SIM-free Xperia T not hitting the UK until January 2013?

by XB on 15th September 2012

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The Sony Xperia T is due to launch in the UK at the end of this month, at least on the carriers. A number of UK operators including O2, Three and Vodafone have formally announced the phone and disclosed a September release date. O2 will even get a special James Bond Skyfall edition of ‘The Bond Phone‘ that will come with exclusive packaging, ringtones and screensavers.

However, those of you looking to purchase the Xperia T phone sim-free may be in for a long wait. Retailer Expansys says that the contract-free version of the handset may not make an appearance until as late as January 2013. TechRadar reports that “talks with Sony revealed the handset will be only available on contract first, direct from networks and from a couple of high street retailers.”

This fits in with what we have seen so far. Carphone Warehouse has the phone up for pre-order, but only on O2 and Orange i.e. no sim-free option. It’s a similar story at Phones4U. The phone is listed on a number of mobile phone retailers such as Clove but even they say that “Official Price and Availability To Be Confirmed”. These details should have been sewn up weeks ago.

It is increasingly looking like that you won’t be able to purchase a sim-free Xperia T at the end of the month, at least in the UK. The wait may not end up being as late as January 2013, but there will be a wait nonetheless.

We’re not sure why Sony Mobile would want to alienate potential sim-free customers, if this news does turn out to be true. It may be due to component shortages, perhaps of the S4 Snapdragon chipset, or there might be some kind of agreement struck up with the carriers. Either way we don’t know for sure, but we’ll keep you posted as we lead up to launch date.

Thanks Andrew P!

  • goldenblls

    Quite a wait. I’ll have one in a couple of weeks that probably be Three branded.

  • name me

    bought my TX in china which i found later it has no google play nither
    Gmail . i installed them but they wont start ! why i cant use Gmail and
    google play on my Xperia TX ???


    Terrible marketing decision.

  • truthhurts


  • lovebmw

    They make too many phones, a delay in some is only normal

  • pixlas


  • Rune Christiansen

    I’d say that it’s somehow copied or something, so it isn’t registered with google, and therefore unable to access the google services.

  • PRo

    We are waiting for some good news from Sony, but all bads are coming a way :(

  • Nasar Khan

    All I see listed with carriers is the black version. How then do I get hold of a white or a silver version?

  • because it is fake…..

  • scorpio

    i wish sony could bring back the arc slider way back on the x10

  • hopefully this doesn’t apply to the TX. I want that.

  • Mark Walsh

    I think this might be to make the mass users buy the carrier locked versions so they cannot unlock the bootloader. Lools like an attempt to stop them getting hacked. Either way its compounding the decisions already made Sony has made a litany of mistakes lately which lead us in the uk with always inferior handsets. Its becoming increasingly harder to justify staying with sony. Im honestly contemplating getting a note 2 instead. I was piqued by the v and if it was released here before xmas id happily get that instead. I loved sony but they just seem to constantly shoot themselves in the foot.

  • bkh

    Hopefully, the xperia nexus will have the screen size of the T with the tech of the V and be released soon after launch sim-free.

  • Fraulein
  • Guest

    if any sony Marketing guy is listening then it really terible decision. i think sony mobile are not selling because of only this decision i dont understand what sony marketing people are think people are force to buy other company phone. if they release this phone in jan then it will be outdated as technology is changing really fast pace.. they have to re-think this decision..

  • Cp2020

    Whatever the reason…customers have to wait … yet again. Now logic comes to mind : why would You wanna make the same mistake over and over again, why not just wait with the official announcement untill You ready to realease the handset/handsets…i mean wouldn’t that make more sense. There was clearly no need for it as ppl still feel hottish about nxt series that have only just been released couple of months ago and only just recently updated to ICS [ missing XU yet ]. Then Sony just comes out announcing another lot of new phones making everyone think that they can keep up with the competition, but what they are really doing is basically telling ppl that phones they just bought are about to become obsolete soon.This making most ppl desire these hot cakes and to be honest i can’t blame them want one myself but i just got xperia P in june ] . Now it is all nice…but then…we can’t have them yet for another few months. I know it is all easy to sit and moan about it all but in the end of the day when loads of your customers say this on and on you naturally do something to change this. Love Sony, they are great but these are major mistakes in how the company operates, mistakes that competitors do and will always use against you. And obiously it dissapoints us as those who have to wait now.

  • bob
  • Bolo

    And people wonder why sony doesnt do terribly well with cellphone sales.

  • Kriidz

    Xperia Tablet S unboxing (video) :D

  • H-R-K

    release this phone so quickly….

  • TMach

    Terrible marketing and a big big mistake, if this is the case. I never chain myself to carriers so goodbye Sony as I won’t wait till January for this but will choose something else before then!

  • TMach

    The phone will be released in September but the point is not the one you are making but that there is a huge sim free market Sony is ignoring which means losing out on a big share of the market!

  • tony okoro

    This might be Sony’s response to what the retailers did to the value of the xperia s. Most of them, Amazon, to name a few refused to accept Sony’s recommended retail price when the phone was launched and forced Sony to drop the price from £459 to £379 which really accelerated the drop in value of the handset.
    To be fair to them, most of them got stung last year by a lot of the stupid phones SE released last year that were literally unsellable. The xpera play is one classic example.
    It comes as no suprise that Sony would want to prevent the same happening again because if the UK retailers force a devaluation of the device, Sony would have no choice but to devalue it world wide.
    Well the xperia s has sold very well on contract so I suppose Sony is prioritising where it gets the most returns. Not surprising at all this news

  • If you have the dosh to buy it sim-free, you might as well go for the V on import surely, anyway

  • That’s a real bummer (if true). You see, my plan was to get Xperia T in OCT, if I have to wait until JAN/FEB, then I might wait for 2013 Xperia roundup (hopefully revealed at MWC in Barcelona). Then logical move would be to wait till MAY/JUN…. so I can get Exmor RS :)

    I still hope to get my T in Oct…


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  • Al

    Wanted to stay with my current provider, but Orange confirmed to me today they WON’T be offering the handset, so you either have to someone like Carphone Warehouse and lose things like Orange Care, or change network.

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