The Xperia ‘X’ phone stand comes in other colours too

by XB on 18th December 2012

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Do you remember that cool Sony Xperia phone stand that we reported on last week? Well we still haven’t figured out where we can get our hands on one, but a recent post on ePrice suggests it is available locally in Taiwan. Apparently they are promotional items available to those who purchase a Sony Xperia from select locations.

The great thing is that it seems to come in colours other than black. Pink, Gold and Blue versions also seem to be available, with the latter being our personal favourite. We really hope that Sony will give these phone stands a wider release, as we’re sure it would have a hit on their hands.

Xperia X Stand

Xperia X Stand

Xperia X Stand

Via ePrice.

  • jfjf hejd Kd

    XPERIA Arc S Manufacturer: SonyMobile Model #: LT18i (AAD-3880097-AV) Supported Technologies and FrequencyBands: GSM: 850/900/1800/1900, UMTS FDD: Band I/Band VIII

    HW Version SW Version Request Type Date Certified A 4.1.B.1.13 ECO Dec18, 2012 A 4.1.L.0.10 ECO Dec18, 2012

  • sanket utekar

    instead of bringing all such stuffs give jelly beans update to xperia u and sola… :@

  • avrovulcanxh558

    I want one of those xperia X stands please sony sell them in the UK

  • shivaprakash
  • Norio24

    I don’t need this X thing because i’ll sell my XS soon and get a GS3 or maybe Note ll , i feel sorry for you Sony ! you will never have the chance to compete with SAMSUNG & APPLE not even HTC !

  • I don’t need this phone stand because I won’t buy another Xperia phone. My next phone will be a Galaxy S3 mini =P

  • Moisis Xperia

    for my xperia T <3

  • ciccio35

    well, nice way to waste your money! I think it deserves the title of “most overpriced android phone of 2012”. Take a better llok at the specs and choose something else (galaxy s2 should be cheaper and has a better hardware, moreover you can find plenty of mods for that device. xda even managed to bring multiwindow to the gs2!)

  • weeeeooo

    hmm .. seem nice

  • ThilinaC

    Ok I own a Galaxy S3 but damn I need one :D

    any idea where can we buy one online? :) cos sony is not officially available in Sri Lanka so I never will get the chance to get one locally :/

  • XYZ

    LOL Sony sold more smartphones than HTC in 2012!

  • lovebmw

    or since the update is so damn late, you can send this to every xperia owner as a way of saying sorry for the delay!

  • Nico

    This looks like a typical product for 3d printing (low volume)

    Maybe Shapeways can help you guys out.

  • Aj


  • Cheng

    hmmmm too bad they are still staying “only gifting, not selling” in those Taiwan articles and websites… I really want a black one for my Xperia S so badly~~~ small, convinient and very usefull! damn~~

  • bodhi

    I feel more sorry for you having to use a phone made by Apple or Samsung if I’m honest. I have a IP4 alongside my SXS and it really doesn’t compare to the XS in any way, apart from maybe app choice. Call quality, signal, battery life, screen, sound quality etc, all inferior to the Sony (and by a large margin in places). I think the less said about our Plastic Fantastic Korean friends the better….

  • Sony Xperia

    post your comments direct to sony on

  • Sony try your complains here

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