Sony Mobile considering Windows Phone 8 platform?

by XB on 7th September 2012

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Mobile Magazine is reporting that Sony is in talks over Windows Phone 8. Pierre Perron, Sony Mobile’s UK & Ireland MD, said “we are currently investigating with the likes of Microsoft the possibility of diversifying our product strategy.”

Now we know that Sony has always kept its options open regarding mobile platforms, and in particular Windows Phone. It is a message that Sony Mobile/Sony Ericsson has reiterated many times over the last few years.

This point is echoed by Perron: “Sony’s strategy is one of openness. Microsoft is a Sony partner with the likes of our VAIO laptops and it’s integrated onto our tablets. As far as Xperia smartphones go, Android remains the preferred partner, although Sony is not a single partner company.”

What we’re not sure from all of this is how seriously Sony is considering adopting a two-platform strategy. Ex-Sony Ericsson President Bert Nordberg outlined some bold claims early in the Android Xperia days about aiming to be the number one Android manufacturer, but Sony is considerably off that position despite a loyal fan base. Therefore trialling a few handsets with Windows Phone 8 couldn’t do any harm. After all, many of the top Android manufacturers are fully embracing WP8 including Samsung and HTC.

We’ve already nailed our colours to the mast and said that we think Sony should make a Windows Phone 8 handset. It may not have the customisability of Android, but it is fresh and user friendly. We certainly hope that Sony is in renewed and focused talks about adopting the platform.

Via Mobile Magazine.

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  • Rene Pedroso

    I really do not understand why you would want Sony to do WP8 when they haven’t even mastered Android OS. All Sony fans know from years of experience and purchasing Sony products that they try to do too much and it never pans out. When the Xperia line first came out with the X1 they did not do any updates and then comes the X2 and they did not update it or have continued support for both devices. They have wayyyyy to many phones already.

  • Not bad idea …

  • EdaciousFish23
  • lovebmw

    either i agree, and should perfect one end before you go to another… once you feel android platform is earning money, then your safe to try to expand your options.

  • lovebmw

    or focus focus focus, meaning 1 or 2 android phones, and 1 or 2 windows phones. that way you have enough resources to have fast updates and awesome niche.

  • Aleksandar Stefanovi?

    Maybe because WP (on X1 and X2) isn’t exactly build for updates. Just ask Lumia 900 owners.

  • Aleksandar Stefanovi?

    Show guys from Nokia how WP8 phone should be like!

    I agree that they should be widespread on the market. It could do no major harm, while providing alternative to people who like Sony products.

  • ah i m waiting for sony wp frm a long time

  • Xlash Andraid

    It’s not needed, JellyBean is.

  • perry valton

    If the possibility is there for such an option than why not?

  • cesar

    nooooooooooooooooooooo :S

  • H-R-K

    sony always late…

  • paul4id

    I’d rather they had less but more focused models, instead of 20 barely distinguishable touch-only rectangles. Once of which should be the Xperia Pro II on Jellybean :D

  • James King

    I so hope so. Would love a Sony Xperia windows phone.

  • postigab52

    good job Sony. You already suck with open-source OS updates and you will suck harder with a paid OS
    keep on the good work in lousing customers

  • jinga

    having left out on the qwerty segment, it will be well appreciated if sony decides to bring a qwerty w8 phone.

  • jxPerience

    agree and make the qwerty slide last for good. because my xperia pro after 1 month it becomes wobbly.

  • iDroid

    i don’t think sony is gonna make wp8s : can you imagine sony making a smartphone with xbox live?

  • Sami22

    don´t buy it if you don´t want it ;)

  • zeus

    i wantttttttttttttt it…go sony for windows mobile…..

  • Steve Blows Jobz

    No updates for your WP7? It could be worse. You could be running lagdroid….

    If Sony does not make a WP8 phone — it’s certainly finished. It’s irrelevant in android space with Samsung making all the $$ and missing on wp8 will be the silliest move they can make.

  • Steve Blows Jobz

    All notebooks, netbooks, all-in-ones, and tablets will have it. So there is no way for Sony to avoid it regardless.

  • mike_b

    This is one of the big problems i have with Sony (No focus) they want to have products in every segment of every market, they’ve truly stretched themselves too thin. they are no longer top dog in any of the markets, which they’ve dominated in the past.You know there’s a saying that goes “Jack of all trades, master of none” . I’m not saying that Sony shouldn’t diversify their product line, I’m just saying they should focus on making their Android products and experience exceptional.

  • Rene Pedroso

    Read the whole entry. I also mentioned the lack of support for the software

  • djtikare

    As some one told old windows phone can’t be updated, u were saying Sony have not masterd android platform I think u haven’t used Sony xperia product, Samsung have not updated all there 2011 galaxy modules to ics but in sony’s part they have, by this I know u don’t have any idea about Sony so pls don’t comment on update and customer support.

  • Ndlelenhle Njoko

    Ey, I’m not sure about this move though. So now we’ll have two types of Sony’s, is that what this means?

  • Ndlelenhle Njoko

    I couldn’t agree with you more; there is still a lot they can do to improve their standing in the Android community. There’s just so much for them in here… I really don’t get their behavior.

  • postigab52

    i agree, sony should find itself in a specific market and become leader of it. if they can’t deal updating all their phones to newest android software (Free), what makes they think they can deal with a paid OS. i have an xperia x8 and xperia u, and they both suck in software updates… xperia x8 stock in 2.1 and U almost dying waiting for ICS and with a great possibility to wait for the release in october.
    “kick-off within the next few weeks and rollout gradually“
    and now imagine Jelly Bean updates…

  • shinkiro

    i woulnt want an WP8 XPERIA but i would like to see a VAIO smartphone running WP8. their android tablet was placed under the XPERIA name it would make sense to place a WP8 phone under the VAIO name together with the VAIO duo11 and duo20 which both run Windows8 wouldnt it?

  • Mr. M

    Whatever! Sony’s VitaOS is better that WP8.

  • jxPerience

    i like the transition and round icons of vita. i think the new Sony Media Apps copied the vita icons. because the new media apps icons are circle

  • jxPerience

    Sony to make profit dont use android or windows 8. just you symbian belle its the most advance and successful mobile OS hahaha JOKE

  • uidesigner_sony

    I hate Metro UI, so disgusting and simple for this century!

  • I’d better walk with no phone than a phone with an OS manufactured by Microsoft.

  • Cloud_Connected

    According to the german newspaper “Die Welt” SONY won´t use the Windows 8 option…

    I for myself think that is a good move. Just wait how windows 8 will perform and will be able to attract customers. In the meantime sharpen Sony mobile´s profile with state of the art devices…

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  • mohd

    i don’t like sony to make wp8 at this moment , i appreciate sony’s move with android platform

  • eleven59

    i can imagine it..and its gloriouussss!!!

  • Erfan

    I’ll buy it waterproof lumia,more than this?I don’t think SO.
    Who doesn’t agree is better to have a plastic Sangmong or high priced IPhone.

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