Sony LT29i ‘Hayabusa’ sample pictures

by XB on 30th July 2012

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The Sony LT29i ‘Hayabusa’ will be armed with some top-end technology when it is eventually announced and released in the next few months. One of the new features we are looking forward to is the 13MP stacked CMOS camera sensor, which should give very good low-light performance.

Following on from the previous post where ePrice showed us some hands-on photos/videos of the handset itself, we forgot to include some photo samples from the handset itself. See some of these below, which look quite impressive to us. Click to enlarge each image at its original resolution.

Sony LT29i Hayabusa sample pictures

Via ePrice.

  • woooow impressive than compare with xperia s … 

  • Amazing! Somewhere between the SXS and the 808 in quality!

    And those colours!

  • Ambroos

    Looks quite good! I think they tamed down the compression which is a good thing. But you can also clearly see there is still a bit too much noise (and noise reduction artifacts). I really think this is the megapixel limit for a sensor of this size. I’d prefer an 8MP sensor with more clarity and I really hope they won’t try to go over 13MP without making the sensor bigger. But then you’d have a PureView-like huge camera bump which looks horrible too.

  • wellwisher

    Sony iz awsome

  • This looks much better than what my XS produces. A lot better color and less noise on the pictures. 

  • I am no photo enthusiast or expert or whatever, but is it right to say that the noise reduction is a bit too aggressive?

  • Pretty close to the Nokia N8 image quality which is the second best cameraphone available, after the 808 of course.

  • Donny

    This is absolutely a great deal… I believe that xperia mint has the same quality camera performance as hayabusa has….

  • miki69

     true. It’s a bit too strong/aggressive, but images are not “deliberately” blurred/softened, like my N8 does. It’s a different approach, I can say I prefer Sony way (btw N86 used same approach).  Color rendering is top notch. Excellent work Sony!

  • miki69

     yep, colors are stunning!


  • RacecarBMW

    Is this true?

    What is so special about the Mint? I mean it seems exactly like the hayabusa…

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    I wish he would have taken them in widescreen

  • Coollead

    Once I get my GX next Thursday, I’ll upload more sample pics/sample video.

  • Some people like u are still thinking in the n8 like the best camera phone for eve,r  im sorry that phone isnt a reflex or NASA telescope, was a good phone a very old one its time to forget abt, just see thats sample, not there is phone on the market, it can beat that! OPEN YOUR EYE AND SELL THAT VERY OLD N8

  • George Mhanna

    what about tje sony xperia S/acro S, i think the cam in these 2 is the second best after the 808

  • Theunnamed

     how are you gonna get your GX and its not yet released ?!!
    i cant wait to get it !! tell me how you buyin it?

  • Starpeter78

    very good pictures!)Yeah,the camera definitely better than XS has!)I hope video aslo will be top notch!!)

  • dereknobuyuki

    me too (^__^)v

  • dereknobuyuki

    He put in a pre-order and will pick it up when it’s released Thursday of next week.

  • Im agree with You george!, we got to know XS and Acro s have the same tecnology, im not a nokia haters but if sony makes a phone fat like the 808 can put  80 megapixels on! i prefer to buy a reflex and will be just a little bit fat than the 808!

  • Chico

    Nice! The colours are pretty orgasmic :D

  • does the camera have HDR recording?

  • Sojvarghese

    Nice picture .I am waiting to buy

  • megane198

    Colours are really great but JPEG compression is still on the aggressive side. I tried downloading the first picture, for a 13MP photos and the size is 3.39MB. Sony Mobile should make it at least 4 to 5MB+ or at least make the user select JPEG compression quality. My compact camera (LX5) at 10MP produces around 4.5 to 5+ MB.  I wish that it will fixed when the retail version is released.

  • Simao_lucio

    Please go ahead

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  • Xyrotic

    Aiks N8 isnt that good as you think .

    Dont simply rank GX as in ur imagination .
    And there is xperia S somemore . There is no room for N8 being the top 3 .

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  • MeesterPi

    I own a nokia n8, but have always been a Sony(Ericsson) fan and I must say: wow! great quality pictures!

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  • surethom

    Agree, all cameras & phones should be set to widescreen by default, your TV & monitor is widescreen not square.

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  • chronoe

    Why doesn’t Sony ever put Xenon flashes on their phones anymore? I remember they had those in their cybershot line. Even my k800i had one. :/

  • InspectorGadget80

    BEAUTIFUL PICS!! can’t wait to see the final hand set and BUY IT!

  • rV

    I wonder why most digi cam still thick….

  • miki69

     Having N8 myself, I have to agree. In fact, PERSONALLY I like N86 images better (color rendering, sharpness, contrast). N8 images are quite pale, washed-out and tad blurry due to different noise suppression algorithm used. In that respect I like N86 images better ( and believe me I have made a LOT of N8 vs N86 images). Xenon is the only true value of N8, still, I’m not thrilled with N8 camera performance… That’s why I have HIGH hopes for GX.


  • miki69

     except for new generation GPU Adreno 320 (225 for GX) and don’t forget new “White magic” screen.


  • miki69

     that makes 2 of us :)


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  • Mythbusterricker

    sadly, xenon flash only produces a brief short burst of light which is not suitable for video recording

  • Well… they could have both in the phone… ;)

  • Theunnamed

     how you sure about the Mint with ~White Magic~ ??!!

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  • miki69

     M-R preview.


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