Xperia TX – which colour gets your vote? [Poll]

by XB on 18th September 2012

in Xperia T

The Sony Xperia TX (LT29i) has already been released in China and availability is expected to launch in other regions such as Taiwan shortly. The Xperia TX will be available in three colours (black, pink and white), so today’s simple question is which one do you prefer?

Rather than looking at some press renders to help you decide, we’ve included some hands-on photos of each colour courtesy of ePrice. We expect it will come down to the black versus white for many. Let us know which gets your vote in the poll below.

Which Xperia TX (LT29i) colour do you prefer?

  • White (53%, 573 Votes)
  • Black (41%, 449 Votes)
  • Pink (6%, 67 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,089

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  • is this phone only going to be available in Asian countries?

  • JP Prasad

    I think sony is failing to design phones,, n lack of innovation, time of integration of new tech in design, I wonder what CEO is doing,,, he is useless guy it seems to be..
    I dont like to see sony to be like blackberry..

  • Jam

    These are the most beautiful things ever

  • Xperia TX / T / V / S / P / U

    Sony, where are those cool names from Arc, Ray, Neo etc.?

  • kc

    does anyone know if you eventually buy higher capacity batteries for this phone?

  • I absolutely like both black and white. They tend to be more premium and suitable for a guy. I guess its the right moment for me to replace my Xperia arc. Though i still loves my xperia arc. I believe Xperia T is gonna be a perfect replacement. I love the arc design, its unique and its not like the rest!

  • Hannad Ahmed

    I have never had a white phone before…
    TX will be my first white phone, cause it looks awesome..
    If it’s gonna be available in the Netherlands..T_T

  • name me

    ok i have a problem with my TX ! i bought in china and then damn ! google play is not supported with the chinese Rom and it can not be run ,, any solution for that my dear xperia blog or i ll be still ignored !! thanks

  • white of course.

  • combine ‘SUP’ plus next ‘ER’ =SUPER

  • Metanol

    How come its not supported ! Whats the error message you get ?

  • Metanol

    Looks like it.

  • XperiaBlog

    You will probably have to wait until you can flash a different ROM as there may be some restrictions on the Play Store from China. Only option is to wait or use slideme/getjar.

  • Jonny

    I REALLY like the design of the TX!!! But im torn between this or the V… Maybe ill just wait til march for a s4pro and waterproofing and exmor rs…. But at the same time thats so far away :(

  • wHITE

  • me too

  • I hope so, because i also stay in Netherlands currently.

  • Sami

    What are you talking about?!?!? SONY is worldleading when it comes to the designs of phones! there is no company that makes beautiful phones like Sony

  • White and Black both look awesome but only if we can get them in our hands before we lose our patience and get something else :)

  • Amit

    black for me because there is no word from sony on whether its stain-proof
    like xperia s or not. so,cant take risk on white one.

  • John

    I don’t get why they are releasing this in Asia … They already have the GX don’t they ? I want it so bad, it’s my favourite one between T/TX/V/J, and it won’t be available in Europe …

  • Girgit

    Screw u Sony! I’m buying an iphone 5!! Release the TX already or my money goes to APPLE!!!!!!

  • @jp ur sick u dont knw wata wonderful design is
    cant wait to hv the. New apps on my sxs

  • name me

    its only available in china for the mean time and btw its gonna be available in europe , just some patient ..

  • name me

    i guss i ll have to wait … THank you for reply , this way you bring me back faithful on SONY . and i hope there will be different ROM soon .

  • name me

    there is no error my friend , its only can not be opened if i try to open the app it brings me after 1 second to the main screen ,and same with Gmail due to regulations and restrictions in china , instead of Gmail ,Play store or even google map the device comes uploaded with some chinese app ..

  • name me

    and btw , the xperia TX is terrific !

  • name me

    ur money goes to iphone and then u ll regret you didnt get the TX

  • name me

    i think you need to check with ur eyes

  • AsadMulla

    Same Here. I want Xperia V. I am gonna wait until next flagship. I bought the XS in April so its only been a little while.

  • ThilinaC

    GX is only for japan afaik.AND japan is not the only country in Asia.
    here’s a full list

    so as a Sri Lankan I cannot buy a GX(I can import but thats pointless) so yeah TX/T/V are the alternatives for us too.

    Anyway great designs,vote for white one.Will be great if Sony releases a silver one,gonna get that in few months ^_^

  • Alvin Sebastian

    if only this phone has in-cell display and clear audio +,i’ll surely buy it :(

  • Girgit

    I am a huge sony fan……. But there is a limit of waiting, why is this phone is slow in launching? Why is sony being so lazy…i want tx too bad :(
    I hav an iphone 3gs and truly the restrictions SUCK DONKEY BALLs otherwise to an easy and good software
    I hav no desire to switch from current iphone to another ipho

  • Pink has got a Nicer Finish!

  • ok I have got you an appointment with an Eye Specalist. Tomorrow morning at 9. Yaad se jaana. :)

  • Jimmy

    hey guys , what is the best way to import TX to england? because what i see on sony mobile site more europe countries will get the TX . but now is the question how? and from where? ebay?(hm dont like that too much ) any suggestions of shops? thank u ^^

  • Nabil

    I don’t know if it’s going to be available, when I select a European country on their website there is no Xperia TX, plus it is said that it is a non-European phone.

    I really hope they release it in Europe tough, for me it’s the best …

  • Coolkid

    Hey Jonny… I heard those specs too… My doubt is will that phone have 2gb RAM or jus 1 GB….???

  • Coolkid

    Hey… How is your experience with XTX…??? Can U explain a little bit more…??? Waiting to hear from U… I’ve been waiting so bad for this phone to launch eversince this April after reading the rumors… Can U share about its Cam,smoothness and overall experience…??? Also can U compare it with top-models from other manufacturers (Like One X, S3) and tell in what way XTX is better than them & outperforms them…??? Thanx in advance….:)

  • Jonny

    Haha I’m just speculating, It’s most likely to include the RS and a processor upgrade so the S4Pro seems the most logical, not sure about waterproofing cos sony tends to differentiate products with different highlights on each phone but not combine them all TT like aluminium P

  • jag

    one of the impatient guys… {sigh}

  • Coolkid

    Don’t think that U jus speculated… What U said gonna be the specs of the upcomin Xperia that’s gonna be launched comin March… I heard those rumors from the Sony insiders on Esato & XDA forum… Also read on some websites… They’ve mentioned that Japanese version will include 2GB RAM with waterproofing & Intl’ version will have 1GB RAM without waterproofing… But they’re jus rumors… They maybe true as well…

  • petter

    in my country there won’t be tx and v will be somewhere in 2013 (or maybe won’t – they’re not sure)
    i have to wait half a year – and maybe get nothing
    not to mention it will be outdated and overpriced then
    all that when similar performance/price smartphones from other manufacturers are in the stores (not only online pictures)
    will you call me impatient too?

  • pre-order @ Sep 20 in Taiwan

    TX price is NTD:$18500 about USD:$237

  • raha

    which color is good for xperia v black or white?

  • raha

    which color is good for xperia v black or white?

  • annonymus

    how can get xperia tx in white its not available in my country

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