ICS now rolling out for Xperia go, Xperia sola and Xperia U

by XB on 28th September 2012

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Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich is now rolling out on the rest of the Sony Xperia handsets running the NovaThor U8500 platform. The Sony Xperia go, Xperia sola and Xperia U are starting to receive the ICS update as we speak. As usual, Sony says that the rollout will continue over the next few weeks in markets globally.

The update will include Sony’s new media applications (Walkman, Album and Movies), extended standby mode, resizable widgets, better data consumption controls and recent apps. The Xperia sola will also get a special feature all of its own called “glove mode”. This enables you to use your handset in the cold with gloves on. Sounds neat.

You will be able to see which software kits have been made available on the Sony Mobile Community website in the middle of next week. These will show which countries and carriers have received the update. As with previous ICS updates for other handsets, you will need to update using PC Companion or the Sony Mobile Update Service using your PC or Mac.

Via Sony Mobile Blog.

Thanks Arnab!

  • reaper61616


    Can someone provide generic Si code for Sola?:P

  • Sounds good.

  • Frost


  • christo56

    Finally Update ICS

  • M Usman

    lol I wonder how many people will be complaining in a few weeks time that they haven’t got the update. Go find the ftf and flash it yourselves kids. Why wait when you can have all the good stuff now ;)

  • dhan

    What is the build no of the ics released for this devices???

  • Miro

    Sony kept their promise Q3, good work Sony

  • its been a painful waiting.. __-. finally

  • doraemonboi

    Jelly Bean soon?

  • samir

    Is ics update is available for India?

  • Felix

    Nice timing: glove mode just in time for winter in Europe

  • omg cool features :)

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    Sony Tablet S has been updated to 4.0.3 with some nice extras http://blog.sony.com/sony-tablet-s-update

  • zooomzooom

    someone who have updated Xperia Go?

  • Fraulein

    Don’t know where it’s release first, but here’s a couple:
    Nordic: 1261-6621
    UK: 1262-1039
    Germany: 1262-1031
    India: 1261-6628
    Russia: 1262-0977
    Singapore: 1261-6535

  • king

    what about Xperia S?will it get the new media applications?

  • Hasmukh Patel

    I am still waiting in India. I checked and still say “Your phone is up to date” :(

  • MrMxyzptlk

    I still want ICS update for the Play

  • M Usman

    LOL you serious? Xperia S already has the new media applications!

  • felix lefort


  • issa

    where to find ftf file for xperia u

  • Xperia Go User

    Lol at all these people. They’ve only ‘started’ the rollout. Expect ICS in mid October, early November. They’ve only released this statement because Q3 ends today. Lol.

  • MisterB

    Have someone a link for a tft file for my XU?

  • PRo

    Have you Checked with PC Companion ???

  • vas

    Wow.. Thanks sony,, Waiting for xperia U update from long time

  • Hasmukh Patel


  • Vishal Mittal

    i checked it with PC Companion and it still says “your phone is up to date ” :(

  • Keon Fraites

    I’m an Xperia S owner however and would like news on Jellybean but its always good to know that Sony is keeping to their word and showing the users that they are on their side.

  • M Usman

    Then I don’t know what planet you are living on :-s

  • Stopplay

    when we can get ics update Turkey?

  • me

    I cant get it here in canada…

  • Please provide an FTF file for Xperia sola.

  • Thanks Sony, Xperia U needed it :)

  • Hasmukh Patel

    Anybody here get ICS update on XPeria U/Sola? I think they just spread news they will release in next few weeks like they told 1 month before for Xperia U. wait few months :(

  • Hasmukh Patel

    Sony cheat us again. They not updated. I checked lots of forums, blogs, articles. Nobody still confirm ICS update for U and Sola. They just posted to feel like they full fill their Q3 2012 commitment(However they failed for Q2 2012).

  • Hasmukh Patel

    No Luck, Sony cheat us again. They not updated. I checked lots of forums, blogs, articles. Nobody still confirm ICS update for U and Sola. They just posted to feel like they full fill their Q3 2012 commitment(However they failed for Q2 2012).

  • not yet available for india. :|

  • Fraulein

    The link only describes how to use PC Companion and OTA updates. So if it’s not available for your SI number yet this won’t help. But is it google translated or just terrible english?

  • degee

    xperia p released on Friday Augeut 17 but updatable on Monday August 20, so I’ll expect to get xperia sola’s update next Monday.

  • DC2

    Update doesn’t shows up on their web site !!!

  • roeshak

    Sony still rolling out ICS almost a year after it’s launch. Pathetic. I’ve had two of their phones. X10 and Xperia S which will definitely be my last. This is just too poor and I really don’t see any signs of improvement. They’ve been working with android for 4yrs and still this poor. No point waiting to see if they come good eventually because I don’t even think they want to. They seem to be more interested in circumventing the market conditions rather than trying to meet them so it’s goodbye from me. Nexus here I come.
    Good luck to all the die hard idiotic fanboys and my sympathy to the rest. This nonsense isn’t going to stop anytime soon. Let the long wait for JB begin

  • Optimism

    Software update is not like you say and its on your phone, it a whole complex stuff and it rolls out from one region to another .They declared on 28th and how can u you expect it the next day.Be patient . More ever sony is the only company which has updated its 2011 phones as well as the latest one to ICS.no other Manufacturers did update to entire series of its 2011 phones.

  • Hasmukh Patel

    I know “OPTIMISM” I am technical person and I know complete process. But you may not know. It is possible to give update in one day to all countries same time with different flavor if company have capacity and ability. Here sony not given ICS update to Sola/U in any country yesterday and today. This is complete cheating with customer but like you blind fans never know or accept truth.

  • Fraulein

    Of course it’s possible. But if you really were a “technical person” you would understand that it’s really unwise. If you run into a problem you have a better ability to minimize the damage. I agree that they should’ve released ICS much earlier, but you must understand that most customers don’t even know which Android version they’re running. And calling a couple of days for cheating the customers is almost laughable.

  • Hasmukh Patel

    You may know Sony first told Q2 2012 and now few hours left to Q3 2012. in more than 3 months technologies change and ICS is now older and JB release at
    July 9, 2012(Q3 begining) and we are still waiting for ICS and still you say couple of days its actually couple of months and you know history Sony always gives buggy software. and after update if they found major bug they are not reply on emails, service centers, facebook or their official sites until it fix(1 – 2 months they take to fix. If you remember Sola’s first update start Network reception problem and fix after 40 days till they not reply any of my email. I got reply after 50 days). So this is clearly cheating with customers. I made mistake to buy Sony’s handset. I had previous Samsung handset and when they delay 4 days(total 11 days) they offer me upfront replacement or full refund(I got refund for 5 month used handset) but sony never offer such even they does not reply by email/phone.

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  • Muskan

    bt how ????? i cant find update for xperia sola… help me out?

  • Optimism

    Mr hasmukh patel is that samsung offered you this , i seldom doubt because i too have a samsung 10.1 tab and i got the ICS update for india after 6 months of its announcement and samsung has been the most pathetic customer service experience and your talking of phones on JB, if u r a technical person the upgrade is 4.04 to 4.1 and as per version naming convention goes the update isn’t a hell major just few enhancements in terms of UI etc . And talking of phones running on JB its just 0.8% in entire world ICS is around 16% and gingerbread is still around 57-58% . So be patient, dont crib like a school kid. And guess what max phones are of samsung and they havent even thought to upgrade the mid and entry level phones to ICS of last year , “thats what you call good customer service” by forgetting you did sell phones and they also need up-gradation.

  • M Usman

    I will let you know once an ftf becomes available. like XB said. only xperia go being updated as of now

  • Augusto Nascetti

    I have a MAC (OSX 10.5.8) and I connect the Sola with Sony Bridge. When I connected the phone today, it prompted me that there is an upgrade to ICS but when the procedure begins, the Sola turns itself off and I get the error message of disconnection the device without the correct procedure for removing (obviously because it has gone out …)
    Luckily it seems that turning the phone there are no problems… but the update of course fails (the phone switched itself off)

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  • QB

    No, in europe, it’s not possible yet..

  • Fraulein

    Sorry I gave you the service ID. Here are the correct SI codes:
    Nordic: 1262-3479

    UK: 1261-5814
    Germany: 1262-1482
    India: 1261-7819
    Russia: 1262-1440
    Singapore: 1261-8256

  • dirch

    updated my sola and realized there was nothing to get excited about, maybe the extended battery.

  • jyo go

    when I get Xperia go ics update in India??

  • Lim chounhit

    why I can’t not upgrade ICS and floating touch for sola.
    could you tell me about step?

  • Grimm

    Somehow, I feel like readin Apu Nahasapimapetilon…

  • Radoje bro

    I am from Serbia and I still don’t have available update for xperia U (st25i). Is it going to be available soon? please tell me something about it…

  • I have update my xperia sola to ICS firmware,its works succesfull,greets

  • franz

    I have problems with my xperia u after the ics update. the camera seems to be dimmer compared to the older os version. as well as in playing moving using otg. the response also when opening the messages seems to lag for a few seconds. i hope sony will fix this problems…it wont make much excitement waiting for ics update it this is the result…

  • franz

    I hope sony will fix the problem with the camera output of xperia u after ics update…the performance of the cam is greatly affected especially with the result…the previous versions shows a more clearer and fast cam unlike after the ics update which took time to capture and the result is blury and dim….

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