Xperia J will get ‘SMS counter’ function

by XB on 23rd October 2012

in Xperia J

It looks like the Sony Xperia J will get a new feature we haven’t seen before called SMS counter. The screenshot below was sent to us by one of our readers which shows the SMS counter in the menu settings. SMS counter will allow you to set a limit on how many SMS messages can be sent per month – good for those on restrictive mobile contracts. We’re not sure if this feature will slowly hit all Sony Xperia handsets, see a larger screenshot below.

Thanks Loken!

  • DJMashup

    Wow, thanks Sony for this awesome feature !!

  • Rune Christiansen

    Hate the sarcasme… ;-)

  • M Usman

    you can check that by going into the phone service or info menu to check that and reset it every month I believe. I guess it isn’t a bad feature at all. especially for all the friends my mother texts and goes over her texts. this will keep her informed!

  • M Usman

    I bet not many would have understood it was a sarcastic comment lol. well done Rune ;)

  • solidpig

    Awesome. Honestly, I was looking for a feature like this. My old Sony ercisson c905 had a feature like this and I did actually miss it. Hopefully they’ll have number of sms sent to each person too. Just like the c905.

  • :) my tip

  • postigab52

    It’s magical :P

  • When Sony will release a TALKTIME counter? :DD *trolling*

  • Amimanot

    Even though I know that you’re trolling, but the talktime counter (or actually the total call time counter) existed in the 2011 xperias since the sony ericsson days (can’t confirm on the 2010’s or the 2012’s because I don’t have one). It’s just hidden. To access it, go to the dialer and dial *#*#7378423#*#* (or if you want to remember it, just remember that the numbers represent service), pick service tests and then pick total call time. It will then show you the total time you called using your phone since your last reset.

    Just a little extra, dial *#*#73556673#*#* (or remember sellmore) to access the retail demo. It will then play the included demo video (unless you’ve deleted the .demovideo folder) over and over until someone touches the screen, then after 1 minute of user inactivity the video will playback again. to turn it off just dial the number again.

  • paul4id

    Seems like a bit to prominent position in the menu for a minor feature that will be used by few. I think it would be better if instead e.g. mobile data on/off was not as buried in the menu.

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