Specifications compared – Xperia T/TX vs. Xperia V vs. Xperia J

by XB on 31st August 2012

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Any new phone launch always brings a certain amount of confusion, especially when it comes to Sony Mobile releasing a number of handsets that on the face it may look broadly similar. To help you all we have painstakingly broken down the specifications of these newly announced handsets (Xperia T, Xperia TX, Xperia V and Xperia J).

The table below should make it a bit easier when comparing one against another so that you can confidently decide which (if any) of these new Xperia handsets is your next phone. We have included two variants of the Xperia T: the HSPA+ version (LT30p) and the LTE version (LT30at) that is bound for AT&T. The latter includes a different chipset and is nine grams heavier (most likely due to its metallic rear versus the plastic rear in the LT30p).

Specs compared – Xperia T/TX vs. Xperia V vs. Xperia J

 Xperia T (LT30p)Xperia T (LT30at)Xperia TX (LT29i)Xperia V (LT25i)Xperia J (ST26i/ST26a)
Display (inches)4.554.554.554.34.0
Resolution720 x 1280720 x 1280720 x 1280720 x 1280480 x 854
Multi-touch10 fingers10 fingers10 fingers10 fingers2 fingers
Processor1.5GHz dual-core1.5GHz dual-core1.5GHz dual-core1.5GHz dual-core1.0GHz single-core
GPUAdreno 225Adreno 225Adreno 225Adreno 225Adreno 200 (enhanced)
Water/Dust ResistantNoNoNoYesNo
Internal Storage16GB16GB16GB8GB4GB
Expandable memoryYesYesYesYesYes
Rear camera13 MP13 MP13 MP13 MP5 MP
Front camera1.3 MP1.3 MP1.3 MPVGAVGA
Video recording1080p1080p1080p1080pVGA
Battery (mAh)18501850175017501750
Embedded batteryYesYesNoNoNo
PlayStation CertifiedYesYesYesYesNo
GLONASS supportYesYesYesYesNo
DockYes (HDMI)Yes (HDMI)Yes (HDMI)Yes (Charge only)No
Dimensions129.4 x 67.3 x 9.35 mm129.4 x 67.3 x 9.35 mm131 x 68.6 x 8.6 mm129 x 65 x 10.7 mm124.3 x 61.2 x 9.2 mm
Weight (g)139148127120124
Colours availableBlack, Silver, WhiteBlackBlack, Pink, WhiteBlack, Pink, WhiteBlack, Gold, Pink, White

  • goldenblls

    Absolutely brilliant post Xperiablog! This should sort out the confusion. Thanks!

  • XperiaBlog

    Thanks, it was confusing us too. It helps us as much as anyone else!
    Most of the data is based on the respective white papers, although we noticed that there were some errors in these. For example, the white paper for the Xperia T says that only four-finger multitouch is supported which can’t be right.

  • Nick

    I think you should compare the T,Tx & V with the S as well ,great job xperiablog

  • The CPU is the same, the only difference is the support for LTE.

  • XperiaBlog

    Good idea for a future post!

  • goldenblls

    Thanks! :)

  • destiny

    Well.. what’s the difference between msm 8260a & msm 8960a ?

    thanks : )

  • Adrian

    Does anybody know if the new Xperias vill support the new memoryvards bigger than 32GB? Like Samsungs 64 Gb och I guess there soon will be even bigger ones….

  • Usually it is not a problem since linux doesn’t have these restrictions if the card is formated in a different format. Fat limits the card to 32GB but a 64GB formated as a fat32 will work, however it might screw up the the card when used with a cardreader in windows. My old desire can handle 64GB when the card is reformated.

  • Ali Alkhazal

    Quick question, Does the Xperia V have HDMI port. I hope so :(

  • Mhl is a usbport that can do HDMI with a adapter
    Edit: so yes it can

  • MasterD

    the 8960 had LTE modem and the 8260a doesn’t

  • Radio chips, qualcomm is very good at designing wireless radios/modems on the CPU itself thus making the entire chipset really efficient. AT&T needs a modem that fits their LTE spectrum so they asked sony to include a SOC that can handle that frequency

  • MasterD

    it has a mhl connector which basically doubles as hdmi output. for more info see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtwTcnR0hqA

  • Shoff

    No more ANT+ support?

  • spatch

    I think the Xperia J actually has the best styling, closest to the 2011 Arc so far, but I agree that the Xperia V appears on paper to be the one to get. Pity it doesn’t have an HDMI-enabled TV dock — that will be the deciding factor for me, and will sway me towards the Xperia TX.

  • ka

    is it really confirmed that the TX has 8260-A and not 8260 chip?

  • chrisphillers

    Are you sure the T (30at) has MSM8960?? There is so much conflicting info everywhere (including the white paper). Would be great if you could confirm.:)

  • naathaanS

    I really like the TX since it is the international version of GX but now V is taking stage

  • How bout adding the camera function (HDR,Superior Auto),glass type,or any other amazing thing sony do in the future.

    Just saying

  • InspectorGadget80

    I would love to buy the V it have splash proof is the only reason I would choose this over the XPERIA T model

  • malih

    I’m okay with either T or TX, since V isn’t available on my region, but I wonder if the Xperia S price will drop because of this, cause if it drops low enough, I’m getting the XS, with the rumor of Vanilla Android coming for the XS.

  • paul4id

    MicroHDMI >> MHL. Seriously Sony, I’d rather you tried to use the influence so that the HDMI standard was updated to support charging. MHL is just an incompatible standard using a completely different protocol that requires PITA powered adaptors.

    PS: Xperia V Rules. Xperia Pro II would pwn it though :P

  • epyon1989

    what about the features of each phone?

  • polbon

    If only xperia v would also be sold in non-LTE countries…Or they should have had hspa+ version just like Ion..


    Now there us no more confusion..next hurdle…will it come to your country?

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  • Jolu

    all this is, are a mistake. first the xperia T have the stronger and flagship, but later the specifications make the xperia V is the most flagship phone. The Xperia T have one point what make me angry (323 ppi) , Xperia S = 342, Xperia V = 342 and the Xperia V have Display 4.3″ like Xperia S, should be 4.55″ …. this specification on the image are true???

  • Leo

    Can also update these new released model to the original comparison table. YEAH~~~

  • Kot

    You ve failed to mention that both T and TX have T MOBILE AWS band on board and therefore compatible with TMOBILE’s HSPA+ network

  • anp155

    LT30at & LT25i both carry MSM8960 chip yet one has Bluetooth 3.1 & 4.0 respectively! Which is very unusual! Also LT25i gets ahead of LT30p, LT30at & LT29i all Xperia T with BE2, Clear Audio is such stuff! I was looking forward for a big screen solid phone with great internal. And… I was looking only in Sony!

  • anp155

    The confusion is created mostly with Xperia T having almost 3 variants! It’s not good for sales if you ask me. It’s like US is one market, Japan one, Europe one and then the rest of the world!

  • what is SONY SELECT service xperia blog ? its seen in xperia v pics from ifa ?

    its der in the above pic also , plz explain

  • MSM8260 is S3 processor, 8260A is S4 without LTE support

  • lovebmw

    Does the v have a speaker phone? And do they all have flash?

  • Brapicoco

    Hi @XperiaBlog:disqus according to the white papers of TX on Sonymobile, there are two versions of the white paper. one says that TX has MSM8260 (S3) while the other is MSM8260-A. is this post really the final?

  • megane198

    Any of you guys have an info with regard to Pulsed LED flash? What’s the difference of that with the Xperia S LED flash? Xperia T has Pulsed LED flash, even the Xperia SL specs have this Pulsed LED flash.

  • Chelios


  • nfs2010

    LT30at (US version) has MSM8960 since it’s made for AT&T LTE network. International version (LT30p) has MSM8960A, which is basically identical to MSM8960 chipset except for the LTE capability. Hope that helps.

  • Kaostheory

    Still confused, Qualcomm lists both chips as having integrated BT4.0. The V has the better of the 2 with more wireless, including LTE, built in. If both main cameras have the same quality of pics, then I might choose the V, even though it lacks a camera button.

  • lovebmw

    i would have loved V + T phone. why are those two phones not combined in one?

  • lovebmw

    at&t will get the T

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    I’m gonna wait til next year to upgrade from my X8 because of a couple things
    1. New Camera
    2. Bravia Engine 2, Clearaudio+ and Superior Auto

    The rest is just what I’m expecting

    3. one of the prototypes had WhiteMagic so I’m expecting it to be standard also
    4. In cell touch
    5. Quad-Core
    6. faster software updates and probably a Quad-Core optimized OS (i’m told the current one isn’t but I don’t know if it is true)
    7. Bluetooth 4.0 standard
    8. There will probably be 2GB of ram
    9. A bigger Battery

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    you also need to transfer Data

  • I was thinking exactly same thing! V better had HDMI and Camera button!

  • D.O

    If there is HSPA version of Xperia V, I will definitely buy it.

  • dereknobuyuki

    Is there going to be an Xperia T for the Japanese market?
    Didn’t see that one… is it for the carrier Au by KDDI to rival the Xperia GX/TX on the carrier NTT docomo?

  • dereknobuyuki

    I’ve gotta say that the TX/GX dock is really nice.
    That coupled with a video streaming service has been great.
    So, I think if coupled with a TV using a dock is high on your priority list, then that certainly makes the T or TX reason devices to consider. (I’m quite happy with my GX aside from Sony going with iOS like cursor zooming that makes it easy to move the cursor around but makes it impossible to cut/copy text you are typing)

  • TjaldidTjaldid


  • lovebmw

    you can add the bench mark as well just so we can get a sense of how much faster the new models are

  • Lunkz

    it has HSPA+

  • Chelios

    I realize that, but we don’t have AT&T in europe and I’d like my next phone to have LTE. Hence my question, will all V’s have LTE, even the one’s sold in euope?

  • Apart from the J they all have S4 processors

  • LG Optimus G has alot of those features from 5 downwards, not sure about 7 though.

  • +10000000

  • Mark Walsh

    The v is easily the flagship here and is the only one not available in the uk just seems ridiculous. Sony are offering nothing here to compete with samsung and apple the t looks ok but only that theres no wow factor here we should all be excited that this new handsets are coming but it i find myself very disappointed that there is nothing here to make me want to shop my s in and spring for a new handset. I just hope the rumors of a nexus come through

  • sami

    yes! we haven´t heard anything else

  • lovebmw

    But knowing Sony, I will feel sorry for you, you will be torn a part between which phone to buy…. your features will be out there but not in one phone. Like the v without the camera button, or the t without the latest hardware.

    Oh Sony if you only listen to us…. Look how far we got you when we bashed about dual processors.

  • alireza

    i changed little things…
    i think its better for xperia t tx … see http://eup.net78.net/photos/a17ad0fa0870.jpg

  • I am planing to get an Xperia S but after knowing Sony’s announcement about these phones, I am now confused on whether I should go get my Xperia S or just wait for the Xperia T to arrive. Also which one would you recommend the most among: Xperia S, Xperia T, and Xperia V

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  • I don’t understand one thing: the difference between T and TX. It’s just the removable battery part?! What exactly is the point in that, and what’s the real advantage and disadvantage here? Other than you get to bring an extra battery around of course.

  • stone

    will the xperia v be coming to the UK??? I was waiting for the acro s which looks like it won’t be released in UK

  • Xajel

    @XperiaBlog:disqus in Xperia T Whitepaper, it mentions 4-points mutli touch and not 10…

  • Xajel

    Yeah, thats true, the S4 chipset has BT4.0 LE support, but it’s only the digital side, if you want to enable it you have to add another chip that handle the analog part… for BT3.0 there’s no need for that extra chip…

  • Prabhu

    Does Xperia T with LTE, will be available in Europe

  • EllA

    Does anyone know When the Sony Xperia TX will be released in South Africa??

  • Lois Bernard

    yes makes things clearer but why so many different phones. you should market the heck out of one. I’m so sick of hearing about iphones. I love Sony but you need better ads

  • Rex

    V in the true flag ship. Sony was forced to delay its release as not to take to many buyers from the T/TX. Sony will start selling the V at the end of November.

  • Rex

    Remember, Sony and Ericsson had invested a lot of time and money on the T/TX. They’ll want to see a return first before they unleash the real beast, The V.
    If you noticed, the V does not have the Sony Ericsson logo. It’s the Flag ship. Sony’s first monster phone ( and water resistant ). Gotta love it.

  • Roy

    Xperia V is to me what Darwin is to Evolution!!

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  • FaisalMonir

    Witch One is Better Please Tell me AnyOne ;(

  • anonymous

    mod has mentioned that in white paper there is mistake it is 10 finger instead of 4…10 finger is correct

  • Paul

    Cannot display on tv using MHL cable. Anybody can advise please. My tv is not Sony though but tosiba

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