Sony Mobile’s new CEO says no to Windows Phone 8

by XB on 12th September 2012

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Recently we reported on some comments made by Pierre Perron, Sony Mobile’s UK & Ireland MD, who said that Sony Mobile may be considering Windows Phone 8. However, Sony Mobile’s President and CEO Kunimasa Suzuki has quashed the rumours saying that “we have no current plans for it.”

He reaffirmed that the focus will remain with Android despite conceding that Sony’s market share is steadily shrinking. Suzuki plans to address this by bring products to market faster and increasing transparency between the different departments within Sony. “All devices are connected to each other, so we need a more horizontal organization” said Suzuki.

Suzuki went on to say that the reason why some manufacturers are diversifying operating systems is due to the patent threat. However, Sony has no such concerns given the vast patent portfolio it has, along with the rights to Ericsson’s patent library. “We are not afraid of lawsuits, because we have an extensive portfolio of intellectual property rights,” said Suzuki.


  • Xlash Andraid

    “Focus in Android” now that’s what I’m talking about. Thanks SONY.

  • postigab52


  • TjaldidTjaldid

    Found out that the new Vaio Tab 20″ has Mobile Bravia Engine 2 and Sony’s Cyber-shot RX1 has WhiteMagic looks like they are integrating

  • kurt hinds

    Great Sony, love the focus :-) will be looking out for an xperia nexus!

  • 2eurocents

    Just decided to get a Sony phone and was looking at various models, by chance googled this article – excellent. Also – “the reason why some manufacturers are diversifying operating systems is due to the patent threat” – is “diversifying” a new word for “succumbing to blackmail”?

  • Rene Pedroso


  • focus on PS mobile, that will be your universal platform that works on all your future device. Don’t need a trillion apps on the platform, just bring all the best and popular non games apps to the platform from iOS or andriod. Vita should be the hardware that compete with all other tablets in stealth mode as long as the competitors don’t look at it as a competing tablets.

  • Love this quote
    “We are not afraid of lawsuits, because we have an extensive portfolio of intellectual property rights,”
    beat that apple!



  • azrull

    What kind of CEO is he? Is he stupid or what? Even you have extensive portfolio of patent and other property, mobile business is always have a new turning point. Are Sony lately become scaredy-cat? Stingy to invest? Windows Phone 8 platform is totally different experience from iOS and Android. I don’t think that was a good answer Suzuki. Test and experience it first before you decide.

  • Steve Blows Jobz

    Yeah, they are going down. Fuck them.

  • InspectorGadget80

    Thank goodness they see how poorly the sales were on their last windows phone. Plus i dont think they want too mix their PlayStation CERTIFIED device mix with xbox live

  • InspectorGadget80

    Thats what im hoping for in case the xperia t doesnt release here

  • They just saving time and money. Android is growing market but windows? They will put eyes on windows phone market. If ppl like this OS platform. They will invest. They just don’t want to risk time and money for unknown market.
    For me it is smart decision.

  • Xlash Andraid

    Just because WM8 has a different UI doesn’t mean is a “totally different experience”, my friend. WM8 doesn’t do anything new or not seen before, it’s just a bunch of squares that work as shortcuts or live widgets, covered by a lockscreen which you can personalize with a custom image… And guess what? All that is also found in Android but even better, more customizable. Plus, forcing to use Zune to synchronize media isn’t a very good feature, I hate they wanna act just like Apple with its terrible iOS. And let’s add the fact that they aren’t very good updating their devices, Nokia Lumia 800 for example won’t see WM8, that’s lame.
    However, SONY never said “never”, it’s just not the right moment to experiment with another system. Focusing on Android is better, a higher priority, and we all are cool with that because we the customers want and need that. Maybe in the future they’ll experiment with another systems, once they’ve mastered Android and making their devices even more efficent.

  • Steve Blows Jobz

    Agreed. But might be too little too late again. They were saving time and money when LCD monitors started to replace CRT monitors, they ended up on the curb, loosing billions. Same will happen again. Android will start loosing market share very soon. Considering Sony is irrelevant in lagdroid space, they are just finishing diggin up their own grave,

  • naathaanS

    And what make you think that they have never tried WP before? I’m sure they have tested it before. They have many android device to take care off and just ‘you’ want a WP? I judge me wrong, i own Lumia 710 and to tell you, there isn’t much to do on it at all.

  • azrull

    Smart but not really smart.

  • azrull

    That’s currently happened to Sony.

  • azrull

    They tested it internally. Not externally. Who knows about people taste?

  • azrull

    WP8 Start Screen and Android Home UI is totally different. We cant really compared it. I personally like Android interface because customizable features. WP8 Start Screen better for straight user who need minimal and simple style for their daily life.

    Things about music sync to Zune do not have to worry. Do not forget that WP8 have support external memory compared to iOS.

    Regarding updates, is totally agree with you and pity for Lumia 900 and 800 owners.

    Yeah. Maybe not now. But currently Sony take desperate action to release various Xperia phones where when we compared to new and previous just slightly different noted on the hardware and software.

  • naathaanS

    Why would they *test it externally? If they’ve done that, then whats the point of keeping a secret?

  • azrull

    SONY should take a look at advantage of cross capability WP8 and Windows 8 (Apple dying to do this for years. Even Google). This unity features is absolutely great for us to share apps between mobile and desktop/tablet/notebook. It will help them to sale both device significantly.

  • azrull

    Forgot. I mean sell it with low production for market testing.

  • azrull

    Looking forward to first Sony Xperia powered by Jelly Bean and support for stylus.

  • webusermy

    On that topic.

    Diversifying might not help anymore… I mean Apple is now even suing groceries stores!

    In Poland, their country’s domain ends with *.pl. There is this website called and Apple is suing them as it’s too close to Apple! Seriously now? And check out this logo which they claim has infriged their trademark as it’s too close to their own logo.

    This is getting stupid.


  • webusermy

    Urm… Ever heard of Launcher 7? Look at the Google Play store for it..

    It will give you the Windows Phone launcher/home screen, at the same time you’re not locked down with Zune!

    Android 1, WP 0

  • webusermy

    Have you heard of economies of scale?

    With every product you sell, you must have the proper training to support it as well. Even if you sell it in small quantities, you still need to come up with training manual, modules as well as equip all Sony Service Centers to be able to support WP for maintenance and repairs, be able to have enough spare parts and all. Just for that little bit of market testing, you need to spend that much more on support. Not good business strategy… not to mention WP market share is already puny as it is..

  • Bolo

    Would be awesome to see a sony phone with Windows Phone 8, it seems like a fantastic way to use a phone. But it’s probably due to the xbox part of it :p Still, all the win8 phones ive seen so far look a little lackluster (or ugly), im sure sony would do a good one – imagine the xperia t with wp8.

  • Kaostheory

    Still waiting for a tablet that has real games, am I the only one that wants a 10in vita/android tab? Will the ps3 finally recognize my phone? The ps3 recognizes bluetooth keyboard and mouse but none of the games do. Sony has craploads of tech and need to bring it all together. I must give it to Apple, although they steal or borrow everyone else’s tech, they are doing a better job of incorporating all their devices. Really hoping that they bring back the excellent sound and camera quality with the V that they had in their earlier phones.

  • Kaostheory

    Windows phone tied in with the x-box Sonys phone is ps certified, slight conflict of interest.

  • Sony4Life



  • azrull

    Have you read recent research noted that WP platform steadily gain?

  • azrull

    I already used it and its just a mimic.

  • H-R-K

    but how Sony fight with lg optimus g & htc s4 quad core? also htc gives us 5′ full hd display.

  • AsadMulla

    We dont need to worry about law suites because we know apple copied us.

  • boosook

    They simply should understand that they should have only ONE phone that can be CLEARLY identified as the flagship, like an iPhone 5, GS3 or Lumia 920. People should be able to think “this is the best phone in the Sony portfolio” without having to look at the spec sheets, and know that there will not be another flagship for an year.
    Right now, Sony does not have a flagship, the S has been superseded after 6 months by SL, T and V, and while the T should be the new flagship, the most interesting new features have been put in the V, which will be a niche phone, as every waterproof phone is due to price, size and weight increase caused by being waterproof.
    If Sony does not understand this, if they keep on upgrading their flagship every 4 months (because they realize it was not powerful enough and after only 4 months is way beyond competitors), if they keep throwing on the market many similar “flagships” with different designs and slightly different features instead of one flagship that has everything, then it is clear that their market share will shrink, no matter what OS they focus on.
    It’s so simple, even a baby would understand how Samsung and Apple managed to get on top of the mobile market, even a baby would understand how important the concept of “flagship” is to the market today. What are the managers doing in Sony?

  • Jacob Nordfalk

    SONY, give us an Xperia Play II with a big screen and you will be back in business big time!

  • xperialover

    very good news

  • Chelios

    Totally agree with that. I have my Xperia S for a few months now and it already feels outdated with the fleet of new phones they announced. I feel like I’m throwing money at a wall. I do not feel like buy another Sony phone if they are replaced this fast.

  • Basharca

    I am very glad to see that the majority agrees with me here that Sony needs to focus! Yes they need to focus and better their game before entering any new projects.
    Sony is hugely improving their Android handsets, they just keep getting better.
    I just got my self a Sony Xperia tablet along with an Acro S and let me tell you these products are seriously competitive, the experience has remarkable improved compared to my older Sony tablet S and xperia play which have found there way to ebay now.
    Kudos for Suzuki, yes you are on the right track so keep it up!

  • arcwindz

    Agreed, if only they put everything to their new flagship (T/TX) i wouldn’t hesitate one bit to buy it. But now seeing how it turns out to be I put my hope on their nexus (if there is one), if it’s no good there is always this new beast called LG Optimus G lol

  • Khanh NPQ

    Couldnt agree more wit u on this! They did a good job wit the 2011 series, with the Arc being the flagship and Neo, Play, Ray (enough variety) for other ranges. This year there has been just too many n confusing! The Xperia S sould have been more invested as a metal body, plus aall the specs to be the ultimate flagship (no bullshit redundant alternative Ion, TX… ) then just put out a few more for the lower range (Sx as sicessor to Ray, Neo L as sccessor to Neo, V as succesor to Arc, thats enough…) No redundant pointless stuffs like Go, Tipo, Miro.

  • Khanh NPQ

    The NTX desigm i s aweaome n unique! Sony just didnt invest in it enough, instead they “save”for the V T’

  • Khanh NPQ

    Wats wrong wit WP btw? Its an awesome OS! Very userfriendly n power efficient, n it doesnt llooklike iOS! Wats wrong wit having a version of Xperia S running WP, like a VAIO Z running Wins7?Sooner or later they gotta have thier tablet run Wins 8 too, if they dont wanna die.

  • boosook

    The problem IMHO is simple: Sony has its own ecosystem of movies, music and games. They have the music unlimited and video unlimited services that are integrated with all their devices (TVs, blu-ray, playstation and phones), and they have their own gaming platform.
    Android is easily customizable, they can choose what to include and so they can throw in the apps to promote their services and customize the OS to integrate theam seamlessly (i.e. when I use the music unlimited app, I always have an item in the notification bar with the song that is playing and the start, stop, skip buttons).
    But windows phone comes with Microsoft ecosystem: you need Zune to transfer files to the phone, and Zune is also a competitor of Music and Video Unlimited. The same can be said with gaming: Microsoft has its own game consolle and platform.
    That’s so plain simple: selling windows phones would just mean promoting the entertainment services of a competitor!

  • Jake

    well , you cant assume a phone is flagship when it have bigger 0.3 inch screen .
    xperia V is worth to be call a flagship for combine so many future that not exist on other phone .

  • 2eurocents

    Seriously – do they own the word “apple”? And maybe, hold rights to “circular shapes with leaves”?
    This suing business is craziness. But I have faith that companies that actually innovate, create and build things will win over the likes of Apple who show their weakness when instead of competing, they try to remove the competition altogether.

  • AlexBurnout

    Screw Microsoft stupid software, Sony don’t give your money to Xbox. Yeah!

  • Kaminori Chan

    God bless u man! That’s exactly what I wanted to say. They need to focus on their own OS more than anything else and make one sony ecosystem. Putting money on WP is totally stupid we need a SONY OS ASAP

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  • fried_egg

    Sony’s problem with the phones is they havent been able to get them into the networks stocked lists. Could be worse, they could be Panasonic (anyone seen one of their European models?)… I get people saying “nice phone” when I use it in pubs etc, so its not the look of the phone, its availability. Sony needs to kiss arse with the likes of Vodafone/02/Everythingeverywhere if it wants to be a big seller.

  • ProWeirdo


  • lovebmw

    it gets even better, iphone 5 did not set any new bar…. this is Sony’s chance, with great concentration on one OS and no new godly phone, it’s Sony’s time to get back on the map.

  • lovebmw

    it’s not the size, it’s the missing pieces and scattered kinds of xperia that is putting Sony mobile down…. if they focus on fewer phones and one operating system. we see a stable market competive phones from Sony with extreme magic

  • Amit

    apple sue others every now & then because they don’t have faith in what they make. Real innovators like Sony make & believe.

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  • crazy chef

    has anybody noticed that the iphone 5 looks like the prototype published in the xperia blog from 8/31/12 except that the camera lens is on theleft and not the center like sony’s. so i wonder why does apple copy and no one can sue but if you copy apple they cansue you.

  • Nabil

    You do realize the iPhone 5 was probably designed years ago ?

    And please stop all your bullshit with copying and suing and blablablah … Today, it’s impossible to design a product that is unlike any other we’ve seen before, everyone copies everyone, and try to mix the best things to get the best phones.

    I’m not being an Apple fanboy, but you have to admit the iPhone 5 beats the shit out of any android phone. Stop criticizing other companies, they’re all GOOD and make their own thin (except for Samsung). Just chose what you prefer without necessarily say bad things about the others …

    The iPhone 5 is definitely a good phone (better than Samsung and Sony for me, but I still prefer the design of those sexy Xperias) even if it doesn’t have much more than the iPhone 4S, but IMO, they don’t have much to upgrade, everything is nearly perfect about the iPhone.

    Stop hating.

  • crazy chef

    yeah it steve jobs did it from the grave. you are correct everything has already been made or designed. everyone copies everyone. I am not much of an iphone i like the ipod but not iphone. you own 1 iphone you’ve owened them all. they didn’t even put in a better camera. than the one before. geo tagging wasn’t that an andoid feature?

  • I’m sure the thought never occurred to them….

  • Exactly!!

    Yeah! Just look at the FM radio UI of the new iPod Nano..

  • Kazuki

    good choice. don’t make the same mistake nokia made. thats why i jumped ship after all

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  • c60sec

    I like the new xperia phones, but sony’s us strategy has to change. having phones on only one u.s. carrier is a recipe for losing market share .

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  • zeus

    pitty …i would like to have sony xperia mobile with windows 8 ….if sony will not do it…i will go to new nokia lumia 920….

  • Paul

    Totally agree! And I may spread this thought a bit further.
    The problem with Sony as being one of many other companies trying to survive the battle with Apple – is a wrong (other word – obsolete) strategy.

    Say, Apple releases one phone per year overally. Their current products besides being familiar to use are also compatible with other Apple’s solutions like iTunes on Mac and iPhones, iPod, iPad and Apple TV. Just one new product of each kind per year, simple to make use of everything you already have from them. (btw, making new connector slot in iPhone 5 is a wrong decision in that matter). If you ever tried that then you know what I mean.

    In the mean time I bought Xperia S like what, four months ago, 4 months since its launch, a Sony’s flagship phone at the time, thinking I bought myself a new phone, thinking it would make a difference. Yet today on Sony’s page I already see 8 (eight!) new products, Xperia S isn’t even on the main page! And again, none of them is connectible to Sony PS3 or my Sony Bravia TV, I can’t stream music or videos, nor connect it as an external drive. I’m just able to watch my photos over Wireless LAN, maybe using it as a remote control. I even had trouble finding a car kit for that phone and a spare freaking charger! Yet Sony already launches 8 “new” products waiting to be sold, losing grasp on products they sold just half a year ago. Looks to me as survival agony, sorry.

    Dear Apple’s rivals (Google, Sony and others), we don’t need your over-9000 Android phones every year with more or less same features, rare updates, loss of support two months since purchase (as happened with my SE Xperia mini and all of my previous HTCs and, seems likely, will happen with this Xperia S). This strategy is going to ruin the whole idea and companies involved. Those are major problems and setbacks that disgrace Android as otherwise a wonderful platform. We need compatibility with products of the same brand, we need good support, we need updates and solid choice, not “pick and buy one or the dozen models of the same thing we have!” I think you see the point.

    For God’s sake! Stop spamming new phones, make your existing products stand out! My 2012’s Xperia S beats new “shiny” iPhone 5 in every spot, why don’t you make it simply better, more connective with Sony’s PS3, PSP, Sony TV sets? Isn’t that achieveble on software level? I may also point out, releasing so many same phones every year isn’t too environment-frendly.

    Sorry for the long post but I still can’t believe you don’t realize this simple difference between you and Apple.

  • Paul

    by “you” I mean Sony’s CEO of course =)

  • itr0ll1

    Sony just died.

    Have fun with your gingerbread phones in 2013 LOL with bugged out ICS updates that take 3000 months to be pushed while everyone is on WP8, ios6 and Jellybean

  • itr0ll1

    Sony is long dead LOL

    Iphone can fart and people will buy the smell.

    Get real. Sony phones look and feel like crap, their software sucks, and the techh support is worse than Wal Mart.

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  • SonyFans

    We Absolutely Agree With You

  • SonyFans

    yup! Vita OS is much better than WP8.

    plz Sony!

  • naathaanS

    The most obvious troll ever, and thats not good for a troller. You should try a new job



  • malih

    They should’ve learned from Nokia, after saying a public NO to Android, now they can’t swallow their pride and go Android, if they had stayed quiet, they would’ve been able to release both WP8 and Android.

  • Rohit

    I need help from Sony Mobile Escalation, as the service of Sony service team is deadly. The issue is not resolved for more than 4 months & the handset is with the service center & no one is bothered to solve the issue, even the India Head is of no use. I need a higher escalation above India Head to show some courtesy & take the responsibility of Case Number # SES31240615141.

  • Gud :)

  • guillermo

    Shame on you Suzuki. Now I’m a Windows Phone user and I love the interface. I so simple, so intuitive. Much better than overcomplicated Android. Sony should offer different platforms and not marry to only one. Seed the competition.

  • Randy

    Get a LIFE! hahaha

  • tdyt

    “HTC S4”

  • Gaetano

    Today Android has the 75% of the market, just so you know.

  • Say “Yes” to Windows Phone Platform, for us if Sony launches a personal mobile device on Windows Phone platform, it will create a huge relief for us as Windows Phone can do more than Android, WP UI will also be more familiar for Windows 8.1 users.

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