Sony confirms Dark Silver ‘Xperia S’

by XB on 13th August 2012

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Sony Mobile has connfirmed a new colour for the Xperia S. Over at the Sony Mobile Product Blog, the company said that the “Xperia S is about to arrive in Dark Silver”, along with a picture of the new handset.

We don’t think the statement is entirely accurate and believe that the new colour will be for the Sony Xperia SL that is basically identical to the Xperia S apart from the new colour and faster processor i.e. 1.7GHz dual-core versus 1.5GHz dual-core on the current model. We would expect the model to be announced at the IFA 2012 tradeshow in a fortnight.

Via Sony Mobile Product Blog.

  • malih

    looks good, if only they update the specs on this one too, or at least cut the price down to where Xperia P is today

  • sexy enough.

  • Steven

    would that be the same cheap plastic or better metal? 

  • M Usman

    could they release a case like this just for us Xperia S owners?

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  • Mark phillips

    why would they do that? :S   its there flagship device! 

  • Houman

    I think this will be the Skyfall edition!

  • lovebmw

    why would you buy that if the LT29 – 30 is coming out.  or the S4s are coming out?

  • Feanor

    Excellent colour. Best Xperia S! (or SL…)

  • jxPerience

     who the hell like this post

  • jxPerience


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  • Ambroos

    If this was available at the Xperia S launch I’d have gotten it instead of black! Looks very nice!

  • jxPerience

     how much the price of xperia p today?

  • Barneysumner

    Looks good, probably on froyo with a gingerbread update ‘q4’ based on the update schedule with existing xperias!

  • AlexBurnout

    I don’t understand your reply.

  • ToharLalua

    They should start selling of SL…its just waste of time and money to wait till IFA as this product is already seen in as Xperia S and there is not much of a improvement over it….It’s like creating a nonsense out of no sense. :-P

  • malih

    I’m just saying, that’s the amount I’d pay for a flagship with outdated spec

  • Sony why u don’t wan make lime green colour  ?(-o-?)

  • rafi

    All i need to do ,call service center and request this housing for my white xps.. ;-)

  • guangu188

  • Rafiedanie

    The outdated processor beat others s3 processor.. And not that far behind with latest processor in the market right now.. plus 1gb ram which is basic even inside s3 international. 12mp camera no other android has it for 2012 line up. The highest dpi in ther market at this moment, nano uv body coating and very own transperent reciever. Just because it had s3 processor you can simply said “outdated spec” lol…

  • malih

    well yes, I’ve experienced HTC One S (the S4 version) for a week, that’s why I can safely say it’s outdated.

  • yike

  • sle

    I think they just used this as a front to make sure their xperia sl doesn’t have the yellow tint issue like the xperia s did.

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