Sony ‘Yuga’ (SO-02E) passes through FCC; reveals 2,330mAh battery

by XB on 14th December 2012

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One of the 2013 Sony Mobile flagship handsets, codenamed Yuga, will launch in Japan on NTT DoCoMo with model number SO-02E. Up until now we had only seen Yuga’s international model number (C660X). The Japanese version passed through the FCC and reveals a schematic of the backside of the handset (similar to the leaked pictures we’ve already seen).

The documents also reveal that the handset will have a 2,330mAh battery capacity, which will obiously be needed to power that rumoured 5-inch 1080p panel. The international release of the Yuga (C660X) may have slightly different specs as can sometimes be the case, so there’s no guarantees the same battery will arrive on western shores. The only other notable piece of information unveiled is the supported network frequency bands it will operate on (GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900; UMTS/HSPA Bands 1/5/6/19 and LTE Bands 1/19/21).

Yuga battery

Yuga DoCoMo

Yuga DoCoMo

Via Blog of Mobile.

  • lovebmw

    so far the rumors are 97% accurate! does not share something without an official source! keep it up!

  • lovebmw

    U.S. At&T needs Band 4 and 17 for LTE this is unfortunate! .

  • Hope this battery will keep things running until the end of the day…

  • kurtdean

    The international yuga will come with 2800mah battery

  • XperiaJunkie85

    Anybody know where the loudspeaker is it looks like on the image it is in the top left and there is only one of them surely dual speakers for a smartphone like this is a must as the loudspeaker on my Xperia T isn’t great gives good sound just not loud enough and dual loudspeakers would be a massive advantage for me

  • FlowXT

    Made in Xx? Typically this means that it may be assembled in more than one country, so I wonder if there’s any chance that at least Docomo or au versions could be produced domestically? Some au phones like Cybershot and BRAVIA series have been made in Japan, although that plant (Minokamo) is being closed.

  • XperiaJunkie85

    The HTC Droid DNA or the Butterfly J has a 2020 mAh battery and that has a full HD 5 inch display with the same CPU and Yuga has 2330 mAh battery the HTC should be good for around 9 hours of so called heavy usage according to GSM arena so the Yuga with WhiteMagic technology should give longer usage

  • Xlash Andraid

    Really?! Good news! I was thinking about getting Butterfly, but it seems that SONY doesn’t want to lose a loyal customer since 2006 =D

  • Arie

    Agrred with u guys, bigger battery is better!!

  • royesk

    Is that a xenon flash? :’D

  • Lunkz

    I think its the speaker

  • Lunkz

    Its just a place holder

  • pirate

    Xperia 2013 Lineup:
    Basic technical details (CPU/GPU, RAM, Resolution, Android Ver.) per Modell:


  • My next phone! Specs are awesome!

  • Ryan G

    But it still just a rumor.

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  • NorthWood

    Hmm…Seems it also have FM receiver…

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  • Plus sensor on lens will more longer usage.

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