phone is dead slow!

  • swadhin

    When Xperia tipo will get update because in this phone there is no walkman player and movies.please inform me

  • fakfar

    Actually, every version of Android has its own requirement, these was an excerpt from ANDROID COMPATIBILITY DEFINITION 4.1 (JELLY BEAN):

    -Device implementations MUST have at least 340MB of memory available to the kernel and userspace. The 340MB. MUST be in addition to any memory dedicated to hardware components such as radio, video, and so on that is not under the kernel’s control.

    -Device implementations MUST offer shared storage for applications. The shared storage provided MUST be at least 1GB in size.

    -Device implementations SHOULD include a transceiver and related hardware for Near-Field Communications (NFC).

    So, in conclusion, hmm, pretty strict right? There’s more:

  • redpanda

    it depends on the phones hardware, b***h! if the phone were f**ked up and still had 18 month update…who cares? sony just want to think about our USER EXPERIENCE…besides, sony may give minor update to ics in xperia 2011 devices

  • naanaa

    it is just their SONY strategies. If all 2011 devices get jelly bean update, who want to get 2013 xperia devices? think strategies dude :)

  • mooooooolas

    next time buy a nexus phone…

  • rumrum786

    checkout official jelly bean on xperia in action

  • fuck u


  • Sencricer

    I love you :)

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