Charging Dock DK25 for Xperia V: Charge handset without opening port flap

by XB on 30th August 2012

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The Sony Xperia V (LT25i) appears to be the most attractive of the new handsets on offer, it’s certainly a close call between the Xperia V and Xperia T. One of our biggest issues with some phones though is port flaps that annoyingly mean you have to fiddle with them each time you want to charge your handset. The Sony Xperia V does have these flaps covering its ports although it’s for good reason, i.e. the phone is water resistant.

Sony has worked round this and created the DK25 Charging Dock. From what we can tell this is a charging dock only rather than a media/TV dock but one big advantage is that it can charge the Sony Xperia V without you having to remove the port flap cover. A great accessory to have if you’re considering the Sony Xperia V.

  • BluScorp91

    If the biggest niggle you have about a phone is a little flap that covers the ports then it’s a fantastic bit of kit. The V looks like it’ll be replacing my PLAY soon.

  • ninetiles

    How does it work ?
    its amazing if its true =)

  • JM Penas

    Really? How does that work?

  • ninetiles

    the phone is exellent, however it has 1 downside which is no camera button.

  • b2

    what about the tv dock for T/TX?
    can be used to transfer data between pc and phone?

  • Acro S dock so ugly.hope sony make new design

  • arcwindz

    yeah I wonder about that… I mean, is it that hard to actually put a camera button on this phone?
    other than that minor setback, it is more less perfect, definitely my next phone

  • dereknobuyuki

    Most phones in japan do it this way and all waterproof phones.
    Every non xperia phone I’ve owned in japan has come with these plugless docks.

    The phones have exposed metal contact points. When in the dock, the contacts touch other metal contacts or springy pins in the dock and voila the connection is made.
    I posted a twitpic picture of it on this blog a few months ago.

  • dereknobuyuki

    I have the dock for the GX.
    It is different from docks for waterproof xperia phones in the it has the nub that you have to plug into the phone.
    You can use it to plug into a computer to transfer things although it is primarily intended for into power through mini USB and a tv or monitor through the dock’s HDMI port

  • AlexBurnout

    It looks so EPIC! OMG!!!

  • AsadMulla

    pogo pins. Nothing new. its has exposed metal plate on the side of the phone and the dock has spring loaded pins which make contact with the metal plate.

  • Oh, and here I was hoping they’d be the first manufacturer to use inductive charging.

  • dereknobuyuki

    UPDATE: This picture I posted a while back of my Casio phone shows 5 gold coloured metal contacts that touch 5 pins in the dock for charging and data transfer (although very few people likely used the data transfer part because it was/is proprietary on those feature phones)

  • dereknobuyuki

    It might be interesting to have it charge inductively and communicate between the device and the dock through bluetooth.

    It would have to charge enough and fast enough to counter the massive drain MHL would need to output video.

    Plus, I’ve never seen anyone do MHL over bluetooth but perhaps if they used inductive charging it may force them to do creative things with MHL.

  • For home use, I think WIFI is fast enough and power efficient enough to handle inductive charging. Although this kind of heavy use would put an enormous strain on the battery life of the phone and probably give you about a year before you’d have to change batteries.

  • If Sony can sell the dock for Xperia V, why are they not selling the dock for Xperia Acro S!?
    It is so god damn difficult to buy anock dock charger for my Acro S!!! Come on Sony!

  • Gonna get all the Accessories for V

  • When release in Singapore!?

  • Kirk von Mollendorf

    Does anyone know where I can purchase the DK25? I’ve looked everywhere with no luck?

  • ken

    where can i buy this?

  • daniel

    does anyone know where to buy this ? im looking for it but can’t find it anywhere

  • Gilgamesh

    This dock would be great if only it were a chargeable battery pack. Now there’s an idea you can make money with.

  • lanka007

    on ebay this is very very expensive…65 us$ ….get an cheap xperia Z charging dock….saw off the 2 ends ….works perfect!!!!!!

  • Raffaele

    It’s impossible to buy the dock online…their are finished everywhere…

  • Ishak Mohamed

    Is Xperia z doc compatible with v? Tell me how you did this

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