Exmor RS sensor coming to Oppo Find 5; see first photo samples

by XB on 14th December 2012

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The Sony Exmor RS stacked CMOS sensor is widely expected to be included in next year’s high-end Sony Xperia handsets. The benefits of the 8MP/13MP stacked CMOS sensors include a smaller chip size and HDR video functionality. The chips were also expected to have RGBW coding, to capture clearer images in low light, but this feature was later removed.

Whilst we await to see the results of these new chips in next year’s Xperia handsets, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo, has beaten Sony to the punch. It showed off a new handset called the Find 5 which will include the 13MP Exmor RS sensor. Oppo released some sample pictures from the phone which we’ve attached below. It gives you an idea of what to expect when Exmor RS is incorporated into Xperia handsets next year.

The pictures look great with little noise and vibrant colours. However, we don’t have access to the raw images so it’s difficult to know how the images will look on a day-to-day basis. Also, these were the images Oppo wanted to show the world, so there’s no doubt they were taken in great conditions by an expert. Regardless, you can see the images below (click to enlarge).

Via @Oppo.

Thanks Cytokine!

  • Hannad Ahmed

    How it usually goes in the comment section :P
    For the normal human eye: Beautiful!
    For the Advanced human eye: Ugh…Noiseeeeee!

  • Samuel Serafim

    Agreed. Even having a little less noise, it still lose for Samsung phones.

  • surethom

    Very nice, but lets hope Sony dont over process or compress the images on there phones as other non sony phones that use sony sensors seem to produce better photo quality

  • Arie

    Great pics! Awesome Sony!!

  • rafy

    Off topic. @Xperiablog there is new gingerbread firmware that had been certified. Build number is 4.0.2.A.0.84 and this is for the 2011 xperia

  • Ryan

    Source? I don’t think it is for all the 2011 Xperia series. Still no such firmware for Mini ST15i and Ray ST18i in the PTCRB website.

  • Ryan G

    Still lose for Samsung phones?

  • shivaprakash
  • FlowXT

    One incredible advantage of Exmor RS is allowing high resolution cameras in a uniformly slim chassis without any type of hump on the back of the device. This was not possible with any 13 MP camera sensor before.

  • Where did the website mention the use of Exmor RS sensor?

  • You sure?

  • mubher

    This + Bravia engine = O_o

  • Ahmed Dammed

    Sure?, maybe. Wrong?, yes.

    I searched the darkest black areas and the noise is very faint, likely due to gentle noise removal. The view of he insides of the offices is really quite good. The only sad thing is that there are not more examples or HDR Video for us to enjoy.

    This Sensor is on the top of my list to examine Reviews for.

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  • Samuel Serafim

    After years of low quality cameras from sony, i really need tons of demonstration to give back my confidence.

  • jasper_stmf

    you know they make nikon’s sensors right?

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  • you’ve heard of the Nex cameras? Or maybe Nikon cameras? Or how about excellent OMD EM5? Or the RX100 – Time’s camera of the year, or the Rx1? All using Sony’s sensors. Their PHONE cameras may be a bit iffy but their cameras are superb as are their sensors.

  • kakooli

    i hope they put super ips + panel, with bravia engine 2 and whitemagic and trublack technology. high res cam with exmor rs sensor. quadcore chipset and a really large battery. i dont worry abour designs cuz sony have the best designed phones.

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