Sony’s 2013 flagship will have a glass-back, is this a deal-breaker for you?

by XB on 11th December 2012

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Sony Mobile’s new flagship to be launched during Q1 2013 is expected to have a glass front and back. This is pretty much a given for the handset codenamed Yuga (C660X). We have this confirmed by our own sources, along with the photo leaks a while back. The question we have today is how much of a hindrance is this for you?

The most popular example of a phone with a glass back is the Apple iPhone 4/4S and there’s no denying that it had abnormally high faults related to people cracking the back of the phone. There’s a good reason why phones don’t normally come with glass backs and that comes down to practicality. Knowing a phone has a glass back means placing it down that much more carefully and probably means a case or bumper is an essential accessory for many.

We’ve started to hear similar stories over the LG Nexus 4. Reports suggest that placing the handset on a cold surface, such as a kitchen granite surface, can cause the glass to crack after it has been held in a warm hand. There’s no denying that it gives the handset a premium look, but in your view is the aesthetics worth what you end up losing in terms of practicality? Or does it not bother you since you use a case for your phone anyway? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below.

  • if back glass strong as dragontrail it will be nice

  • More like a pro for me. The plastic on the 2011 phones wasn’t much better than the infamous Samsung-garbage.

  • Stéphane Mauris

    So nice. Can’t wait…yes with the Xperia V which will replace my S.

  • TheLoyalist

    Well it’s dragontail glass, same as in Xperia GO…now you know the strength of it! :)

  • AlexBurnout

    Yes, it’s Sony after all.

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    For me, it is always a joy to look at and touch the glass and metal so I wouldn’t complain about the practicality at all.

  • Hyouma

    Glass-back can be a deal-breaker for me. As well as silver-painted pseudo-metal parts or lack of camera dedicated button. I mean cmon – when I see this kind of design solutions, I just want to magically transport into Sony’s Design Manager body and fire half of my team.

  • doraemonboi

    I love glass back. Have a premium look. If use the same glass as Xperia GO, that will be awesome. Hopefully Apple don’t sue. lol

  • Yeah, it is… Will not buy it if back will be with glass…

    Will keep my TX until something more user friendly will be released.

  • I suggest to put a ( Cover Protection) that comes when you buy the phone to avoid cracks

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    By the way, some recent Xperia models and leaks like this show that Sony started to lose its design edge. Most of their new phones look alike too much with each other and with the competition, being simple rectangle boxes and having no distinctive exterior design features. They need some more bright ideas, like the light strip on Xperia S et al.

  • Lam_Ang

    People buy phones with glass-back because of the premium look.
    But also covers the back with cases to avoid scratches and breakage.

    I hope Sony would put Dragontrail like the screen of Xperia Active, so tough!

  • I actually don’t mind it as long as they remain unique and elegant :/

  • Depends how big this thing is gonna be. I find it amusing how companies spend so much on industrial design and manufacturing, only to have end customers cover them up with the ugliest, tackiest cases.

  • Anderw

    We “use” a mobile phone, not to carefully holding something with fragile and hypocritical called-fashion.
    Before creating and selling useless designs, you should know how to choose them.

  • According to rumors the back and front will have dragontrail glass and both sides will have shatterproof sheets. It should be FAR more durable than the iPhone 4

  • Jan

    Xperia S wit its NXT Designs beats all being a mile stone. Also yuga glass-back look stylish but it would be good if that would be accompanied with rubber edges. Big aluminium round power button looks very great, and makes good overall impression (especially with 5FHD,Quad, and should be 2GB ram and Exmor RS)

    But arc design in so many models. In style Arc succesor is XT and stylish succesor for X10 is well known XS! i see it like this. Hope new designs or improve NXT, or more glass i dunno :)

  • Jan

    Front design doesnt beats all. I would never use phone case or bumper. I can only if its not thickens phone

  • den v will b outdated

  • i need to see some nice design like they did on my xperia s….

    was goin thru google images one time i saw this very thin xperia s looking nice with a 4’6 screen..

    nice phone if sony will implement it some time soon

  • Exodite

    Absolutely a dealbreaker for me, it’s terrible design.

    I’ve dropped my orginal Xperia arc onto the floor 3-4 times already with the only result being that the back came off and the battery catapulted out. No damage.

    With a glass back I’d likely not be as lucky.

  • strange

    How’s the TX so far? Just learned it’s not coming to my country…

  • XiphiasGladius

    Indeed mine was dropped about 8 times already (clumsy), few dents on the edges can be seen but no biggie. If it was made of glass I doubt It could survive, thus I’m very skeptical about that glass back of the Yuga. . .

  • Well I guess I’m getting the V and sticking with it for now. I don’t trust myself with a fully glass phone, I’m sure I’ll drop it and break during the first month.

  • ‘dragontail’ glass or not, no phone should have glass as a back cover… at least.

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  • dara ing

    am i the only one that doesnt overly mind that its made out of glass, if the forum rumours are true and the glass is shatter proof and much more stronger than the one used in the iphone 4 than thats great!! but i have always had a gripe with the cheap plastics used in previous xperias! i think to differ the sony products from competitors especially samsung (who love using the cheap plastics and overall cheap build) . This can only be a good thing, i kinda wish though that sony would really push the boundaries, maybe a magnesium uni body, now that would be kool.!! but great materials along with sonys design is a very appealing thought to me!! now all we need is stock android!! and thats a dream phone!!

  • metcarded

    It’s Dragontail glass, so no.
    What will be a deal breaker for me though, is if it has a puny little battery and below average battery life. I want class leading battery performance from Sony, like the Sony from the 90s.

  • lovebmw
  • It’s good. No issues at all. At least for me.

  • Give me a 2-GB RAM, and a quad-core Cortex-A15 CPU, then shut up and take my effin’ money! (regardless of what they call fashion is).

  • Sony4Life

    Omigosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The King is coming back.

  • This “could” be a major freaking joke. But I do believe in miracles. Haha. :)

  • Loken

    hope it has led bar ? 0.0

  • Ramy Ayash

    I am sure that this glass will be better than the one used in the Nexus 4. Sony has always used premium materials. The Aluminium back on my Xperia Ion is one of the best aluminum casings I’ve ever used.

  • riri

    no problem at all. do you actually think they would put fragile lame glass as a phone’s back cover? come on, be grateful a bit :-). they have a reputation at stake. from most the phones out there, what I love about Sony’s phones are definitely their sophisticated designs. just buy active if you’re the type that drops phone often.

  • Keon Fraites

    Dragontrail all rounder!

  • foggyflute

    I drop my phone more than I can count, so… glass back is no, the front glass is more than enough risky to me.

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    No problem, glass-back for me is cool feature

  • lovebmw

    and NOW after my post A15 is old news according to this

  • Aleksandar Stefanovi?

    As long as it has good placed rim, it will be okay. I mean, Nexus 4 has glass back, so what.
    It will contribute to design, if you don’t care about phones and drop them frequently, this phone is not for you.

  • dereknobuyuki

    I have the GX (since early August) which is the same as the TX but with LTE and it’s largely quite good and looks great… too great to put a case on it…. so I’m glad it doesn’t have a glass back yet is rubbery textured (feels a lot better in hand than shiny plastic)

    Most issues on the phone can be resolved by rebooting (like most android devices) except the the camera performance in low light or even somewhat low light where it becomes incredibly sluggish, takes a long time to take a photo, and is too difficult to take a quick photo in a situation.

  • David J

    Yes it would look good but do we really need another weak point of the phone. It seems like Sony are copying Apple more and more with each flagship device. The Xperia S came out with a smaller SIM and also no memory card slot. (iPhone 4). Now a glass back ( iPhone 4S) we have to remember that there must be a reason why Apple scrapped that design and adopted the metal back on the iPhone 5. If we are going to copy Apple on anything please let it be speedier updates with the improvement of it being bug free. I think Sony’s designs are fine as they are so Sony please concentrate on the software (1 global release for SIM free devices)

  • just_being_real

    you should research a little bit first before you post or write your opinion. do you even have a clue how tough a dragontrail glass is?

  • surethom

    All I want from sony is an Android phone 4.3″ screen ish with a Xenon flash i.e. Cyber shot & a battery bigger than 2400mAH

  • Eugen Hannibal

    Sony is the best….shit Apple ändern Samsung

  • Xlash Andraid

    Now let’s hope these upcoming phones doesn’t cost that much people would want to sell a kidney to get it. There are phones that have the same or higher price than a laptop, and that sounds horrible.

    Other than that, phuck yeah! Great specs!

  • SONY fans

    Is this make by glass back,
    Then will be like( No microSD card slot, no versions with more storage, Non user-replaceable battery)is same like iPhone and nexus,OMG,sony pls,don make like that,my first phone is K810i,and X10,third is ARC,after updated to ICS android vision,is very lag,but this year 2012 sony phone really disappoint,all is dualcore,so i sold my X10.and i buy Galaxy S3.NOW IM WAITING NEXT YEAR SONY WILL REALISE HIGH END SMARTPHONE ALSO CAN FIGHT OTHER SMARTPHONE.

  • Xlash Andraid

    Oh, come on man, we always can’t get all we want. A quadcore adreno 320 chipset and 3 gbs in RAM wouldn’t be enough for you?

  • lovebmw

    for me it is more than enough, i just dont want a samsing wong guy to tell me his phone is better.

  • this better not meaning that it doesn’t have replaceable batteries.

  • Glass

    Not unless it’s made out of Gorilla Glass =)
    I know my previous N8 had scuff marks all over. Yes, managed to drop it so badly that it made dents all over certain areas of the aluminum. Yet the screen is still brand new and scratch free =)
    My current Xperia S is 10 months old, had a small dent on the top left conner from a drop. No scratches on the screen so far =)

    Though having Gorilla Glass on the front and back PLUS it’s a Sony, is gonna make the device bloody costy $_$

  • Xlash Andraid

    No samsung phone is better than a SONY one, not a single.

  • Exodite

    Because the glass used on existing glass-backed devices isn’t tough enough?

    The problem isn’t scratches or tensile strength, it’s the fact that glass is inherently prone to /shattering/ in ways plastic is not.

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    as long as the glass back does not cover the camera like on the Nexus4 if that thing cracks above the camera then it is useless until you fix it

  • Steve Blows Jobz

    The deal-breaker is lagdroid, not the glass

  • Sami

    there is always the possiblity to use a case but i don´t know

  • lantis

    One of news i got for 2013 SONY ROAD MAPS … seems intresting

  • lantis

    Q1 2013 Flagship

    5 inch 1080P screen

    A15 4-core

    3GB RAM

    3,000 mAh battery

    16 megapixel camera

    overall size and Yuga almost.


    high-end device estimated 1st half 2013:

    Xperia 4 – 720p ~ 360PPI, 12MP, MSM8960T, 1.5GB, microSD, 16GB, 1800mAh

    Xperia – 1080p 2400mAh

    Xperia 5R – 1080p 440PPI, 13MP, APQ8064, LTE, 2GB, microSD, 32GB, 2800mAh, waterproof IP57

    Xperia 6 – 1080p ~ 370PPI, 13MP, APQ8064, LTE, 3GB, microSD, 32GB, 3500mAh

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  • yeeeaaaaahhhhhh

    dude that’s just the name for their chipsets they’re still armv7. a15 architecture is still the newest one around

  • lovebmw

    i understand, but you dont think galaxy iiii will have that when Sony gets out the a 15s out?

  • just_being_real

    well the glass used on previous devices were not dragontrail glass.(iphone’s case). that’s a fail on their side.

    if you ask me, plastic breaks/scratches more easier than dragontrail glass. you should check out the youtube video for xperia active so you’ll have an idea how tough this glass actually is

  • Shubhs

    I really hope that the yuga is the new nexus check online as the new one will be announced around april time here’s to hoping

  • Exodite

    I confess I’m not an expert but until proven otherwise I’m going to assume that any glass shatters more easily than plastic.

    Like I said, it’s not a question of scratch-resistance or tensile strength – in those cases I’m sure hardened glass will do better.

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  • shiny

    Create a poll. But no

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  • Roy

    > glass-back, is this a deal-breaker for you?

    Was it a deal-breaker for those who purchased the Apple iPhone 4/4S?. NO they stood in line for days to buy it and WE heard how GREAT its was for a very long time, even after ‘Antenna-gate’ (REF:

    Many things are made of glass nowadays, Shatterproof Windows (which withstand Sledgehammer attacks), Car Door Windows which withstand years of the Car Door slamming, they even make bulletproof Glass (what they make that of I will leave for you to guess).

    Obviously they know enough to use scratch resistant glass otherwise we will have Screen Protectors on the back instead of the front of our Phones. Just because another Company did not test their design sufficiently does not mean that the rest of us can not learn from their mistake (otherwise what would the basis for your question be).

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  • I must say I really like it. Your imformation is usefull. Thanks for share.

  • michael

    i bought xperia z since 1 month ago and the glass it was cracked when i put it in my pocket. any idea how much the cost for repairing?

  • bruce

    i have a cracked screen already phone is only 4 weeks old

  • Andre Mcdonald

    My screen cracked today so dissapointed,fell out my hand and picked it up and saw it had a surface crack, screen now only partially works. And from what I understand it is very expensive to repair. So much for the xperience I will have. What must I do I am so frustrated.

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