Xperia GX released in Japan today; first unboxing video

by XB on 9th August 2012

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The Sony Xperia GX (SO-04D) was released by NTT DoCoMo in Japan today as expected. It has a 1.5GHz dual-core MSM8960 chipset with Adreno 225 GPU, 1GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, microSD memory card support, 4.55-inch display with 720 x 1280 resolution, 13MP camera, 1.3MP front camera, 1700mAh battery, MHL and NFC. See the first unboxing video we’ve come across for the Xperia GX after the break.

The 3.7-inch Sony Xperia SX (SO-05D) is due to go on sale tomorrow. To celebrate the launch of both handsets Sony is offering a couple of accessories at a knock-down price. If you buy the Sony Xperia GX or SX you can pick up the SmartWatch for 6,980 Yen (normal price 9,480 Yen). Xperia SX owners may also pick up the EP920 charger stand at a discounted price of 1,740 Yen (normal price 3,480 Yen).

  • Rammstone

    I so want this.. 

  • Huntedsoul

    wow!! wish it was available here in UK ://

  • annonymous

    Holy shit!! xperia mint is thick & ugly :&

    i wish they release an international version of this <3

  • Xlash Andraid

    Shut up and take my mo… Wait, it’s only for Japan. ='(

  • Starpeter78

    OMG!It is beautifull!!))))

  • Coollead

    I’m headed to Kyoto today, so I’m sure to take a ton of pictures with the GX! I’ll email them to the Xperia Blog so you can see some samples from the final version of the GX.

    I can’t get over how fast and nice the phone is… like, it blows my mind. I love this thing.

  • oro77

    Did you notice some bugs ?
    I have read about fuzzy screen during fast scrolling or some battery charge problems.
    I am still waiting mine ….

  • SOmebody can tell me why the live wallpaper cover flow dont work properly, dont looks animated!

  • Ohred_hk

    Totally agree. I cannot understand the reasoning behind Mint at all.

  • Coollead

    Nah, it’s pretty good! The screen is nice and the phone charged normally for me.

  • Tomanlam

    becoz that is a static wallpaper, i couldn’t find that color accent in any of the variants of the CosmicFlow LiveWallpaper…

  • R Pedroso

    There are two types. One that flows and one that doesn’t

  • doraemonboi

    Did the Sony LOGO Glow up? O_O I WANT IT!!

  •  hoping international version has more than 1700mah battery..

  • DragonClaw

    From the benchmarks it seemed Mint will be a more powerful device. Even though they will be running the same hardware. 

  • nfs2010

    Does anyone know if its camera has burst mode?

  • OK, it is only for Japan, but if I import this beauty(I know someone in Japan), will it work in Europe? I live in the Netherlands and have Vodafone as my provider.

  • To the happy owners of the GX : please post a Quadrant benchmark test result ! 
    That’s the last information i need to decide to purchase the device or not if it goes international.

  • TheLoyalist

    You buy phones because of the quadrant score?  Haha!


    The Mint and Hayabusa should have looked like the GX- beautiful phone. All Sony had to do was remove the Japanese exclusive features and release the phone internationally. They also need tighter control of their product- every Sony device leaks a good few months before it is released.  

  • Asdasd

    it shud work, but the u might not have the lte from vodafone 
    as japan’s lte network is kinda special 

  • Thanks. No LTE is needed, as long as it just works here.

  • Guesr

    Hmm,i didnt get the madness about new multicore phones but watching how fast this phone boots up(less than 30s) ,and how fast everything is opening,my Xperia Ray has started to seem like dated :(
    But no way am i going to buy a phone over 4 inch screen size,the Ray is perfect to be operated with one hand!

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  • Simao_lucio

    Please take somes pictures to see how the viewing angle stands.
    I’ll apreciate

  • Raydemort

    You need to check if the phone supports the 3G frequencies of Vodafones network in the Netherlands.

  • Raydemort

    Then save yourself  from the envy and don’t look up Xperia SX. :P

  • …. Sorry, but hwo can you check this? I thought 3G frequencies were all standard, that phones that support 3G would support every provider that has 3g? Sorry, but I am not that technical

  • Ameerjoe

    WTF SONY! GX ICS looks fukin smooth and the design is superb. i kinda feel regret buyin XPS and why theres no international version?!! 

  • H-R-K

    Sony releases it worldwide…..

  • Eh, the mint looks exactly like this except the power button is on the other side and the screen is 0.05 bigger. What are you on about?

  • Ashad Mamood

    That packaging looks awfully alot like the Apple IPhone packaging! Lol

  • Raydemort

    As I understand it, it seems it will support 2G and 3G in Europe, but not LTE. I’m no expert though.

  • Coollead

    It doesn’t, but you can continuously press the shutter, and it will keep taking pictures, with the same focus.

  • thanks pedroso!

  • nfs2010


  • It’s luxury. It’s so pitty we won’t see glowing Sony logo in Europe.

  • A Helmy50

    It’s not fair!
    Japanese people are so lucky

    This is the most beautiful phone I have ever seen

  • Yucietetsuki

    What’s the retail price?

  • Portiere23

    OK, already make a decision! i’ll chose this one, rather than HTC One X!

  • guangu188

  • yike

  • FranK

    I live in Thailand and already owned Xperia GX – NTT docomo SO-04D (Unlocked – SIM Free) about a week. Recently, the phone has firmware as 4.0.4 / 7.0.D.1.117.
    I connected the GX with notework last night and launch SONY UPDATE SERVICE and found F/W update available.
    Is it SAFE to update F/W from where I lived (Bangkok, THAILAND) while the GX – NTT docomo belongs to solely Japanese market. Is there any conflict ?? or making my Xperia GX … BRICK !!!

  • Fadi Obaya

    So heavily bloated

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