New Xperia S firmware (6.1.A.2.45) trying to break free [Update]

by XB on 27th August 2012

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Sony Mobile is releasing new firmware for the Sony Xperia S today, however the problem is that no one can access it right now. PC Companion is showing that new firmware version 6.1.A.2.45 for the handset is available, but when a user tries to download the firmware it results in an error.

This particular firmware version hasn’t been certified by the PTCRB yet, but we imagine it’s not largely different to the last certified version (6.1.A.2.34). We understand that this new firmware brings about a whole host of bug fixes, so it will be welcome by Xperia S owners. Hopefully, Sony Mobile will resolve the download issue pretty soon and we imagine it should be good to go later today.

Update: Looks like Sony has sorted out its issues as people are now able to download this update via PC Companion. If you can’t wait for that, then you can download the FTF and install the update using Flashtool here.

New Xperia S firmware

New Xperia S firmware

  • bisits

    Hope it`ll be able to donwload soon, otherwise mine Xperia S is like brick…

  • donny

    Has the same problem with my xperia arc…

  • X.S Owner

    i managed to download and install it. From Singapore :)

  • Adrian

    Hope this one comes to Arc S too…

  • Has a same problem too from Thailand. Still waiting….

  • Evita

    I hope this one will fix baseband/kernel bugs, I’ve some bad experienced when my internet out reach and it can’t get back to connection when available unless restart device.

  • Ganman

    What will improve with this update?

  • Adrian Alejandre

    What of the Xperia ion?!

    Is there anything new on that front?! Because I certainly remember AUGUST as the month of release for ICS!!!

  • JenH


  • Mark phillips

    Anything new?

  • darklight

    same problem here in germany …
    hope they fix it :)

  • bisits

    Just installed it thru SEUS :) Happy until I`ll find some bug which is not fixed :)

  • lovebmw

    i am in the U.S. same problem

  • Shreyas Pande

    same problem with my XS, no update notification here in india

  • Couldnt install it in Singapore.

  • hakki

    ok, i´m waiting also, but do somebody know what for an update this is, i mean what is getting fixed or whats coming new whit this? thanks

  • MiB

    True story.. very frustrating

  • Keon Fraites

    Difinitely can’t wait for the version upgrade, waiting to test the upgrade here in the caribbean (St.Kitts) If it doesn’t work I’ll just wait for the fix can’t wait to see whats fixed and stuff.

  • Keon Fraites

    Hows the update?

  • lovebmw

    guys, i just tried it again and now it did work. U.S.

  • vitvalecka

    I don’t know, if it works for others, but i just tried it and it did work! Czech Republic
    (Sorry for my english.)

  • Aokde Gharra

    august still has 5 days to end :-)

  • lovebmw

    it just worked for me, you should try it now

  • kolonje

    This is Germany calling again:
    Updating via PC Companion worked for me.

    Though it’s a little disapointing that there are updating issues again…

  • Mark phillips

    No pdate i am still on the first build of ICS! :( .452

  • lovebmw

    so whats new other than the lightning fast performance for the return button?

  • Keon Fraites

    Conjunction or very slow net :< error 1200

  • Rammstone

    What. I’m still on 6.1.A.0.452 and PC Companion claims its up to date :(

  • Keon Fraites

    I have the update but apparently too many people are trying to update which is truncating the update for my phone :<

  • AsadMulla

    I thought it was just me that it happened to. If i dont use my phone for a while, the data wont work until i reboot my phone. Hope there is a fix for this.

  • Mondenath

    Yes india Still awaiting. let us know if flashing creZ will void warranty. how to get a Indian firmware backed up.

    As Every country the Phone code is different. I need to backup my code specific firmware.

  • Duncan Law

    anyone from the uk got the update

  • Keon Fraites

    How is going so far? what are the new fixes?

  • Jerry Berglund

    I was able to update my phone and its done marvels in a way. The chopping in the music when you multitasking is now gone, its seems to flow a lil more smooth. The chopping lags in the interface is now more like micro-lag. They are still there but the system doesnt hang in a second any more. The support for LiveDock is not fixed though.

  • Keon Fraites

    Ah thanks for the information what about with the movie player and such? and how important of an update do you think it is if you have tampered enough with it? :) I can’t wait to get home to update mine.

  • brix

    Hi im in the uk and my phone shows im on version 6.1.A.0.453??
    its in this version since i updated to ics

  • dody

    well , not bad for the new update , but SONY , we need jelly bean after all.
    we are waiting.

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    I’m from Istanbul, Turkey. I’ve just finished the firmware upgrade to 6.1.A.2.45 via PC Companion. It took only twenty minutes or so without any problems. Phone was laggy in the first couple of minutes after the restart but everything is OK now. I had some problems with the previous version, such as having to reboot after a dropped Internet connection, having no sound from speaker after disconnecting the earphones when a phone call was received and some transition lags between home screens. I’ll be sharing my observations in the next couple of days. Cheers, Serdar.

  • ahmed haafiz

    its working fine in malaysia..


  • M Usman

    yes. updated mine using seus now

  • M Usman

    working here in the UK now

  • m-cd

    Updating my spanish phone now :]

  • rigelt

    update just worked fine here in Switzerland. I can also confirm, that the finally got the FM radio problem fixed! It works properly now without the need to reboot every time.

  • hiszpa?ski

    if PC Companion doesn’t work try Sony Update Service application, for me it works! :P

  • M Usman

    nope. me also. i’ve updated mine. will see how it goes tomorrow. even my wifi connection is very bad. used to be amazing upstairs in my bedroom. now i’m lucky if it even connects. my biggest gripe is the battery, my phone is 90 percent of the time awake when the screen is turned off. did so many software resets but I don’t know what is causing this

  • Keon Fraites

    Got my Xperia S updated (Caribbean St.Kitts)

  • Justin Williams

    does your device have to be rooted or what because im lost here, plz help?

  • m-cd

    Just check for updates. No root needed :]

  • Teng How Lai

    Just updated. Singapore. Can’t see any difference though. Can someone points out the updated parts?

  • Rameez

    Just updated to 6.1.A.2.45. Use the “Update Service” not the “Sony PC Companion.”

  • ibnibrahizarmd

    I’ve updated it ;-) It looks like autofocus for camera getting faster.

  • Teng How Lai

    Feel that less loading time for widget page

  • bob

    installed the update in kingdom of bahrain, middle east

  • JenH

    tks~ works for me.

  • Keon Fraites

    I haven’t experienced an issue like that before, maybe its a bug in some handsets.

  • got it!

  • did you lose your apps and data while doing the update? did yu update via SEUS Or Flash?

  • did anyone lose their apps or data via updating their xperia s? i really dont wanna lose my data and apps and i dont want to root my phone to backup.

  • papa

    just updated to firmware .45 via SUS, heard that nothing much changes just a
    small bug fixes. also No data and apps wiped. Any big improvement anyone??

  • papa

    just updated to firmware .45 via SUS, heard that nothing much changes just a
    small bug fixes. also No data and apps wiped. Any big improvement anyone??

  • so your saying yu lost none of your data and apps?

  • omar

    the update is done in iraq thanks

  • Duncan Law

    mines is the same

  • M Usman

    no. it gives you the option to keep all data or wipe it. i kept all data and i have the screen awake bug. then i repaired software and wiped everything but since i backed everything up, i managed to restore all my contacts, msgs, and apps etc within an hour. battery life is very impressive although phone still sometimes stays awake. it is also a lot more responsive and can hardly notice any lags so overall it is an improvement. but its a shame as my wifi connection still isn’t very strong

  • M Usman

    there’s nothing wrong with your english… its perfect :)

  • dudadejaande

    well PC companion does not wanna find updates here in Finland, gotta try the SEUS, or SUS.

  • dudadejaande

    no one knows.. Sony does not tell. just performance boost?more likely performance degreace, su u woulda buy new device…?

  • sasda

    please tell me what you will find out ok. i see no bugs in my finnish device.

  • aprilius20

    Now I can’t transfer files by bluetooth- Windows says I needs to update my drivers, but can’t find any. Anyone else having this issue, or can help?

  • Kathir

    Can you help me with the steps to update using Update Service.I followed the steps of switching off mobile and connecting it to pc by holding the volume down key but nothing happens after that.How to proceed further.Similar thing happened while I tried using PC companion also.

  • topicx

    Yeh but this is 6.1.A.#2#.45

  • Just updated my SXS to this Firmware from its old Ginger Bread. I find mine became a little bit slower than before, and I lost some data (note) from my old contacts. I think the old contacts format are different from this new one. :(

  • Sony rule

    screen occasionally wake up and close for few times. though it is not interfering but definitely is a bug which many user encounter . Hope Sony can fix it.

  • MiB

    The bug is still there, how do we let Sony know about this issue? Is there anything we can do about it?

  • Is it just me or did this update give landscape mode on home screen to the xperia S?

  • Alex

    I’m in the uk and still haven’t got this. Does it fix the calendar widget??

  • Michael Salib

    I received this update through pc companion last week in Egypt. It fixed the data traffic problem, added new shortcut icon for emailing ppl in the barappears when u want 2 call someone & added New icon for wisepilot. Overall the perfomance became better. Thanks Sony

  • Rachana

    could you please do me a favour?
    if possible then please do check if the screen lock wallpaper(display settings) works other than when the phone is in swipe lock mode
    i so want this problem to get fixed
    please do let me know

  • ram

    same problem with my Xperia S

  • M Usman

    sure it does work.I never had an issue with what you mentioned. But it should work after you update it. After all it is the same FW

  • ab

    It is available in India… I got a notification for the update
    U can just go to the update centre and check for it manually
    it’s a 40 mb update.. Better to do it on WiFi rather than using pc companion

  • Justin Williams

    Just updated to the new firmware and I gotta say I’ve noticed the phones improvement. Apps open and load REALLY quick. The task launcher/switch is way more responsive than before and the phone feels really brand new. Haven’t put it thru the test on battery usage but other people say there’s been a huge battery performance. But all in all looks like Sony heard out cries and felt our frustrations..

  • ooka

    can i ask you what do you mean by the phone is awake while the screen is turned off ??
    how can i know this ? and would you please give me your advice if i have the phone now running in GB 2.3.7 shall i update to 6.1.a.2.45 or shall i stay on GB is better ??

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  • kostas konstantinos

    Anyone else has problems to copy files from the computer to the phone?
    I cannot transfer anything to my phone….
    Useless update…

  • Umbuktu

    Need I factory reset my Xperia S before updating? (Sorry for my bad english)
    Because some of my friends said that I have to facory reset it, if not then after the update my phone will be much slower…

  • Adam

    The stay awake thing is just a bug in ics, its the android system mis calculating something, nothing to worry about and does not affect battery, try cpu spy app and see if phone goes into deepsleep, mine does

  • I’ve only just got this update!

  • Adam

    Me to in the UK, was on 453 now updated to 45

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