Xperia T Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean firmware (9.1.A.0.187) spotted in benchmark

by XB on 22nd October 2012

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Sony Mobile expects to launch the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean firmware update for the Xperia T (LT30p, LT30at) during the middle of Q1 2013. However, prior to this, Sony will be putting the firmware through plenty of test time. It looks like one branch of this firmware has already been discovered on GLBenchmark.

The benchmark listing clearly shows that firmware version 9.1.A.0.187 for the LT30p relates to Android 4.1.1. This means that we are likely to see a jump up from the current Xperia T ICS firmware (7.0.A.1.303) to eDream 9 which will bring Jelly Bean.

This is not the first time we’ve come across eDream 9, we also saw it pop up on the Xperia V (9.0.D.0.175). However, judging by the GLBenchmark listing for the Xperia V, it seems that the 9.0.D.0.XXX firmware is still Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. So we need to keep an eye out for 9.1.A.0.XXX firmware when looking for the Jelly Bean versions.

Interestingly, the recent Sony Odin leaks pointed to eDream 10 firmware (10.1.A.0.XXX) that was also Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean. We imagine, unsurprisingly, that Sony is planning a number of software enhancements for its 2013 flagships that will not be in the JB update for the 2012 models.

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    Q1 2013 !! Sony devlopers are so lazy

  • SonyFan

    can’t wait for more news

  • Saw this comment on Reddit today. So true…

    There is a reason why Sony will release JB in Q1 for all 2012 phone despite the fact the JB is a minor update on ICS, the major reason is Sony have a policy now to not give a phone more than 2 OS in its lifetime (Xperia S was launched on GB though but got ICS within 2 months of launch )

    look at all phones from 2011 , they all were launched on 2.3 and got ICS and thats it

    All this has to do with the 18 month support promised to Google..doesnt means they will give all OS released withing the 18 months. so Xperia T launched in Q3 (august end) on ICS will get JB in late Q1 or Q2(announced on sony blog) and by the time it reaches all carriers it will be Q3 and Xperia T will be a year old and then Sony will say that all 2012 phone will not be updated to current OS (4.3 Key lime whatever) just like they did now with 2012 phones

  • stefan

    They are sacking a lotta Of people in sweden that are devolping and that could be a reason sju it takes time.

  • Xlash Andraid

    So, basically we have three options: A) Being still a hardcore SONY fan despite we will just have one big update in any SONY phone we have, B) XDA or C) going for the next Nexus if we want to get early updates and all the possible Android versions we can, no matter if this phone will be from a non-very reliable trademark like LG. Am I right?

  • Lunkz

    Still waiting for a Xperia Nexus Smartphone

  • CACO
  • caco
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  • what does eDreams mean? Can anybody answer it?

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  • Ned

    Naa.. Xperia Go is going all the way from Gingerbread to Jelly Bean.

  • Interesting.. think official will be soon?

  • ThilinaC

    I’d rather go for samsung nexus model(or anything other than lg tbh and yeah I know its older but i don’t trust lg that much) than lg latest one :/ and being a hardcore Sony fan is worthless,telling from 6-7 year experience I have being one :/

  • roeshak

    I tend to agree! They’re two possibilities here. One is that they are hopelessly poor on software and other being that they delay deliberately. Since we are afterall talking about a multi billion dollar company here, I seriously doubt that they don’t have the resources to do much better. Hence my conclusion that it must be deliberate. I like you believe that they have an objection in principle to the rapidly developing nature of android and do everything they can to curtail the pace of change. Sony you must forget is part of that old guard of capitalist who traded by giving as little as they could get away with for as much as they could possibly get in return.
    Google on the other hand have more of a social dimension to their business model. Theirs is more an economy of scale. Put differently “get as little as is necessary from as many people as possible”. It’s a concept that’s alien to the old guard, Nokia, Sony, Apple and Microsoft. Nokia despite their declining status and huge losses, won’t touch android.
    Sony Ericsson just didn’t have the reserves to keep soaking up vast losses so they held their noses and adopted the platform.
    The success stories have been of the smaller companies, Samsung HTC, and LG who saw an opportunity with a very popular platform and embraced it fully. These companies are what they are today because of android. Empires fall because they fail to adjust to changes on the ground and that’s what’s happening to Sony and Nokia. Greedy bastards who just can’t face up to the reality on the ground while the smaller companies desperate to make a name for themselves adapt and race ahead and in th e case of Samsung building their own empire.

  • Rune Christiansen

    I’m pretty sure it’s just Sony’s skin of android, like Sense and such.

  • Ned

    Sony is weird on software, not poor. We know that they did a great job in Mobile Bravia Engine, ClearAudio+, Media Apps, etc, yet we aknowledge their flaws on their ICS. So it’s weird.

    About the economy things, as an Xperia Mini Pro owner, I found your argument is hard to accept. Nothing can beat Mini Pro on its price range. Looks like Sony (Ericsson) was being a nice greedy bastard to me. Speaking of economy and “mini”, you should see how Samsung is doing its economy idealism with the release of Galaxy SIII Mini. It’s not that I love Sony and hate the rest, in fact, I love Sony and hate no one. It’s just that your argument is hard to agree with.

    About OS updates, it would be nice if my Mini Pro can have Jelly Bean inside it. But a firmware update that could fix bugs and give some improvement on my ICS is also fine.

  • does anyone know if Sony has now dropped the separate branch of android the SE team was using? it used to be a older android that they would update with the changes that they thought would be great with the se skin. that method meant that they could put newer features from android into the older base code.

  • Jan

    My Xperia S falled on hard surface many many times and nothing happened except few crushes and scratches. But today was worse. Falled on asphalt and glass in left upper corner is broken. Still, everything works fine incl touch and both cameras :) But i considered to sell it an go for T. Imho Xperia T is not very big improvement on S… but its new. I dont know, also someday i wanted Xperia PLAY but i gone for S. Now i think about “Odin”. But only way now is T, which have Jellybean and 4.6″ screen and new camera. But im true and design of “T” didnt kidnapped me.
    I only hope to next Sony smartphones to be at least tough as XS. And i dont use phone case, because i hate it, it make smartphone so bulky. And i have these popular ugly stains on top and bottom of LCD of generic XS. And one more thing. Updates of andro must be quality-made. We cant talk about stuttering. maybe in tipo but not in S,U,P,T :) cheers

  • eric

    Got the 7.0.A.3.195 Update today. Screen Mirroring and some new design for xperia apps are in it. Also there is “energy options” instead of “battery” in settings, where you now can find “battery” and “enhanced standby-mode”, which disables data traffic, if your display is off.

  • Sonythetop

    MSM8960 so is this Xperia TL first ? o.O

  • roeshak

    That wasn’t even a response to anything I was arguing. That’s how you spot a fanboy apologist, they start talking about lower end segment. In fact, you’re just emphasizing my point. Sony spend more time on the mid range and low end segment not because they want to offer choice but because they feel that most users who opt for such phones don’t care about the finer details and so they can g away with more there.
    The high end segment is where manufacturers are judged not because we want to be snobbish to others but because that’s were the best is showcased and Sony’s best falls quite short of the rest.

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  • Ned

    Oh come on, which Sony phone do you mean? If you’re talking about the flagship, Sony is currently not the best. But compared to others, Sony’s flagship is not so expensive. Yet it can outperform many of them in some benchmark tests. You’re talking like you know about the company, but I don’t think you know about its products.

    And please don’t judge things that easily, I mentioned Mini Pro because I use it, not because it’s a mid-end or any other excuse. Many people around me use Samsung phones and I know how much they cost. And Sony did offer choice, what brand can offer more choice than Sony? You can say Samsung, but Samsung doesn’t have dust-proof and water-resistant smartphone, or dedicated game smartphone, or audiophile smartphone.

    So please feel free to speak your opinion, that’s all we would love to hear, not a judgement that anyone can make at any distance.

  • Quark

    cool. and you are using xperia.. what?

  • Quark

    I agree that they should use this method, like the Linux branching. So they can add new android features combined with their own new features. And rebuild a new version only if there’s a significant amount of updates available in official new version, instead of rebuilding firmware each time Google releases an update. But I don’t know if it’s ok with Google.

  • eric

    Xperia T, O2 branding.

  • JasmineL

    does this work on TX ?

  • JasmineL

    will TX get this ?

  • kelmacias91

    I have a xperia tl, can i update my os to jelly bean when it arrive???

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