A few more details on the Sony LT30 ‘Mint’

by XB on 12th July 2012

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Following on from the earlier rumour surrounding the Sony LT30 ‘Mint’ handset, expected to be the H2 2012 flagship, we have a few more details from a trusted source that we wanted to share. As things stand, there will be two versions of the LT30 Mint that will be released later this year.

One version (LT30at) will be heading to AT&T in the United States and will come with LTE and a metal back cover as described by the recent Bluetooth SIG listing. A second version (LT30p) will see an international launch with HSPA+ bands and will sport a matte-plastic back cover similar to that on the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.

There will also be a Sony LT30a version too, but we’re not sure whether this will be the plastic-backed or metal-backed version of the Mint. The Sony LT30a will head to North American carriers such as Rogers, Bell, MTS Mobility and Telcel. The other versions of the Mint (LT30i, LT30k and LT30m) that we have seen pop up in various benchmarks have been cancelled according to our source.

All of this makes us wonder where the international version (LT29i Hayabusa) of the Sony Xperia GX (SO-04D) fits into all of this? It is quite clear that both handsets will be very similar in both specs and design, although the LT29i ‘Hayabusa’ will have a removable battery as opposed to the sealed battery found in the LT30 ‘Mint’. The recent Bluetooth SIG listing for the LT30 ‘Mint’ also suggested that the LT30 Mint will be marginally smaller, but heavier than the Xperia GX.

Sony will be spending big bucks marketing the LT30 Mint later this year, including a guest role in the new James Bond film, Skyfall. Therefore, we do wonder whether the RoW version of the Xperia GX may just see a limited launch in certain regions worldwide. This would put the main marketing focus and wider retail availability on the LT30 Mint, especially given the similarity in specs and design. Time will tell on that one, but we’ll bring you more information as we have it.

  • Guest

    That non-removeable battery has better be at least 2000mAh, but knowing Sony it will probably be 1700. :(

  • Feanor

    Right… Why no metal cover for the rest of the world?
    …And it seems that I will have to kiss my favorite NXT design goodbye :-(

  • sony has put so many phones on market this year but they havent really put a star on markey, if they really want to boost their sales they need to put hardware desing and software top notch, look at s3 spite being really tucky sold a lot so why cant sony do it i really dont undestand they should have better technology than samsung ( at least what i think) unless they put a beast maket they wont do any better 

  • lovebmw

    Either news is great, just hurry on the release dates for the love of God.

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  • Zymo

    By the time when Mint is released, LG and HTC will launch S4 Quad Core devices with 2GB Ram. 

  • Sony Canada

    Sony is fucked. They just don’t get it, do they? WP8 and NXT design. Only Samsung can make money of crapdroid.

  • XYZ

    Lets not bring OS-preferences into this.
    Windows Phone 7.x hasn’t really been doing well, even with Nokia, one of the most recognised mobile brands around. What makes you think that Sony would instantly be successful by using WP8? Especially given the success of the Xperia NXT line – particularly in the UK.

  • YuuriAyano

    Why plastic for the international version?! I want the metal back cover :(

  • FlowXT

    1. Windows Phone does not support Japan specific features, like One-Seg (terrestrial television), Oseifu Keitai (mobile wallet) or IrDA (infra-red). 
    2. Windows Phone does not support carrier specific features, like NTT Docomo’s services. 
    3. Windows Phone does not support Sony and Xperia-specific features like Mobile Bravia Engine, xLOUD, PlayStation Mobile, HDMI-OUT and TV Launcher. 
    4. The sole Windows Phone handset launched in Japan (Fujitsu IS12T) has been a complete flop. 
    5. Fujitsu, Acer, Dell, LG, and ZTE are no longer Windows Phone partners. 
    6. Even in it’s US home market, Windows Phone’s market share has fell further to 1.3% according to Nielsen data published today, while Android rose to 51.8% of the market, highlighting OEM, carrier and customer preference for Android.
    7. Nokia, who adopted Windows Phone as a platform, has seen it’s shares plunge to pre 1996 levels.

  • Dreamitwork

    The new arco s batt were 1900mah. ;-)

  • rafi

    S3 upgrade just base on processor only but others spec just decent and their just come out with extra apps that will be in the google play as 3rd party apps. Iam using sony xps but had the pop up player, water dendelion live wallpaper and hand sensor for music player. ;-)

  • Jj

    another phone for AT&T to screw up!!!!

  • R Pedroso

    great intel

  • Cloud_Connected

    I would love to see the design of the.mint or of the next NXT phone…just want to be sure before buying the superdesigned ion…

  • dereknobuyuki

    A tech journalist for Engadget previously noted that If it’s non-removable they should be able to make it larger in capacity given the same *phone* dimensions.

    So, maybe it’d be 1900mAh (that slight increase that users can benefit from but not enough to make it a marketable point)

  • Sony Canada

     Well I have news for you – the world is NOT Japan. That is why there are a lot of consumer electronics that Sony does release in Japan only and vise-verse. As of the rest – WP7 is NOT WP8. The current market share means nothing. Sony will be late for the WP8 party the same way it was late for LCD, Digital music distribution (aka iPod), Android, Tablets, OLED (the original 11” panel is not worth mentioning really) etc, remaining irrelevant in the Android market with dozens of plastic phones, running a laggish system, with two updates per life cycle.

  • Feanor

    I am afraid that NXT design may be ditched now that Sony is turning to stock ICS menu buttons and has no need for the transparent strip anymore.

  • waitingforSonycomeback

    Back in the feature phone days Sony(ericsson) were among the pioneers,especially with the best and highest megapixels cybershots and cool walkman phones that no one else matched. They had the best specd phones back then!
    I really dont know why its taking them months and months to get phones into the market,they should have brought in a mighty competitor for the Galaxy 3,and before the release of Iphone5,in order to get their sales going!They have the interface spot on,only the hardware end of their company is lazy!
    They should really fire their managers who are responsible for failing to bring phones on time repeatedly.

  • doraemonboi

    Sony (Ericson) always fight with Nokia in camera and music back in the days. Now Nokia finally came out with 41 meagpixel camera, Sony should come out something even better? Sony had partner with Carl Zeiss with the DSLR/DSLT to make DSLR/DSLT lenses. Why not smack in a Carl Zeiss lens on Sony phones? The problem with lesser people buying a Sony is because, when people talk about Android, they will think of HTC and Samsung Galaxy’s. So Sony, please make something that is OUTSTANDING.

  • malih

    well, the iPhone has many limitations too, but it’s still a success, so it could simply be that people in Japan doesn’t like WP’s interface.

  • malih

    I thought so too, such simple thing but management of Sony doesn’t seem to be able to figure it out, or as always, it’s just politics.

  • DragonClaw

     No one will buy LG btw.

  • sharique shaikh

    haha yes because they can’t even provide ICS to their so called flagship device!

  • Jan

    Sony will put something hi-end too, just manner of time

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  • dereknobuyuki

    it’s a combination of marketing and risk mitigation.

    Moving away from carrier platforms, Japanese domestic makers internally did some Android R&D (to more adequately conduct risk assessment) and externally adopted a wait and see attitude.

    When Windows Phone 7 launched, it reportedly didn’t adequately support asian text support in those early days.

    Windows Phone is a great platform but it’s too risky for most domestic makers to actually release products.
    Furthermore, there is very little brand awareness of Windows Phone. There have been tons of Windows Mobile phones but have largely been lacking with a lot users feeling less than enthusiastic.

    There is a lot of marketing behind Android and makers can piggyback off each other futhering the branding of Android while individually push their own individual product brands (aquos, medias, G’z, xperia, eluga, etc…). Windows phone, on the other hand, would require a lot more marketing.

    So, to recap:
    1.) Domestic makers are very hesistant to adopt Windows Phone because it is much higher risk (they don’t have windows phone experience, they don’t have brand power behind WP, they are unsure about the domestic eco-system to support it since there is only 1 device out there, they are unsure whether it will even sell without substantial buzz)
    2.) the prospect of requiring that much marketing make it far less appealing than android.

  • dereknobuyuki

    If I was the risk-adverse Sony, I probably wouldn’t want to invest in Windows Phone Platform.
    I personally like the Windows Phone platform but I wouldn’t want to stretch my company thinner.
    I’d want my company to focus on a single platform, android, and phase out other ones (like whatever platform the Satio was running on)

    That being said, again… as a developer, I would absolutely develop for the Windows Phone 8 platform and would want more mobile device makers to adopt it. I just don’t think it’s a good idea for Sony to switch “bandwagons” at this point in the “race”.

  • Guest

    Need more.  If Huawei can put a 2200mAh one in the Ascend P without sacrificing much, why not them?

  • InspectorGadget80

    If this is true I’ll pass on the Xperia iON. Does anyone knows how much it would cost or if it’s going to debut at the IFA?

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  • ipatz

    October, right? I can wait.

  • Cloud_Connected

    There would be the ION´s NXT design (Red Dot award winner) without this stripes… So I still hope to see more of it. Also it doesn´t make sense to produce 2 almost identical ARC design handsets with similar specs (hayabusa & mint).

  • Feanor

    But without the transparent strip this design is very bland. My boss (we are product designers) had the opinion that the transparent strip of the NXTs is the single fresh feature that ever made it to smartphone design since the appearance of iPhone and I wholeheartedly agree with him. I think they should retain it in some form for the forthcoming models if they want to keep their individual image and the high design quality.

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  • Abbe

    Just a note on no 3: Bravia Engine, xLoud and PS Mobile is just software and made by Sony themselves. At least Bravia and xLoud could easily be ported for Windows Phone

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  • Lewis Chiverton

    Hope it has a 2500 mAh or highter battery because LTE is a battery hog, 2Gb of ram would have been great but 1Gb is still good.

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  • sam

    Please launch xperia T in india before diwali

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