Xperia GX and Xperia SX already sold out; next shipments in September

by XB on 10th August 2012

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The Sony Xperia SX (SO-05D) went on sale via NTT DoCoMo in Japan today and follows its larger sibling the Sony Xperia GX (SO-04D) that went on sale yesterday. However it appears that due to the popularity of both devices they are already sold out.

The DoCoMo online store shows that you cannot order the Xperia GX at all, whilst the Xperia SX has only one of its four colours (pink) in stock to order online. The DoCoMo online store is selling the Xperia GX for 75,390 Yen (£616, €783, $961) and the Xperia SX for 61,950 Yen (£506, €643, $790).

According to reports coming out of Japan, the only stock in shops are for those that had previously pre-ordered the handsets. Many shops can now only take pre-order bookings and some shops are suggesting that the next stock is expected in September. Judging by the reaction on this blog, there’s no denying these are some very anticipated handsets and Sony Mobile must be delighted by the reaction so far. Now can we just have some international launch news for these handsets Sony, pretty please?

Xperia GX – Sold out on the DoCoMo store

Xperia GX DoCoMo

Xperia SX – Sold out on the DoCoMo store in all colours apart from Pink

Xperia SX DoCoMo

Via PlusD Mobile and Watch Impress.

  • sharique shaikh

    woah! Only if sony released it worldwide today would have surely taken away a whole lot of sales from samsung! :D please Sony hurry up!

  • goldenblls

    Great news!  Why can’t they co-ordinate their efforts and go for one big global release in all regions – surely that would have more of an impact marketing wise.

  •  I’m not surprised at all. They should release it worldwide. Both devises have beautiful design.

  • mobiousO

    wh-at!! This means I must pre-order the international one.

  • shows that its really popular :D

  • Waleed2020

    Is it a little expensive?

  • rafi

    Already sold out?? Wow.. That fast… Good job sony

  • lovebmw

    Well it’s a hot product, but if they decide to make it international, and knowing Sony, that means it will take forever…. it would be like the ion, came to the market too late.

    They need to hammer the metal when it’s glowing red.

  • YuuriAyano

    Sold-out after a day ? RELEASE IT WORLDWIDE SONY.

  • Raydemort

    A strong yen inflates the prices when you convert it to €@£.

  • RamyRamzzz

    The f? Sold out in less than 24 hours?

  • Raydemort

    (@ was supposed to be $)

  • Raydemort

    I wonder how many units were on sale in the first place, I hope it was a lot, especially if it’s true that you have to wait until september for the next shipment.
    Is low shipments of the S4 chip holding it back? No wonder it’s not available internationally if they can’t get enough chips. ^^  

  • jeson kamalnath

    Next shipments in September!! That’s a long time. Looks like Sony never anticipated this kind of a response for these phones, or maybe because of the S4 processor shortages. :P

  • metcarded

    Can’t ST-Ericsson help out Sony with some S4 Socs or similarly spec’d socs for these phones?
    Where is the NovaThor U9600?

  • miki69

    I really hope they will have similar result outside Japan as well.


  • DragonClaw

    People do not like the Pink Color. :D

  • XYZ

    H1 2013

  • thats 900 dollars!!!! are they crazy?? the HTC one x has more features but for less…
    im a sony fan but they’re no apple

  • InspectorGadget80

    Yen is higher than the dollar. At least its sold out

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  • Ashad Mamood

    This is one of the reasons why Sony is no longer a big player in the phone market. These phones need to be released a lot sooner and globally together with little 3-4 week gaps at most between territories. The new Tablet S looks fantastic and spec is good but at least 6 months too late. Same with the GX it’s a few months behind the competition! Sony need to up their game and release 5-6 top quality handsets a year!

  • WOW. Fantastic.


  • Coolkid

    Come on Sony… This is what we expect from U… Hope it does the same business at intl’ market as well…. Bring it on ASAP to the intl’ market… Finally a phone with great quality gets the attention that it deserves….:)!!!

  • Kaostheory

    What are the actual numbers?

  • Coollead

    Most big city stores had upwards of 500-600 preorders, on the GX alone. Where I bought mine, they had about 100 pre-orders…

  • Raydemort

    Not saying I agree or disagree, but this post in an “allready sold out”-article just seems strange.

  • Raydemort

    If this was 2007, it would have been 630$, but the USD have decreased in value a lot recent years. Can’t project Japanese prices onto other markets. 

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  • Dsdosds

    I could take pink if can get it right now =x


  • jxPerience

    ok Sony forget the all xperia 2012 and release only Xperia GX and SX world wide for sure it will double the sales of your too many 2012 xperia phones.

  • jxPerience

    i feel like i am part of Sony family. I am happy whenever they have good news regarding sales, and im a bit sad whenever they have loses for the last quarter. But with this result. I AM VERY HAPPY!
    wish SONY will go back to TOP spot again.
    Number 1 in
    Electronics – Sony
    PMP – Walkman
    Camera – Cybershot
    SLR – NEX
    TV – Bravia
    Mobile – Xperia
    Computer – Vaio
    Gaming – Playstation

  • Fay

    I think is just beacause they put a few numbers of phone in a market, not the success of the phone… sorry gor my bad english but i’m French.

  • nfs2010

    Awesome! I’m pretty sure these two will sell very well in international markets as well. Come on Sony, don’t let this slip by.

  • FlowXT

    There’s also the issue of Snapdragon S4 shortage, so perhaps it was difficult for them to meet demand in the first place. This seems to have affected availability of other S4 phones in Docomo’s line up, such as the Aquos Phone SH-09D which is also out of stock. 

  • Thats is the probelm with Japanese electronic company in general. They tend to keep the best for themselves.

  • Ashad Mamood

    Sony need to stop using Adreno gpu as its rubbish! Anyone played Temple Run on Xperia S or Acro HD?

  • We wait for it in Russia!

  • A Helmy50

    Sony can be the biggest cellphone seller in 2012 if they released these two phones globally

  • A Helmy50

    Japanese people are lucky!

  • dereknobuyuki

    Cost me the purchasing power parity of less than 150$ USD

    prices don’t accurately show the market reality and currency exchange even less so

  • dereknobuyuki

    A friend of mine just bought a GX as well.
    It seems the white was sold out so he got the same matte black as my Xperia GX

    with some amortization, the actual handset costs are far less than what’s posted plus each individual shop can set their own prices ( and area with little competition will be more expensive). Mine costs less than 150 USD after purchasing power parity.

    A picture of the price sheet and lots of picture taken with the device are on my Twitter which should be linked to Disqus.

    New owner’s tip:
    settings – Xperia – preferred apps :
    You can get rid of Docomo’s horrible UI and use Xperia UI

    keyboard is POBox 6 it seems but there’s no standard ICS keyboard. Go through the setings and tailor it. English keyboard supports Skype, flick, multi tap and regular keyboard use plus has tons of skins available

  • AlexBurnout

    Japan is an expensive country.

  • Its good… better than mali u

  • maybe sony is just dumping original sony ericcson designs and get rid of it for a fresh new start?

  • guangu188

  • Faraz_mib

    Dude can the GX bought in Japan run in English? I know it sounds stupid but so far all the unboxing videos I’ve seen shows the phone just starting off on its own without asking the user to select the language settings.. I was afraid if I bought it from Japan I won’t be able to use it here in the US.

  • dereknobuyuki

    My first unboxing video on launch day
    It starts out in Japanese, but the carrier has to set a number of things up first since there is really heavy carrier service integration (like the sheep character that warns you of sudden storms, train stoppages, your favourite store is having a sale, or whatever… or the video, music, anime, etc.. streaming services since things like Google Music, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, etc are only in countries like the USA)
    The second video, you can see that everything is now in English.
    This is because in between the two videos, I switched the language to English.
    The carrier staff originally chose Japanese but it’s android so it switches languages and locales extremely easily.

    If you are in the USA, you should probably change firmware somewhere in the future (if you’re not using the carrier services and/or don’t read Japanese it’s then a waste of RAM for you).

  • dereknobuyuki

    it terms of purchasing power, it cost about $150 USD.
    Currency exchange is a bad way to compare things but with the strong yen and weak US dollar, it’s still only $180 USD

  • dereknobuyuki

    It varied from store to store.
    For smaller shop, we suspect they had less than 20 units.
    For larger shops, we suspect they had over a hundred units.
    All that multiplied by hundreds of thousands of shops with one caveat:
    4G LTE is not really available across the countries so where it’s not available, there seems to be far less push or marketing for this or the SX. I went into several stores looking for cases and screen protectors and found nothing or next to nothing when I was outside of 4G service areas.

  • yike

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  • Jo

    Hope they launch it worldwide… :( Wish to buy it.

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