Sony ‘Yuga’ C660X gets extensive preview ahead of announcement

by XB on 18th December 2012

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Mobile-Review has done it again, detailing a significant preview of an as-yet unreleased Sony Xperia handset. Their preview of the Sony C660X (C6603) ‘Yuga’ leaves no stone uncovered as it reveals pretty much everything about the handset, however it’s worth noting that this preview is based on a prototype.

First of all, let’s talk specs. The Yuga has a 5-inch 1080p display that will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro chipset (APQ8064 & MDM9615) with 1.5GHz quad-core processor and Adreno 320 GPU. It will come with 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, a microSD memory card slot, LTE and a 13MP camera. The prototype previewed was running Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.

Regarding the camera, whilst the preview says it has a 12MP camera, we believe the author is misinformed and most likely the handset is running in Superior Auto mode, limiting the resolution to 12MP (which is why you see this resolution in the screencaps below). The camera is in fact using a 13MP Exmor RS stacked CMOS sensor. The camera includes the ability to shoot HDR videos and photos. There also appears to be a new burst mode for shooting photos, long overdue in the Xperia line.

We get more images of the device highlighting a design with slim profile and sharp corners. It reminds us in some respects of the Xperia ion. M-R says that the build quality is “perfect” with parts fitting tightly with each other. If you’re not a fan of port flaps, you’ll be disappointed to hear that all of the ports are covered by flaps including the micro SD slot, USB, micro SIM and headphone jack. However, on one side of the phone there are a couple of exposed pins for use with an appropriate dock without messing around with flaps.

The 5-inch 1080p display is one of the highlights of the phone. M-R says it is impossible to make out individual pixels given the 440 PPI pixel density, although we’d argue it was very difficult to do the same with the 4.3-inch panel on the Xperia S with its 342 PPI. All is not perfect though, with narrow viewing angles reported as well as the backlight visible when viewing dark material.

On the performance side, M-R says that the quad-core has enough power ” for every conceivable task, and in most cases it is even excessive.” On the graphics side, M-R says that “graphics rendering takes place without any problems”. However, two negative side effects of this processor power is battery drain and heat. The latter seems to be a particular problem for M-R, who says it can be unpleasant to hold and in some cases certain apps may refuse to load due to overheating such as the Camera.

Overall, the Yuga gets one of the more positive previews we’ve seen from the site on a Sony smartphone. M-R says it is a ” truly unique device in terms of design and functionality” and that the phone “has everything that you could wish for”. Great praise indeed, we can’t wait for the official announcement at CES in early January.

Sony Yuga C6603

Sony Yuga C6603

Sony Yuga C6603

Sony Yuga C6603

Sony Yuga C6603

Sony Yuga C6603

Sony Yuga C6603

Sony Yuga C6603

Sony Yuga C6603

Sony Yuga C6603

Sony Yuga C6603

Sony Yuga C6603

Sony Yuga C6603

Sony Yuga C6603

Sony Yuga C6603

Sony Yuga C6603

Via Mobile-Review.

Thanks to the many of you that sent this in!

  • Feels like 2012 Xperia line can start to dump into the rubbish bin after seeing this. =.= Seriously, Sony?

  • Tomislav Mati?

    Nice UI.

  • those sexy themes :”>

  • m-cd

    I think that might be my next phone.

  • The theme looks incredibly nice!

  • Lam_Ang

    It looks great, but I’m having second thoughts regarding the updates which Sony brings, either buggy or untimely.

  • Sleepyjack


  • So many covers over the ports… urgh! Of course, I put up with them on my Xperia S and I guess this will be a water resistant/proof phone – but I wonder if there will be a variant that isn’t quite so well protected?

  • Coollead

    Fuckin assholes, making better products every year.

    If that’s your attitude, you may as well never buy anything at all.

  • Keon Fraites

    an we expect this skin ported to xs? I mean we do have o wait till April for Jelly Bean you guys have time, don’t wase it give us the UI also since we’re waiting.

  • Hallon

    So many flaps over the ports? Don’t they know consumers and reviews hate those flaps?

  • Mark Walsh

    The problem I have is I feel this should of been the xperia s. The specs are great finally a hardware phone to compete with the s3 its just a year late and by the time this hits the market will Samsung have launched a new nexus or s4. Its a crying and frustrating shame because the quality is there the user interface looks sharper neater and more grown up than samsungs certainly less saturated and cartoonish. Just wish this was here six months even ago its so so frustrating to see this and feel its out of date before its even launched. Wish they could step out from behind the curve and blow all samsungs specs out of the water…frustrating

  • litoni

    Yuga has 16gb of internal storage. Found in one of the screen shots that he posted.

  • litoni

    This is Yuga, for Asia market. Waterproof.

    Theres still Odin, for American market.

  • Hallon

    + Micro SD 128GB fortunately.

  • Hallon

    OMG, I know it’s a prototype, but I’m afraid this is so deep into the hardware that it can’t be fixed without changing the entire design:

    Rough translation:
    ‘Overheating is a big problem. Frequently, the phone is so hot, that it doesn’t allow the camera t o be started because of the overheating. Watching 1080p video hurts your habd while holding the phone. The phone also suffers from the backthrotteling, which limits the CPU speed’ (see Nexus 4 problems)

  • APai

    so, the announcement is in dec, 2012
    it’ll be demoed in march
    released in june 2013
    it will get 4.2 in october.
    5 ? maybe in third quarter 2014, if any.

  • wew, new line, new UI, i hope :v

  • Awesome UI!

  • Quick someone tell Apple that someone is using their patented rectangular shape with rounded corners… for a phone!

  • James King

    Announced at CES, released Feb/Mar.

  • Crytek Pfff.

    Yeah, Cut the crap sony. sure this phone looks great just as how Xperia S was. lol. Sony should go bankrupt. XPERIA S HD experience my ass. a flagship that will be the last to update to Jellybean on 2013. who knows about 2014? there wont be an update for xperia s no more and some goes to this Yuga stuff. it will be the same. Sony is Bullshitting us.

  • Bishop

    The Mobile Review preview actually claims there’s a 12MP camera, not a 13MP camera as you state here.

  • DrazenDodig

    Review is estatic about the phone and he expects it to start selling later feb, early march!

  • ThilinaC

    As always design wise and user interface hands down sony wins and miles ahead of the competition.(why can’t samsung make a nice ui design like sony instead the cartoonish looking touchwhizz :P ). They will fix the heating issues I guess,specially since the reviewed model is months old one and its a prototype.

    Anyway 1920×1080 on a phone is too much for my taste,hope there will be a model with this design but with around 720p so I can maybe update from s3 :)

    Btw i wonder how long it will take for sony to abandon this one with the updates :/ will sony even support this model in 2014 ?

  • APai

    I was sar’caustic’ about sony’s recent JB schedule. I’m mad at sony ?_?

  • first of all nice review from :D

    i’m really glad that Sony made a noticeable changes in Sony “C660X” user interface and Camera interface

    in Camera they added:
    Burst Mode unlimited shot!!! you can shoot until 999 picture !!!
    HDR in still and Video

    you can take shots while recording video !!!

    in user interface:
    they change the lockscreen

    home screen which you can add multiple screens also you can choose which page as a home screen when press home button
    also added new features in Walkman player

    everything so far so good

    though i didn’t like what they said about the screen … if it won’t compete with HTC Butterfly screen

    then i think i have to wait for a better device from Sony or i would go to HTC if i’m welling to pay

    for a 5″ inch device.

  • well look at the dock on the bottom of the homescreen dude, when i first saw it i thought … “Apple messing with sony on 3,2,1..”

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  • Frustrated Xperia S user

    Yep! That’s Sony! Always 6 months-1 year behind market trend

  • Frustrated Xperia S user

    Don’t Worry. The world is going to end on 21/12/2012. So XS will not die frustrated at least. LOL

  • Frustrated Xperia S user

    I mean XS users

  • goldenblls

    I thought this phone was water / dust proof, hence all the port flaps?

  • scorpio

    at last! burst mode! 12mp only?

  • screwsony

    Another reason to forget my xperia ion and other users xperia s and sl. Great job sony, hope that device will be the downfall of your company as a phone manufacturer

  • +1

  • surethom

    Not another cover over the charging port, no sony no, dont like it on my xperia s.

  • 2 Points:

    The Oppo Find 5 uses 13 MP Exmor RS sensor whereas Yuga “just” has a 12MP sensor.
    Releasing this device with Android 4.1 is just fail. Hope it comes with 4.2 out of the box so you don’t have to wait 8 month for an update.

  • Moisis Xperia

    i want these themes on my Xperia T!!!:)

  • Quark Gluon

    Maybe the sensor is indeed 13MP, and the output is 12MP.

  • I am waiting

  • luckystar

    looks like it’ll b a waterproof phone to me…the ports all have flaps

  • DonRox

    GSMArena posted that the cpu is clocked at 1.7 Ghz

  • XperiaBlog

    Many thanks – we updated the post!

  • SomeBody

    For such a small sensor, the less MP the better. I would love to see an 8MP shooter on the Odin. Also phones are getting thinner and thinner, Sony should take advantage of this and should put a 1/2.4″ sensor in their phones. I rather have a 10-11mm thick phone with a camera that can produce point-and-shoot quality (thanked to the same sensor size), than a 6-7mm thick one with a 13MP camera that records nothing but noise and random artifacts.

  • jag

    oh no!!! now i dont know if i will wait for this phone or if i will buy the Xperia V next month!!! any suggestions??

  • XperiaJohn

    Hay look guys, its a iphone…oh wait

  • Still no has own file manager and task manager. Many xperia user was complain about performance and lag issues. Hope this phone doesn’t has quality issue. I prefer if it has pen just like galaxy note.

  • goldenblls

    It can be dropped into a charging cradle without opening a port or even having to plug anything in, which is a plus.

  • goldenblls

    There is no cover on the charging port. It uses a charging cradle with external contacts.

  • Nabil

    Wait for the mid-range “HuaShan”, it won’t be as big as this, but really powerful and probably cheaper than this one. For the performance it will be more than enough since it is better than the Galaxy S3 ( ). This will probably be my next phone if it has the same UI as the Yuga and a beautiful design.

  • Hallon

    Meh, the UI looks an awful lot like Gingerbread+. Those radiobuttons are 2 years old.

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    i think that the 800-900 lumen screen justifies the screen compared to the GSIII’s 200-300 lumen and the Iphone5 554 lumen screen

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    I don’t really know what GSIV can offer over this although HTC are going to offer a phone with a 4,7″ 1080P screen with the new Wifi AC standard but with a 2330 Mah battery that easily gets beaten by the rumored 2800 mah battery for the global version of this phone

  • Lets just hope that Sony get this right

  • ok but HTC DNA(butterfly) holds the crown for the best screen at the moment and before it was one X as it was the best LCD screen if Sony going to put something huge as 5″ inch screen it should be comparable to HTC DNA’s screen anything lower then that is unacceptable :/

  • Cmon

    I want the creative UI and new UX

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    How do you unlock the phone?

  • jag

    The problem is when it is goin to be launched..
    I love the new UI as shown here in the yuga.. It’s so clean and simple and elegant looking at the same time. That’s why im now having second thoughts about buying the xperiaV

  • surethom

    Cybershot Android phone with xenon flash PLEASE.

  • Nabil

    Yeah that is my only fear for this phone, but let’s hope that since the CEO has changed, they will bring it faster to the different markets. I also think they did a great job on the UI, it’s very simple and beautiful, and looks serious unlike its competitors ones

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  • jader13254

    hi thlinac,
    i’m maybe getting this phone :p
    want it too haha ;)

  • hhhhmmm.. looks like it’s waterproof.. damn.. want one..

  • so ppl should throw all their phone in the garbage after Nexus 4 came out is that what you are saying?

  • its Exmor RS sensor for sure, cuz it has HDR video capture function, only that sensor can do it at the moment. Reason for the lower MP might be because they learn their lessons from the 2012 line up. They are pushing way too high MP for quick shot and the software compression was bad.

  • chrisphillers

    Get the V. Its an absolute beauty, had it for 2 weeks now (imported from Sweden).

  • TheLoyalist

    It will be called “Odin”

  • TheLoyalist

    Since they release a better phone?

  • Lunkz

    port flaps for headphone jack? After 3 Weeks we see many post about breaking port flaps.
    Epic Fail Sony.
    I use my phone mostly to listen music

  • i want the micro usb port at the bottom central, why always put micro usb slot on the side sony :(

  • Xlash Andraid

    With the power of this upcoming phone, there’s no excuse for not delivering (ASAP) JellyBean 4.2 and Keylime Pie at least (if they come with the same old stupid argument “we want the best phone experience for the user” I’m going to destroy SONY mobile’s headquarter LOL). It’s not about a determined established company policy but changing their mind, their strategy and of course, their lazy and dumb software engineers.

  • xperialover@

    hdmi ???

  • weeeeooo

    your joke is not funny anymore …..

  • Renu Sharma

    Wow what a smartphone… Sony is coming hard in 2013 and started with this superb device. thanks!

  • Lunkz

    to bad the headphone jack too

  • Lunkz

    For HDMI and Mirco SD Slot its okay, but why for the USB and headphone jack, no wait WHY the headphone jack seriously?

  • Kaostheory

    All phones and phablets pretty much the same now. The one feature I want is ip57 rating. The HTC J didn’t keep it’s rating in the DNA wonder why.

  • Nabil

    Apparently, it’s the same screen as the DNA, but with WhiteMagic on it.

    ( )

  • really?

    buy a good walkman or iPod instead… and use nokia 1100 as your phone
    it is clearly to make the phone waterproof!

  • Lunkz

    so how needs a waterproof smartphone? No one of my phones was waterproof and they had no water damage and I used them in rain.

    So you phone drops down into a puddle? to bad the biggest worry is not the water damage its the glass.

    yeah and a tablet to surf the world wide web, so I carry 3 devices or maybe 4 for pictures nice

  • To spend money in another noupdate Xperia, let me think… thinking… still thinking…. Nop i don’t think so. Sony has been very very disapointing since it started lacking in their phone updates, specially with this week’s Jellybean announcment. Tired of Sony and regreting not buying a Nexus.

  • Rune Christiansen

    I have never broken a port flap on an Xperia phone… It should be of no issue….

  • well it is cause both of them are taken from Japan Displays but when it comes to clarity and sharpness with viewing angle and deep black each company have their own even if they adopt the screen from same company … which is why i said that Sony’s screen must be on pair with HTC DNA’s or even better …cause if not then Sony lost their touch and their game in Screen quality .

  • Hallon

    Headphone jack is really unbelievable. My Neo has one on the USB port too, and it it’s too bad, makes the phone feel smooth everywhere, but after 1,5 years it’s starting to fall off.

  • almost perfect sony, a micro SD slot, 2 GB ram…

    honestly, i’m expecting a 2100 maH battery, but this is bad.

    i think seriously to pick a motorola razr 2013 phone.

  • Sony undoubtedly has the best UI theme in the mobile market. This phone will be amazing and successful if Sony get’s it out before the S4.

  • sony

    Original Design is back….
    but battery add more please Sony…

  • Steve Blows Jobz

    market trend? market trend forgot what sony is!

  • Matthew Cheung

    Hope to see these new themes in my Android Jelly Bean update for my Xperia P!

  • jag

    really? maybe i’ll just get the V first then wait another year and then Sony will have the best phone then. hehe!

  • jag

    i think they will also put that theme and UI in the JB update of V.. (wishful thinking.. haha!)

  • ankitw

    Since SE became SONY the design of their phones is not the way it use to… phones under SE brand were beautiful eg Xperia ARC and since its only SONY all i’m seeing is boxy designs with little curve, m not saying they are bad but its not the same. In simple words.. high end SE phones were orgasmic and sony ones are not !!

  • Ryan G

    I just don’t like the silver button. Looks weird.

  • har

    it only gets announced..we will never see it…Sony keep making the same mistake..THEY HAVE TO GET IT OUT ASAP!! to compete with samsung ..

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  • APai

    “has everything that you could wish for’
    they say the same thing about T too. it has everything but lacks a few things too. T was late to the market and its software too is late.

    the same will be repeated for yuga. T should have come with gorilla glass, yuga, I do not know. why would anyone who has picked current sony devices necessarily buy an outdated product ? 1080p/ quad core/ 2gb/ adreno320/ 5 inch slabs – such devices are already around in the market. how soon will sony release it ? and will they be late in releasing updates again ?

    they had a late release for 2011 devices. same with 2012 devices. consistent record of being 4-6 months late with software updates. given that the market for devices is generally 2 years – no one buys on day one of release, (also sony is generally 4-6 months behind on schedule with hardware) – I could safely say sony is a laggard. sony is the new nokia

  • what are you on about? Just buy a cheap Nokia – you won’t regret throwing it in the garbage later.

  • APai

    apple only targets new comers or someone with not a lot of patents. sony has a big bank of patents. there’s a snowflake’s chance in hell of apple even thinking of suing sony. if they did they’d get their ass handed to them.

  • Guest

    This thinness campaign has to stop. How about a couple mm more but we get a bigger and removable battery? At the same time they may be able to squeeze better optics in their camera module, or hide the bump?

  • gazelle

    quad core super phone, adreno 320 GPU, 1080P full HD screen and soon we will be hearing “we want the best phone experience for the user”. do you need a million core and adreno 999 GPU to run latest android smoothly? come on man, my XS a great phone and you guys took its pride off.

  • Loken

    power button looks out of place :( volume buttons belowpower button :( ..

  • not everybody is using the headphone to listen music. i only play through BT. I’m definitely not the only one using this method. I very much appreciate having the option to cover the ports i dont use. a bit of protection against accidental fluids,dust,etc….U can always brake them off if you really want to.

  • Lunkz

    I have a k700i, W810i, W880i, P1 (I), W995i, has not a dust problem, put a fastport problem after 1 year of using ( one of the greatest fails of S/// the fastport )

    I have an MW600 BT headset an I can hear the differences between bluetooth and headphone jack with my Arc and Shure 315, so don’t tell me you use only bluetooth to listen music and don’t need the headphone jack.

    After 1 year my headphone jack from Arc is broken and its shitty to listen music so I must adjust the jack to listen without cripples.

  • Ashua

    I think this phones looks good so far and is doing well for just a prototype I think for 2013 Sony will change their tactics the Shutter button is a indication of the new era for Sony and I think I will get the Xperia Dogo same and similar specs as Yuga and Odin just 4.65 inches and since sony have been working closely with Google recently I think the updates schedule tactic plan will change in 2013 for the 2013 Xperia models and i don’t thank sony will be releasing much phones this year lets see Xperia Yuga, Odin and Dogo 1st quarter (high end) mid range high end quad core mediatek lower end dual core Xperia E, Xperia 6, Yuga/Odin and Dogo only 5 phones this year not that much compared to last year ! so easier updates ! :)

  • Lunkz

    I have a Arc with a port flap on HDMI, it’s never broken because I don’t use it.

  • Tk’ Quim

    it’ll be a dust and water resistant phone.

  • TK’Quim

    no. the younger phone is Odin, this will be “YUGA”

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